James Merritt

James Merritt
James Merritt
Cross Pointe, Duluth, Georgia

Dr. James Merritt is Senior Pastor at Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, Georgia. He was formerly pastor of the 12,000 member First Baptist Church, Snellville, Georgia in Metro-Atlanta. He served for 2 years as President of the Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Merritt pastored in Kentucky, Mississippi and at Snellville's First Baptist Church in Georgia, prior to beginning the new church in Gwinnett County Georgia.

Dr. Merritt earned a B.B.A. from Stetson University, DeLand, Florida in 1974. He earned Master of Divinity (1978) and Doctor of Philosophy (1982) degrees from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. He has written two books: "Friends, Foes And Fools" and "God's Prescription For A Healthy Christian."

He has served as Chairman of the SBC Executive Committee, President of the SBC Pastor's Conference, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and in many positions of leadership throughout the Southern Baptist and Georgia Baptist Conventions.

Dr. Merritt is the featured speaker for Touching Lives, a nationwide television ministry. He is in great demand as a speaker across America and around the world.

Dr. Merritt is married to his wife Teresa and they have three sons.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
What's In Your Wallet? 1 Chronicles  29 :1-13 Money; Materialism
Show Me The Money 1 Timothy  6 :6-19 Money; Finances; Stewardship
What Happens After You Die? 2 Corinthians  5 :1-8 Death; Resurrection
Mind Games 2 Corinthians  10 :3-5 Mind; Strongholds; Thinking; Satanic Attacks
How To Rub People The Right Way Acts  4 :36-37 Encouragement; Encourager
What To Wear To War Ephesians  6 :13-17 Spiritual Warfare; Christian Living; Christian Armor
Sex Ed 101 Genesis  2 :24-25 Sex; Love; Marriage
How To Set Boundaries Genesis  39 Marriage Boundaries; Sexual Boundaries; Moral Boundaries
Focus on the Finish Hebrews  12 :1-2 Faithfulness; Christian Living; Dedication; Focus
Are You In The Know? Job  19 :23-27 Certainty; Conviction; Confidence; Salvation
Trust John  4 :46-54 Trust; Faith; Dependence on God
When The Pressure Is On John  6 :1-14 Pressure; Testing; Faith; Focus
When God Speaks, You Better Listen Jonah  1 Obedience
Why Do We Suffer? Judges  6 :13 Suffering
Stewards R' Us Luke  16 :1-13 Stewardship; Money Management; Faithfulness
What Impresses God Luke  18 :9-14 Humility; Honesty
The Power of Ten - Tithe Commitment Day Malachi  3 :8-10 Tithe; Money; Obedience; Prove the Tithe; Tithe Commitment Day
What Excites God? Mark  2 :1-12 Faith; Witnessing; Forgiveness; Sharing
Pour The Salt And Turn On The Light Matthew  5 :13-16 Witnessing; Sermon On The Mount; Light and Salt
You Had Better Get It Right Matthew  5 :17-20 Righteousness, Grace
Fatal Attraction Matthew  5 :27-30 Lust; Adultery; Sex; Marriage Vows
For His Eyes Only Matthew  6 :1-4 Money; Stewardship; Materialism
Hotline To Heaven Matthew  6 :5-15 Prayer
God's Way Or The Highway Matthew  7 :13-14 Witnessing; Salvation; Jesus, the Way
Home Ec: What Does God Say About Divorce and Remarriage? Matthew  19 :1-12 Marriage; Divorce
I'm Moving On Philippians  3 :12-14 Progess; Growth; Commitment; Christian Living
What The Church Is All About Psalms  100 Worship; Praise

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