Terry Trivette

Terry Trivette
Terry Trivette
White Oak Baptist Church
P.O. Box 1078
Trenton, GA30752

Terry Trivette was saved at the age of seven, and grew up under the ministry of his father, Pastor Ken Trivette. At age 19, Terry accepted the call to preach, and entered Covington Theological Seminary in Rossville, GA, where he earned his bachelors degree, and Master of Ministry degree.

For seven years, he served as associate pastor under his father at Temple Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennesse, before becoming the pastor of White Oak Baptist in Trenton, Georgia in 2007.

Terry was elected as one of the Vice Presidents of the Georgia Baptist Convention by the messengers during the annual meeting in November, 2011.

Terry also serves as a professor at Covington Seminary. Terry and his wife Angel, have two children, Tanner and Grace.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Everybody in the Body is Somebody 1 Corinthians  12 :12-27 Church Life; Christian Living; Importance, Your; Body, The Church
Where Are You Going When You Die? 1 Corinthians  16 :19-31 Death, Eternity
We Know the Saved will Love the Saints 1 John  3 :14-15 Christian Love, Brotherly Love; Unity; Joy in the Church
Being a Christian-American 1 Peter  2 :11-15 Independence Day; July 4th; America; Christian Living; Example; Witness
Wives Who Win Without A War 1 Peter  3 :1-4 Wives; Family; Home; Marriage
God's Forever Family 1 Thessalonians  2 :5-12 Family; Marriage; Church
Money Is Not The Roof Of All Evil 1 Timothy  6 :6-10 Money; Stewardship
Right Resolutions 2 Chronicles  29 Resolutions; New Year
God Will Put More On You Than You Can Bear 2 Corinthians  1 :8-10 Trouble; Hardships; Faith
More at the Table for Thanksgiving 2 Corinthians  4 :15 Thanksgiving
We Know The Dirt Is Not Our Destiny 2 Corinthians  5 :1 Death; Eternal Life; Heaven; Heavenly Body
When A Mother Trusts The Father 2 Kings  4 Mother; Family; Trust; Faith, A Mother's
Bible 101 2 Timothy  3 :14-17 Bible; Christianity, Basic
The Fundamentals of the First Church Acts  2 :42-47 Doctrine; Fundamentals
The Power of a Prayer Meeting Acts  4 :23-31 Prayer
The Church as a Community Acts  4 :32-35 Church
Five Essentials of Evangelism Acts  5 :11-42 Evangelism; Faithfulness to Jesus; Service to Christ; Missionary Service
The Gates of Jail Shall Not Prevail Acts  5 :12-25 God, Power of; Victory
Christian Conflict Acts  6 :1-7 Conflict, Christian
Leadership in the Fellowship Acts  6 :3 Leadership, Church
A Sermon To Die For Acts  7 Bible; Witness
The Original Outreach Acts  8 :1-4 Evangelism; Outreach; Witnessing
Salvation of the Terrorist Acts  9 :1-22 Salvation; Grace of God; Terrorism
Putting Out The Welcome Mat Acts  9 :19-25 Church Membership; Hospitality
God Can Handle Herod Acts  12 Politics and Jesus; King Jesus; Prayer and Power; Herod is Dead
How the Church Deals with a Crisis Acts  12 :5 Church Crisis; Church
A Church At Its Best Acts  16 :21-26 Church; Body of Christ
The Gospel Among The Gods Acts  17 :16-34 Witnessing; Lostness; Pantheism; Evangelism
Who Has Your Back? Acts  23 :12-35 Care, God's; Peace; Faith: Protection, God's
Pilgrim Patriotism Daniel  1 :3-7 Patriotism; America; Independence Day
Salvation 101 Ephesians  2 :8-9 Salvation; Christianity, Basic
The Functional Family Ephesians  4 :1-3 Family; Marriage; Home; Husbands; Wives; Children
What Every Family Needs Ephesians  4 :29-32 Family; Marriage; Husbands; Wives; Children; Home
The Husband Your God and Your Girl Want You To Be Ephesians  5 :23-33 Husbands; Marriage; Family; Home
God's Pattern for Parents Ephesians  6 :4 Family; Marriage; Husbands; Wives; Children; Parenting
Raising Them Right Ephesians  6 :4 Parenting; Children; Family; Home
What You Owe Your Parents Exodus  20 :12 Parenting; Children; Family; Home
A Good Way to Start a New Year Exodus  40 :16-17 New Year; Resolutions; Tabernacle; Jesus, Walking with
A Tree You Don't Have To Decorate Galatians  3 :13 Christmas; Cross
What Christmas Is All About Galatians  4 :4-5 Christmas
What the Cross Means to the Church Galatians  6 :14 Cross; Easter; Faith; Trust
Sergeant Abram Genesis  14 America; Warfare, Christian; Soldier of Christ
The Death of a Princess Genesis  23 Death, Sarah's; Eternity
Don't Play Games With God Genesis  27 :1-45 Christian Living; God, Grace of
Lessons from a Limp Genesis  32 Fear; Faith; Victory
I Surrender All Genesis  47 :13-26 Surrender; Commitment; Dedication
'Tis The Season Haggai  2 :10-19 Christmas
The Christmas B.C. Isaiah  7 :14 Christmas; Jesus, Birth of
Wanting The Water Isaiah  44 :3
The Prize for Passing the Test James  1 :12
I Don't Know, But I Know Who To Ask James  1 :5 Immaturity, Christian; Wisdom
The Danger of Doubting James  1 :6-8 Doubt; James; Faith
Dollars and Sense James  1 :9-11 Money; Finances; Priorities; Wealth; Poverty; Poor
Something To Seek John  Seeking; Needs; Life, Purpose in; Purpose
The New of the New Birth John  3 :1-10 New Birth; Born Again; Salvation
Heaven's Valentine John  3 :16 Love of God; Jesus, God's Love in
Having a Heart for the Harvest John  4 :27-38 Soul Winning; Witnessing; Evangelism
A Pool-Side Miracle John  5 :1-14 Trusting God; Healing; Help, God our; Need, Admitting Our
Will You Also Go Away? John  6 :60-69 Christian Living; Dedication; Commitment; Steadfastness
Erasing the Scarlet Letter John  8 :1-11 Forgiveness; Adultery; Sin, Cleansing of; Jesus, Mercy of
The Scarlet Letter and the Crimson Flow John  8 :3-11 Jesus, Blood of; Forgiveness; Adultery
Before You Believe John  9 :35-38 Salvation; Believing; Faith; Call of Christ
Christ's Message for the Mourner John  11 :20-26 Death; Resurrection; Comfort of Jesus
Being Thankful Even WhenThings Stink John  11 :38-41 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Thanksgiving Day
The Forecast For Failure John  13 :36-38 Failure; The Cross; The Pride
Don't Miss Him John  14 :8-9 Focus on Jesus
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary John  20 :11-16 Mary Magdalene; Resurrection of Jesus
The Story of His Wounds John  20 :26-29 Crucifixion; Wounds of Jesus; Christ, Death of ; Doubt
Lessons At The Lake John  21 :1-8 Faith; Trust; Jesus, Power of
Man Overboard! Thank the Lord! Jonah  1 :11-16 Grace, Amazing; Redemption; Testimony
Seafood Thanksgiving Jonah  2 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Thanksgiving Day
What About Your Home? Joshua  24 :14-15 Home; Family; Marriage; Parenting
When Motherhood Is Not So Good Judges  17 :1-6 Mother's Day; Motherhood; Mother
What a Prostetant Sees in the Virgin Mary Luke  1 :26-38 Christmas; Virgin Mary; Birth of Christ
Who's Excited About Christmas? Luke  1 :39-45 Christmas
Angels We Have Heard On High Luke  2 :13-15 Christmas; Christ, Birth of
After Christmas Luke  2 :21-24 New Year; Christian Living; Obedience; Faithfulness
Where To Find Him When You Find Him Missing Luke  2 :41-49 Jesus, Finding; Renewal, Spiritual
Are You Ready For Something New? Luke  5 :36-39 New Year; New Things; Resolutions
There Is Something In Your Eye Luke  6 :41-42 Judgment of Others; Selfishness; Arrogance
Lip Service Lordship Luke  6 :46-49 Lordship; Obedience; Devotion to Christ; Doing God's Will
The Touch That Revives Luke  8 :41-56 Revival; Touch of God
Christian Life 101 Luke  9 :23 Christian Life; Christianity, Basic
Listening to the Law Luke  10 :25-28 Commandments; Law; Salvation; Forgiveness
Welcome to the Neighborhood Luke  10 :25-37 Love, Christian
Cleanliness is not Next to Godliness Luke  11 :37-41 Purity; Cleanliness
Don't Be A Fool Luke  12 :15-21 Money
Birds and Blossoms, Cupboards and Closets Luke  12 :22-28 Fear; Faith; Trust; Believing; Worry; Prayer
The Gospel of Tragedy Luke  13 :1-5 Tragedy; Hardship; Trouble; Problems; Terrorism; Redemption
The Meal No One Can Afford To Miss Luke  14 :16-24 Invitation, God's
The Cost of Christianity Luke  14 :25-28 Dedication; Commitment; Christian Living
The Absence of Appreciation Luke  17 :11-19 Thanksgiving; Appreciation; Gratitude; Joy
It's Me Again, Lord Luke  18 :1-8 Prayer
Cries from the Cross - The Cry of Salvation Luke  23 :39-43 Cross of Christ; Cross; Thief on the Cross
Resurrection Results: What a Living Jesus Means To You Luke  24 :36-48 Resurrection; Christ, Living
No Fear, Just Faith Mark  4 :35-41 Fear; Faith; Trust
Dense Disciples Mark  8 :13-21 Faith; Power of Jesus
When Profit Is Loss Mark  8 :36 Soul, Loss of; Life, Meaning of; Materialism, Emptiness of
God, Marriage and Children Mark  10 :1-16 Family; Marriage; Home; Husbands; Wives; Children
The Blessed Beggar Mark  10 :46-52 Prayer; Crying out to God; Bartimaeus; Blind Beggar; Love of Jesus
Forsaken For Our Sake Mark  15 :33-34 Cross; Salvation; Sin
Do You Hear What I Hear? Matthew  2 :1-6 Christmas; Christ, Birth of
The Happy Hated Matthew  5 :10-12 Beatitudes; Persecution; Joy in Hardship
Peacemaking Children Matthew  5 :9 Beatitude; Peacemakers; Christian Living
The Cure for the Cluttered Life Matthew  6 :33 Peace; Living, Busy; Life, Purpose of
The Touch That Cleanses Us Matthew  8 :1-4 Forgiveness; Touch of God; Cleansed
The Touch That Opens Our Eyes Matthew  9 :27-31 Touch of God; Salvation
Generation Evaluation Matthew  11 :16-17 Truth; Childishness
The Touch That Rescues Matthew  14 :22-31 Touch of God; Problems
How To Celebrate Thanksgiving Matthew  15 :36 Thanksgiving
Defining Jesus Matthew  16 :13-17 Jesus, Nature of; Who is Jesus
Laboring For The Lord Matthew  19 :20 Service for Christ
The Master of Marriage Matthew  19 :3-6 Marriage; Family; Home
Wake Up Matthew  26 :38-41 Commitment; Lack of Sleep; Laziness
I Can See Clearly Now - Reality Matthew  27 :11-26 Easter; Resurrection; Life; Salvation
GO! Matthew  28 :18-20 The Great Commission; Evangelism; Witnessing; Soul Winning
O Little Town of Bethlehem Micah  5 :2 Bethlehem; Birth of Jesus; Prophecy
It All Begins With A Burden Nehemiah  1 :1-4 Burden, Nehemiah's; Brokenness
Brother Nehemiah, Lead Us In Prayer Nehemiah  1 :4-11 Prayer; Nehemiah
When The Door Opens Nehemiah  2 :1-8 Opportunity; Nehemiah; Service for God; Providence of God
Getting Ready For Work Nehemiah  2 :9-20 Nehemiah; Work, Getting Ready To; Preparation
On The Job Nehemiah  3 Work for the Lord;
The Only Way God Can Bless America Proverbs  14 :34 America; Godly Nation; Independence Day
Becoming A Psalm 1 Man Psalms  1 :1-3 Manhood; Father's Day; Father; Men
Whatever Happened to the Home? Psalms  89 :11-18 Family; Marriage; Husbands; Wives; Children; Home
Jesus 101 Revelation  1 :17-18 Jesus; Christianity, Basic
Eternity 101 Revelation  21 :1-8 Eternity; Heaven; Christianity, Basic
Your Body, The Body, and Everyone Else Romans  Service to Christ; God's Love; Submission to God
Where Are We Now? Romans  5 :1-11 Reconclied to God; Christ, We are In; Grace, Living in
God Helps Those Who Can't Help Themselves Romans  5 :6-8 Salvation; God, Power of; Grace
Environmental Evangelism Romans  8 :19-23 Environment and Salvation; Earth and Evangelism
We Know Our God Is In Control Romans  8 :28 Blessings of Being Saved; Destiny of Christians; Peace of God
Not Just Your Personal Savior Romans  15 :1-13 Others, Love for; Fellowship
E Pluribus Unum Romans  15 :1-7 Unity; Church; Fellowship; Oneness in Christ

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