Denis Lyle

Denis Lyle
Denis Lyle
Lurgan Bapist Church
12 Berwick View
Moira N. Ireland

Bio of Denis Lyle

Denis Lyle was born into a godly home in Banbridge, Northern Ireland. His parents took him to the local baptist church and though its ministry he was brought to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

As a young man he responded to the call of God to Christian service. Entering the Irish Baptist College in Belfast in 1972 he graduated three years later. On completion of his biblical studies he received an invitation to minister the word in Carryduff Baptist Church, just outside Belfast. There he exerised a fruitful ministry for twelve years. In 1987 Denis began his ministry in the iron hall assembly on the east side of Belfast, pastoring the work for eleven years. In 1998 he moved outside Belfast to Lurgan Baptist Church, where as a teenager he had been greatly influenced by his spiritual mentor Pastor William Mullan.

Denis has had the privilege of preaching in Romania, Australia, South Africa and in more recent years the southern states of America. He is the author of four books.

" The Good, The Bad, And The Lukewarm," the Seven Churches In Revelation.

Countdown To Apocalypse, unlocking Bible Prophecy.

You Can Run But You Can't Hide, the life of Jonah

Sifted To Serve, a panoramic study on the life of Peter.

For the last twenty years Denis has been using his holidays to take christians on vacation to various parts of the world.

Denis is married to Catherine a staff nurse and has two married children and one grandchild.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
All God's Children Need Shoes 1 Corinthians  15 :1-11 Standing for the Lord; Walking with God; Christian Warfare
Incomparable Humanity of Christ 1 John  1 :1-10 Christmas; Jesus; Birth of Jesus; Humanity of Jesus
The Giant of Depression 1 Kings  19 :18 Depression; Sadness
Triumph in the Midst of Trials 1 Peter  1 :1-12 Trials; Trouble; Victory in Trials; Hardships; Overcoming
I Would Like To Tell You What I Think Of Jesus 1 Peter  2 :1-10 Jesus
When The Honeymoon Is Over 1 Peter  3 :1-9 Marriage; Wedding; Love in a Home; Wives; Husbands
The Examination of the Believer 2 Corinthians  5 :1-10 Beam Judgment; Judgment of Believers; Final Judgment
A Home With A Difference 2 Kings  4 :8-17 Home
Help - We're Surrounded 2 Kings  6 :8-23 Protection, God's; Angels; Miracles; Help in time of Trouble
The Giant of Disappointment 2 Samuel  7 :1-29 Disappointment
The Giant of Fear 2 Timothy  2 :1-12 Fear
The Giant of Loneliness 2 Timothy  4 :9-18 Loneliness
The Resurrection - Hoax or History? Acts  1 :1-11 Resurrection; Easter
Those Were The Days Acts  2 :22-42 Church
WhenThe Church Prays Acts  4 :23-35 Prayer; Church Life; Power in the Church; Growth in the Church
Failures in our Relationship to the Holy Spirit Acts  5 :1-11 Holy Spirit; Commitment; Surrender
What is The Mission of the Holy Spirit? Acts  8 :26-40 Soul Winning; Witnessing; Evangelism; Holy Spirit, Work of
To God Be The Glory Acts  15 :12-21 Praise; Christian Living
The Almost Christian Acts  26 :13-32 Salvation; Procrastination
A Prayer for Spiritual Prosperity Colossians  1 :1-12 Prayer; Victory; Guidance from God; Prayer, Power in
The Preeminence of Christ Colossians  1 :14-23 Jesus, Preeminence of
A Pastor's Burden for the Church Colossians  2 :1-7 Church Life; Pastor's Heart; Pastor
All Dressed Up and Somewhere To Go Colossians  3 :5-14 Christian Living; Christlikeness
A Young Man Who Decided To Say NO! Daniel  1 :3-21 Commitment; Dedication; Christian Living
Down on our Knees Daniel  9 :1-19 Prayer; Power in Prayer
Turn Over The Controls Ephesians  5 :15-21 Holy Spirit; Infilling of Holy Spirit; Power of God; Christian Living
Spiritual Swordmanship Ephesians  5 :17 Bible; Scripture; Word of God; Sword of the Spirit
Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus Ephesians  6 :10-20 Church; Christian Soldier; Victory In Christ
Praying at all Times Ephesians  6 :10-24 Prayer
The Giant of Worldiness Exodus  8 :25-32 Worldliness
A New Beginning Ezra  1 :1-11 Spiritual Renewal; Revival; New Beginning
Only A List Of Names? Ezra  2 People of God; Bible, Importance of; Salvation; God's People
Starting Again Ezra  3 :1-13 Renewal; Revival; Commitment
Operation Counter Attack Ezra  4 :1-24 Spiritual Warfare; Commitment
Let's Get Going Again Ezra  5 :1-17 Building; Serving God; Service; Working for the Lord; Faithfulness
Setting The Scene Genesis  Joseph; Providence; God, Blessings of
Rising Above The Circumstances Genesis  37 :1-11 Circumstances, Rising Above; Providence of God; Overcoming
Yield Not To Temptatiojn Genesis  39 :1-12 Temptation; Overcoming; Commitment; Christian Living
When Bad Things Happen To Good People Genesis  39 :13-23 Providence; Will, God's; Purpose; Troubles; Trials; Christian Living
The Advantage of Adversity Genesis  40 :1-23 Adversity; Trouble; Hardship; Providence of God; Faith
From the Prison to the Palace Genesis  41 Joseph; Providence; God, Blessings of; Patience
Better Not Bitter Genesis  43 Bitterness; Sorrow; Christian Living; Providence
A Question That Cannot Be Answered Hebrews  2 :3 Salvation; Hopelessness; Procrastination
The Question That Cannot Be Answered Hebrews  2 :3 Salvation; Judgment; Eternal Life
The Giant of Bitterness Hebrews  12 :12-17 Bitterness
The Giant of Defection Hosea  14 :1-9 Backslidding; Defection; Falling Away
God's Care For His Own Isaiah  49 :13-26 Care, God's; Love, God's
Rejoice in the Lord Always James  1 :1-12 Joy in the Lord; Failure of Materialism
The Greatest of all Givers James  1 :17 Giving; Faithfulness, God's; Thankfulness
You Can't Have One Without The Other James  2 :14-19 Faith and works; Faith; Works; Evidence of Salvation
Will Your Faith Get You Into Heaven? James  2 :14-26 Faith; Abraham; Rahab; Salvation; Heaven
How to Conquer Conflict in the Church James  4 :1-12 Conflict, Church; Church, Peace in the
Playing God James  4 :1-12 Slander; Criticism; Pride; Hurting Others; Love in the Church; Rumors
Spiritual Drifting James  5 :13-20 Backslidding; Drifting from God; Repentance
Money Talks James  5 :1-6 Christian Living; Money; Possessions; Stewardship
The Giant of Suffering Job  1 :1-22 Suffering
God, Dust and a Tombstone Job  19 :1-29 Life; Death; Eternity; Heaven; Assurance of Salvation
The Love of God John  3 :16 God, Love of; God's Love
I Am The Door John  10 :1-9 Door, Jesus the; Way of Salvation, The; The Door of Life; Eternal Security
I Am The Resurrection And The Life John  11 :1-43 Life; Resurrection; Easter; Eternal Life; Salvation; Power of Jesus
The Cry of Victory John  19 :23-27 It Is Finished; Cry from the Cross; Victory in Jesus; Cross of Christ
What Do You See When You Look In The Empty Tomb? John  20 :1-10 Life; Resurrection; Easter; Power of Jesus; Lordship; Death, Victory Over
The Captain's Captain Joshua  5 Jesus, Our Captain; God's Power; Christian Soldier; Faith; Victory
A Permissive Society Judges  2 :1-23 Permissiveness; Worldiness
Spiritual Junk Food Judges  17 :1-13 Appetite, Spiritual; Food for the Soul; Worship, False
Christmas - Praise God Luke  1 :8-50 Birth of Christ; Christmas; Blessings
The Downfall of a Disciple Luke  22 :54-62 Backsliding; Failure; Downfall
Giving God Your Best Malachi  1 :6-14 Stewardship; Giving; Dedication; Submission to God; Money, Dedication
Not Far But Not In Mark  12 :28-34 Salvation is Near; Too Late; Religion without Salvation; Kingdom of God
Tackling Temptation Matthew  4 :1-11 Temptation, Overcoming
The Plea That Changes The World Matthew  6 :10 Prayer; Lord's Prayer
Daily Provision For Daily Needs Matthew  6 :11-34 Prayer; Care, God's; Provision, God's; Needs Met
Setting The Scene (for Prayer) Matthew  6 :1-18 Prayer; The Lord's Prayer
To Err is Human to Forgive is Divine Matthew  6 :12-15 Forgiveness
The Giant of Worry Matthew  6 :19-34 Worry; Anxiety
How Do We Approach God? Matthew  6 :5-15 Prayer, Approaching God
The Doxology Matthew  6 :5-15 Lord's Prayer, The; Prayer, The Lord's; Doxology
The Pattern Prayer Matthew  6 :9-10 Prayer; Lord's Prayer; Name, God's
The Will of God, Nothing More, Nothing Less, Nothing Else Matthew  6 :9-10 Prayer; Lord's Prayer; Will of God
Standing at the Crossroads Matthew  7 :1-14 Decision; Salvation; Choice; Jesus, the Door
Unless The Lord Builds The House Matthew  16 :13-20 Church; Church, Builder of the; Lord of the Church
To Err is Human, To Forgive is Divine Matthew  18 :21-35 Prayer; Forgiveness
The Crown of Thorns Matthew  27 :11-28 Cross, The; Thorns, The Crown of; Crucifixion; Easter
What Is Worship? Psalms  Worship; Praise; Gratitude
The Church That Left Its First Love Revelation  2 :1-7 Love for Christ; Church Life; Christian Living
A Church Under Pressure Revelation  2 :8-11 Church Life; Church Tribulation; Trials for Christians; Christian Living
Worthy Is The Lamb Revelation  5 :1-14 Heaven; Jesus, Lamb of God; Praise
Its Free and All Are Welcome Selected Passages  Salvation; Jesus Alone; Savior, Jesus the Only
The Feast of Passover Selected Passages  The Blood of Jesus; Passover; Lord's Supper; Cross; Salvation

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