John Bisagno

John Bisagno
John Bisagno
Houston, TX77042

Dr. John R. Bisagno was born on April 5,1934, in Augusta, Kansas. He married Uldine Beck and they have three children: Ginger Dodd, Anthony Bisagno, and Timothy Bisagno. John and Uldine have 7 grandchildren.
John Bisagno is currently the retired pastor of the 22,000-member First Baptist Church of Houston, Texas. He is the author of 25 books, including the best seller, "The Power of Positive Praying." He served as the President of the Southern Baptist Pastors Conference and has gained national attention as a dynamic and effective crusade evangelist and Bible teacher. He was the first preacher on the 5outhern Baptist ACTS Television Network.
He received a Doctor of Divinity degree from his alma mater Oklahoma Baptist University, as welt as a Doctor of Letters from Southwest Missouri Baptist University and a Doctor of Divinity degree from Houston Baptist University where a "Chair of Evangelism" is named in his honor.
Dr. Bisagno began his ministry in music evangelism by traveling extensively conducting crusades, and winning the lost to Christ. Soon afterward, he was called into the preaching ministry and traveled as an evangelist for several more years. In 1965, he was called to the pastorate at First Southern Baptist Church in Del City, Oklahoma. He pastored there until 1970. The First Southern Baptist Church experienced tremendous growth under Dr. Bisagno's leadership. In February 1970, Dr. Bisagno began his pastorate at First Baptist Church of Houston.
During Dr. Bisagno's ministry at Houston's First Baptist Church, the relocated from downtown, purchased property, and built new facilities. The church gave 250 million dollars; received an excess of 40.000 members. including 15,000 by baptism; Started 63 local missions and 3 schools, sent over 453 of its members into full time Christian service, including 101 to the foreign mission field.
Dr. Bisagno has spoken at the Southern Baptist Convention, the World Congress on Evangelism, and every major state convention and state evangelism conference, He has lectured at every Southern Baptist seminary and conducted 37 overseas evangelistic crusades.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
God's Plan for your Prosperity 1 Chronicles  29 :10-13 Money; Prosperity; Giving; Stewardship
Does God Always Come Through? 1 Corinthians  10 God's Faithfulness; Faithfulness; Trust; Faith; Christian Living
God Always Comes Through 1 Corinthians  10 Anxiety; Trouble; Doubt; Hardships; Suffering; Trials
You are Essential to Your Church 1 Corinthians  12 Holy Spirit, Gifts of the; Holy Spirit, Work of
Recovering The Power 2 Kings  6 :1-7 Power from God; Holy Spirit; Renewal; Revival
Midnight Express Acts  16 Salvation; Cross; Easter; Salvation
Midnight Express Acts  16 :31 Jesus; Cross, Offense of the; Faith; Salvation
Jesus Christ Is All I Need Isaiah  9 :6-7 Jesu, Names of
What to Do if You Miss the Rapture John  1 :1-4 Rapture; Tribulation Period; Death; Judgement; Courage; Salvation
Andrew's Witnessing Strategy John  1 :40 Soul Winning; Evangelism; Witnessing; Operation Andrew
What Must I Do to Be Saved? John  3 Salvation
True Worship John  4 :19-24 Worship; Music in Church; Worship Wars
Forgiveness - God's Golden Gift John  8 :1-11 Forgiveness; Revival; Repentance
Christ's Prayer for His Church John  17 :11-20 Prayer of Jesus for Church
Jesus, My All In All Luke  4 :14-21 Jesus; Blessings in Christ
The First Small Group Mark  3 :13 Discipleship; Christian Living; Fellowship; Service
And He Called A Child Matthew  18 Children; Salvation, Early; Pride; Faith, Barriers to
The Lordship of Jesus Christ in our Personal Hearts Philippians  2 :5-11 Lordship; Living for Jesus; Jesus is Lord; Christian Living
Living Free Philippians  3 :10-14 Forgiveness of others
The Impossible Dream Philippians  4 :13 Christian Living; Dream; Doing the Impossible; Power of Christ
The Day Christ Died Revelation  Cross of Christ; Christ, Death of
Roll On Revelation  1 :18 Rapture; Terrorism
How To Fall In Love Again Revelation  2 :1-7 Marriage; Love
Angels Selected Passages  Angels
Five Things in the Great Commission Selected Passages  Great Commission; Missions; Witnessings; Soul Winning
Missions and Christmas Selected Passages  Christmas; Missions
Spiritual Truths in the Lord's Supper Selected Passages  Easter; Lord's Supper; Communion; Palm Sunday
The Logic of Tragedy Selected Passages  Problems; Trials; Christian Growth; God's Purpose; Christian Living
What Think Ye Of Christ? Selected Passages  Jesus, Who Is; Christ; Lordship; Savior

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