The Authority of Jesus

Bible Book: John  17 : 2
Subject: Jesus, Authority of; Lordship of Jesus

The Lord Jesus has all power, authority over all flesh, the good and the bad. This authority is given Him by the heavenly father. Christ has authority to exercise this power over all men. This means that humanity is subordinate to the Lord Jesus. We as his subjects find Him to be good and merciful to all humanity.

We also know that he has the right to bind or lose, authority to acquit or condemn, power to forgive sins, or not. He has authority to do as he desires and His desires are never for selfish reasons, nor are they unjust. He uses His authority for the benefit of all humanity. His authority is given Him as a faithful son. He has authority to give eternal life to all who will trust Him as Savior.

Lets note His authority this morning:


All things were created by Him and without Him was nothing created (Col. 1:16). “All things” were created by Him and for Him. He is the first cause of everything.

A. Cause and Effect

To the reasonable mind there is cause and effect. Its only logical as you look around and see the splendor of the universe there is cause and effect. The reprobate or God hating mind cannot see that there is a first cause and effect. They look for some explosion in outer space to have caused all that is. But this begs a questions. Where did the bang or gases or matter come from? And where did space come from. Is it all of itself, if it is of self then it must have had a mind to conceive all this. Of course a rational and reasonable mind Knows there had to be an intelligent mind behind all that now is.

Look at the earth we live on– every thing needed for human life to exist is in perfect harmony. I cannot for a moment entertain an accidental coming together of all properties in such concert as to propagate human existence. I can no more believe this watch came into existence by a few atom coming together without a watch maker. Yes, I believe there is a creator and The Lord Jesus is that creator.

B. More to Life than a Body

Then too, a reasonable mind knows that there is more to life than this earthly body. I look at my body and I look into my soul and I know there is a creator who I will meet at the conclusion of this earthly journey. How unjust it would be to live and die and experience the hardship of this life and there be nothing beyond the grave.

Even before I believed on the Lord Jesus I knew in my heart there was life beyond the grave, that’s the reasons I was so terrified at the thoughts of going to eternity not knowing what lay beyond the grave. O thank God there is life beyond this meager earthly life.

We are created in the image of our God and he gives us eternal life and we know that when this life is over we shall see Him in all His regal glory.

C. Unwritten Law in the Heart

Also, the reasonable mind knows by the unwritten law in his heart there is a creator Romans 2:14-15; reveals to us that we have the law written in our hearts. Our conscience bearing witness to the fact. Man kind is born with the law of right and wrong in his heart. He for the most part chooses to disobey the law in his heart. Take for instance homosexuality, we don’t need the Bible to tell us this wrong, its written in our hearts that its against nature.

D. Invisible and Visible

Then again, the reasonable mind knows that those invisible things of creation are clearly seen by the things that are. Take for example– oxygen. Its takes air for you and I to survive, that’s a clear fact. Also we must have water, the water cycle: clouds, rain and evaporation tells us there is a creator. The food chain tells us that we have a creator. Our bodies tells us that we have a creator They are fashioned with such harmony that no accident could have caused such balance and beauty.

Could an accidental explosion have caused something as beautiful as a woman –  why, no way! She is fashioned by the hand of the creator. Christ has authority over this world and universe.


Every human being on earth is God’s child by creation. You note, I said by creation, but we also must be His spiritual children by a spiritual birth. Only those who receive Christ have eternal life, these are the true children of God, and will spend eternity with Him in heaven.

A. Forgiveness

He has the right to forgive sins. That’s His authority. Who can forgive sins but God only! Its not the authority of any church to forgive sins. Its invested in Christ alone to forgive sin.

B. Pardon

He has the right to pardon. He justifies and its final. I read recently that the president pardoned some people. He has that earthly right as the president to pardon men who may have committed crimes against the state, but only Christ can pardon sin and justify man so he can go to heaven. Christ wipes the slate clean.

In the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou” Two of the men get religion and are baptized and the preacher told them their sins were all forgiven. But their leader told them that may be so, but by the laws of Mississippi they were still guilty. The two men could not understand why Mississippi held things against now that they were saved and forgiven by God. The law may hold things against you, but Christ pardons you and when life is over heaven is your home.

C. Punishment

He has the right to punish Christ is holy and just and those who remain unjust will be condemned by Him at the great day of judgment. You must understand that Christ is more than willing to forgive men their sins, but men aren’t as willing to accept the terms of forgiveness. They deny that he is able to forgive, they refuse to accept him as the sacrifice for sin.


Jesus said, “I will build my church...” His personal possessing– its his not yours, not mine. The church belongs to Jesus. It doesn’t belong to man.

A. The Head of the Church

Jesus is head of the church. He’s not an after thought, he’s not the tail, he’s the head. Colossians 1:18, folks don’t ever think its yours. Its his.

B. The Leader of the Church

Jesus Leads the church. He has given to men what they should do and they should carry out his work in the church. Too, many times there are those who think they are church bosses and the church fails to follow Jesus when people take control instead of seeking His will.

C. The Protector of the Church

Jesus protects the church. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

D. The Builder of the Church

Jesus builds the church. He is the one who adds to the church.

The authority of the Lord Jesus is from God the father. Let submit to his royal authority and bow to him and be good subjects in His kingdom.