How Is Your Attitude (1)

Bible Book: Philippians  2 : 1-5
Subject: Attitude
Series: Philippians - Williams

The one danger which threatened the Philippian church was that of disunity. This is a danger for every healthy church. It is when people are really earnest in their beliefs that they are apt to get up against each other.

A deacon at Pine Level Church against applause for singers. He even prayed that we would not do that in church.

In Philippians 2:3-4 Paul gives us three great causes for disunity.

1. There is selfish ambition.

2. The desire for personal prestige.

3. There is concentration on self.


In light of this, Paul sets down five considerations which ought to prevent disharmony.

A. The fact that we are all “in Christ” should keep us in unity.

No one can walk in disunity with his fellow man when he is in unity with Christ. A person’s relationship with his fellow men is no bad indication of his fellowship with Christ.

B. The power of Christian love should keep us in unity.

Christian love is that which never seeks anything for anyone else but his good. It is not a reaction of the heart as human love is. It is the victory of the WILL achieved with the help of Jesus Christ. It does not mean just loving those who love us. It is loving the unlovable. It means having good will even toward those who hate us.

This is the essence of the Christian life and helps set us apart from the world.

C. The fact that we share the Holy Spirit should keep Christians from disunity.

The Holy Spirit binds man to God and man to man. It is the Spirit who enables us to live that kind of life of love. This is the life of God.

D. The existence of human compassion should keep Christians from disunity.

Aristotle said it long ago, “Men were never meant to be snarling wolves, but to live in fellowship together." Disunity breaks the very structure of life.

E. Paul’s last appeal is a personal one.

There can be no happiness for him as long as there is disunity in the church which is dear to him. It is with the appeal of love that Paul speaks to this church.


Let us pay heed to this advice as we prepare to approach the Lord’s Table.

[This sermon had only one major point, with 5 minor points - Editor's Note]oly