Response to God's Blessings

Bible Book: Psalms  116 : 12-14
Subject: Thanksgiving; Praise; Gratitude; Devotion

Psalm 116:12-14

The psalmist, David, observed that when he was weak in faith or was out of God's will, his attitude caused him to not see God's hand in his life and things generally looked bad. However, when he was walking with God prayerfully and in peace, his attitude was positive and he saw God's hand in all   that was around him. David asked that eternal question that every child of God (Christians) should ask every day: "What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits?"

What is our attitude on days that nothing seems to go right? What about the days when we seem to be walking on clouds and nothing can go wrong?

I. Just What Has God Blessed Us With?

A. God Has Given Us Our Very Existence

We have been born in the greatest time of all ages, surrounded with inventions, comforts, etc. We have been born in a country that is the grandest on earth, filled with opportunities, freedom, where everyone around the world wants to come and live.

The family we have been born into could have been less fortunate, another nationality, different home/family conditions, a god-less family.

God's Word is freely and openly preached without fear of any reprisal and it is being spread all over the world in person and via television, radio, and internet, never before in history has it been so possible to spread God's Word.

B. God' Care For Us

Millions through the centuries have died before ever reaching the age that we are today. Things could be so different in our personal lives, such as the comforts we enjoy, our house, our clothing, food, cars, education, vacations, hobbies, etc.

We could be afflicted with over whelming trials and troubles of all sorts and descriptions. We could be mentally disabled, not knowing even our own family members.

C. God's Salvation

God's love for us, His gift of His Son.

God's call to us, His Holy Spirit bringing us to Him.

God's peace and joy that is beyond all understanding and description. The whole mystery of our being redeemed, the why's and how's.

II. What Should Our Response Be To God's Blessings?

A. Overwhelming Gratitude To God

God's blessings and benefits to us should leave us speechless and on our faces in our total unworthiness.

Ever hymn sung with tears of joy, sincerity, love, admiration, humility and every prayer said with choked, quaking words.

B. Total Devotion

We should be determined to render to God all that we are capable of.

We should utter words of praise but also accompanied with works and deeds. A complete surrender of Self, Soul and Spirit to God.

Anything less is unreasonable for God gives us so much.

III. How Can We Acknowledge God's Blessings And Benefits?

A. The Jewish Way

The family made vows and kept them. They presented certain sacrifices at feasts and at the close of a feast, the father drank from a cup of wine, passed it on to each family member and then all sang a hymn together as a remembrance of God's blessings to them.

Jesus chose this same manner to commemorate His death on the cross. Remember what we call the "Lord's Supper?"

B. The New Testament Way

For Jesus' sacrifice, we give praise and thanksgiving with our lips and our lives in service to God.

By the cup as we take the Lord's Supper as a memorial of God's great love and Jesus' sacrifice for us - y our lives as we give total surrender to God's will in confession, magnification, and by adoration - thankful in all ways for being a child of God thorough His grace and our faith in Jesus.


Most people never consider God's blessings to them. Mankind has destroyed and dishonored what God has given. Abundance, health, strength, intelligence, etc., all have been turned against the very God who gave all these blessings.

However, one day God will call every person to stand before Him in judgment. Then God will render what is proper for such ingratitude.

Some have become aware that it has been God who has been doing the giving. Attempts have been feeble, such as worshipping maybe once a month and giving a very small offering, etc. Those guilty of such behavior should be filled with shame and guilt for such shameful acts.

What have You been doing to recognize and acknowledge God's blessings to you?

God is gracious and will give even more grace and blessings. Let your vows and service to God be limited only by your abilities.