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A user of can search for sermons using multiple search parameters. Search for example by choosing a Bible Book alone, or by choosing a Bible Book, Chapter and even the Verses that interest you.

In addition, you can add a particular author to your search, or simply search for the material an author has on the site without qualifying a particular Bible Book. When searching by subject or special day, you cannot also choose a Bible Book, Chapter or Verse.

Try different methods and discover the best way to find exactly what you need.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject Author
Triumphant Trials James  1 :1-12 Trials; Troubles; Faith; Growth, Christian J. Mike Minnix
Do Not Be Deceived James  1 :13-20 Sin; Deception; Satan J. Mike Minnix
The Way To Wisdom James  1 :1-8 Wisdom, Lack of; Wisdom J. Mike Minnix
A WORD for Believers James  1 :21-27 Bible; Word of God; Christian Living J. Mike Minnix
Futile Faith James  2 :14-26 Faith; Faith, Lack of; Faith, Believing; Works; Service; Christian Living J. Mike Minnix
The Biggest Little Troublemaker in the World James  3 :1-12 Tongue; Speech; Words J. Mike Minnix
The UN-ACCEPTABLE SIN James  4 :11-12 Judgment of Others; Christian Love J. Mike Minnix
What Is Your Life James  4 :14 Graduation; Life J. Mike Minnix
Danger and Duty James  5 :19-20 Remembering; Faithfulness; Witnessing; Commitment; Ambassadors for Christ J. Mike Minnix
How To Live In A Tough World James  5 :7-12 Christian Living; Faithfulness; Commitment J. Mike Minnix