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Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject Author
The Song of the Cross Psalms  22 Cross J. Mike Minnix
Up, Up and Away Psalms  24 Resurrection; Easter; Rapture J. Mike Minnix
From the Cross, to the Crown, to the City Psalms  24 Resurrection; Rapture; Easter; Cross J. Mike Minnix
Wounded For Me Isaiah  53 :5-6 Cross of Christ; Jesus, Died For Me; Easter Johnny Hunt
Jesus' Journey To Jerusalem Matthew  20 :17-19 Easter; Palm Sunday; Cross David E. Owen
Jesus' Garden Prayer Matthew  26 :31-46 Prayer; Passion of Jesus; Easter Mark Adams
Sleep On Now - When Jesus No Longer Needs Your Prayers Matthew  26 :36-45 Gethsemane; Praying for Others; Prayers of Jesus; Easter Jack Woodard
Who Looked At Calvary Matthew  26 :56-58 Easter; Cross; Calvary; Fpllowers of Jesus Kenneth Hendricks
The Travesty of His Trial Matthew  27 :11-23 Cross; Trial of Jesus David E. Owen
I Can See Clearly Now - Reality Matthew  27 :11-26 Easter; Resurrection; Life; Salvation Terry Trivette
The Crown of Thorns Matthew  27 :11-28 Cross, The; Thorns, The Crown of; Crucifixion; Easter Denis Lyle
What A Choice To Make Matthew  27 :17 Easter; Cross; Salvation Jack Auten
The Marvelous Mystery of the Cross - Why? Matthew  27 :45-54 Cross; Salvation Mike Stone
Signs at the Crucifixion Matthew  27 :45-54 Cross; Crucifixion; Jesus, Death of Paul E. Brown
The Rolling Stone Matthew  28 :1-10 Resurrection Jerry N. Watts
The Message of the Angel Matthew  28 :1-10 Resurrection; Witnessing; Missions Jerry N. Watts
Facing Our Fears in the Tomb Experiences Matthew  28 :1-10 Death; Resurrection; Easter David E. Owen
The Funeral That Didn't Last Matthew  28 :1-10 Resurrection; Easter David E. Owen
What Are You Looking For? Matthew  28 :1-8 Easter; Resurrection; Life, Meaning of J. Mike Minnix
He Is Risen Indeed! Matthew  28 :1-8 Resurrection Gene L. Jeffries
The Relevance of Jesus' Resurrection Matthew  28 :5-6 Resurrection; Easter David E. Owen
Where Hope Comes To Life Matthew  28 :5-7 Easter; Resurrection Frank Page
Jesus: The Conqueror of Death Matthew  28 :5-9 Resurrection; Easter; Death to Life; Christian Funeral William R. Shively
The Unjust Trial of the Just Son of God Mark  14 :53-65 Jesus, Trial of; Easter Brandon Ware
The Tortures of His Tree Mark  15 :15-25 Cross; Crucifixion David E. Owen
Empty At Easter Mark  15 :42 Resurrection; Tomb, Empty Jerry N. Watts
Changed By The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Mark  16 :1-7 Resurrection; Peter; Faith; Salvation J. Robert White
The Empty Tomb and the Second Chance Mark  16 :7 Resurrection; Easter; Life, Eternal; Second Chance; Love of God O.S. Hawkins
Today, Paradise! Luke  23 :29-43 Heaven; Paradise; Salvation; Cross Mike Stone
Cross - Examination Luke  23 :32-43 Cross; Easter; Jesus, Cross of Ron Hale
Cross Examination Luke  23 :32-43 Cross of Christ; Resurrection; Easter Ron Hale
Father Forgive Them Luke  23 :33-34 Cross; Christ, Last Words Of; Forgiveness; Pardon J. Mike Minnix
At The Cross Luke  23 :33-43 Cross; Thief at the Cross; Salvation; Resurrection; Eternal Life J. Mike Minnix
My Redeemer Liveth Luke  23 :33-43 Easter; Resurrection; Life; Salvation William F. Harrell
Eight Conclusions From Calvary Luke  23 :33-46 Easter; Cross of Jesus; Calvary; Salvation; Hope Lost Jack Woodard
Conclusions From Calvary Luke  23 :33-46 Calvary; Easter; Cross; Salvation Jack Woodard
Jesus' Prayer of Forgiveness Luke  23 :34 Cross, Prayer from the; Prayer of Jesus; Forgiveness Mark Adams
The Belief of a Thief Luke  23 :39-43 Belief; Faith; Truth; Easter Franklin L. Kirksey
Cries from the Cross - The Cry of Salvation Luke  23 :39-43 Cross of Christ; Cross; Thief on the Cross Terry Trivette
Live As He Died - Into Thy Hands Luke  23 :44-46 Death, Christian; Cross Mike Stone
Into Your Hands Luke  23 :46 Death; Peace; Trust; Faith; Cross; Easter J. Mike Minnix
He Is Risen Luke  24 :11 Resurrection; Easter Alan Stewart
The Nearness of an Awakening Luke  24 :13-35 Awakening; Revival; Jesus, Nearness of; Easter; Risen Lord Jerry N. Watts
Jesus Himself Stood Among Them Luke  24 :13-36 Resurrection; Jesus, Presence of J. Mike Minnix
Remembering The Resurrection Luke  24 :1-9 Resurrection; Easter; Life, Eternal Donnie L. Martin
The Necessity of the Cross Luke  24 :26 Cross Paul E. Brown
Resurrection Results: What a Living Jesus Means To You Luke  24 :36-48 Resurrection; Christ, Living Terry Trivette
Discovering Jesus Real In Your Life Luke  24 :36-53 Easter; Risen Lord; Christ, Personal Kenneth Hendricks
Too Good To Be True Luke  24 :44-53 Resurrection Johnny Hunt
Coming To Know Jesus Luke  25 :13-35 Easter; Resurrection Calvin Wittman
Why Did God Choose Judas? John  6 :63-71 Judas; Sin, Consequences of; Easter; Hypocrisy Adrian Rogers
I Am The Resurrection And The Life John  11 :1-43 Life; Resurrection; Easter; Eternal Life; Salvation; Power of Jesus Denis Lyle
Life in the Resurrected Lord John  11 :25 Resurrection; Easter; Salvation; Forgiveness; Peace James McCullen
Security is for the Saved John  17 :12 Eternal Security; Judas; Salvation Johnny Hunt
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross John  19 Cross of Christ; Crucifixion; Easter; Death of Jesus William R. Shively
The Centrality of the Cross John  19 :1-18 Cross; Calvary; Easter J. Mike Minnix
Take Care of Mama John  19 :16-27 Cross; Jesus, The Love of Mike Stone
Here Is Your Son, Here Is Your Mother John  19 :16-27 Cross; Mary; John; Mother of Jesus; Faithfulness; Commitment J. Mike Minnix
His Crucifixion John  19 :17-42 Crucifixion; Cross; Easter Mark Adams
I Thirst John  19 :26 Cross; Jesus, Humanity of Mike Stone
I Thrist John  19 :28 Cross, Sayings from the; Easter; Jesus, Humanity of Mike Stone
The Cross of Hope John  19 :28-30 Easter; Hope; Cross, The William R. Shively
The Greatest Words Ever Spoken John  19 :30 Cross; Words of Jesus Mike Stone
Resurrection: The Skeptic Confronted John  20 Resurrection; Easter J. Mike Minnix
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary John  20 :11-16 Mary Magdalene; Resurrection of Jesus Terry Trivette
Sorrow To Hope John  20 :11-18 Life; Resurrection; Easter; Death to Life Brian Horrell
The First Easter Sermon John  20 :1-18 Life; Resurrection; Easter; Witnessing; Missions; Mary Magdalene Mark Adams
Are You Following The Right Leader John  20 :1-31 Resurrection; Easter Mark Adams
A Tomb with a View John  20 :1-8 Resurrection; Easter, Death, Victory over Vince Hefner
The Man Who Almost Missed Easter John  20 :19-31 Easter; Resurrection Sammy Burgess
The Hands of the Risen Christ John  20 :20 Resurrection; Easter J. Mike Minnix
The Nail-Scarred Hand John  20 :24-28 Resurrection; Easter; Nail-Scarred Hand Adrian Rogers
Better Late Than Never John  20 :24-29 Procrastination, Resurrection, Easter, Time Franklin L. Kirksey
The Story of His Wounds John  20 :26-29 Crucifixion; Wounds of Jesus; Christ, Death of ; Doubt Terry Trivette
The Scars of Jesus John  20 :27 Crucifixion; Salvation; Cross of Christ; Suffering of Jesus Adrian Rogers
The Resurrection - Hoax or History? Acts  1 :1-11 Resurrection; Easter Denis Lyle
Rejoicing in the Risen Savior Acts  2 :22-41 Resurrection; Easter; Life in Christ; Salvation; Invitation, God's J. Mike Minnix
The Resurrection Credible Acts  26 :8 Resurrection; Easter Franklin L. Kirksey
Evidences of the Resurrection Acts  26 :8-29 Resurrection; Easter Paul E. Brown
The Gospel Of The Resurrection Romans  15 :1-4 Easter; Resurrection Johnny Hunt
It's Still the Cross 1 Corinthians  1 :18-25 Cross Johnny Hunt
The Resurrection - How Important? 1 Corinthians  15 Christian Living; Resurrection Paul E. Brown
The Easter Message 1 Corinthians  15 :1-10 Resurrection; Easter; Life Eternal David E. Owen
What the Resurrection Means to You 1 Corinthians  15 :1-22 Resurrection Gene L. Jeffries
The Resurrection of Christ and it's Meaning to us Today 1 Corinthians  15 :13-19 Resurrection; Easter; Life in Christ Jesse M. Hendley
The Resurrection of Jesus and its Message to us Today 1 Corinthians  15 :13-19 Resurrection; Easter; Eternal Life Jesse M. Hendley
A Case for the Resurrection 1 Corinthians  15 :1-8 Risen Lord; Cross of Christ; Resurrection; Easter Mark Adams
The Case for the Resurrection 1 Corinthians  15 :1-8 Easter; Resurrection Mark Adams
All Because of the Resurrection 1 Corinthians  15 :58 Easter; Resurrection; Relationship with Jesus Franklin L. Kirksey
It's Easter, Jesus, Thank You For The Cross 2 Corinthians  5 :14-21 Easter; Resurrection; Cross of Christ Johnny Hunt
The Cross in Galatians Galatians  Cross of Christ Francis Dixon
What the Cross Means to the Church Galatians  6 :14 Cross; Easter; Faith; Trust Terry Trivette
Can the Resurrection of Christ Affect and Change You? Ephesians  2 :4-5 Resurrection; Easter; Change, Christ Causing Johnny Hunt
The Power of His Resurrection Philippians  3 :7-12 Resurrection Paul E. Brown
The Rescue of the Resurrection 1 Thessalonians  1 :10 Resurrection; Easter J. Mike Minnix
The Day Death Died 2 Timothy  1 :8-12 Calvary; Resurrection; Salvation; Easter Johnny Hunt
Risen 2 Timothy  2 :8 Resurrection; Easter Franklin L. Kirksey
An Easter Message Hebrews  4 :3-4 Easter; Resurrection; Eternal Security Jesse M. Hendley
A Plan before the Problem 1 Peter  1 :20-21 Easter; Resurrection; Cross Johnny Hunt
The Three-Fold Relevance of the Resurrection (Outline) 1 Peter  1 :3-5 Resurrection; Easter Bill Bennett
A Living Hope of the Hereafter 1 Peter  1 :3-5 Hope; Resurrection; Everlasting Life; Easter Classic Sermons Classic
The Cross of Christ 1 Peter  3 :18 Cross; Easter; Death of Christ Franklin L. Kirksey
The Triumph Over His Tomb Revelation  1 :18 Resurrection David E. Owen
Singing To The Risen Lamb Revelation  5 Risen Lord; Cross of Christ; Resurrection; Easter J. Mike Minnix
The Resurrection Selected Passages  Resurrection; Easter Mark Adams
Seven Last Words of Jesus from the Cross Selected Passages  Cross, Words of Jesus from the Johnny Hunt
Judas Iscariot Selected Passages  Judas; Betrayal of Jesus; Sin, Progression; Greed Mark Adams
Who Killed Jesus? Selected Passages  Cross; Crucifixion Paul E. Brown
Why I Believe In The Resurrection Selected Passages  Resurrection Paul E. Brown
The Death of Jesus Christ Selected Passages  Christ, Death of; Easter; Cross Sam Wolfe
Spiritual Truths in the Lord's Supper Selected Passages  Easter; Lord's Supper; Communion; Palm Sunday John Bisagno
The Power of Once for All Selected Passages  Life; Resurrection; Easter; Eternal Life; Salvation; Power of Jesus Mark Adams