Become an Author


An author is someone who writes and submits sermons, illustrations, commentaries, and/or articles for downloading and viewing on PastorLife. Our authors have distinguished themselves through preaching, teaching and/or writing concerning God's Word.

As a PastorLife author you will have an opportunity to share your sermons and various materials with other pastors, missionaries, Bible teachers and those wanting to cultivate the word of God in the hearts of the people they pastor, lead and/or teach. Your works will be included in a growing online database to serve those who serve the Lord. All material uploaded on PastorLife must conform to the Baptist Faith and Message, 2000, of the Southern Baptist Convention.

In order for you to become a PastorLife author, we first need to get some information from you. Please write to me, Dr. J. Mike Minnix at and share your name, the ministry in which you serve, a bio and a sample of the sermons, Bible studies or articles you are interested in sharing. We will review your sample material and contact you via email about becoming a PastorLife author. All material posted on PastorLife must be approved by PastorLife to maintain the intergity of the site. PastorLife reserves the right to deny or remove any author or material submitted or previously uploaded.

PastorLife does not charge a fee for you to become an author nor do we pay royalties to our authors. All material appearing on our site currently has been donated to us by the minister or person who authored the material. We express our deepest appreciation to our authors for opening up their hearts and sharing freely with us all.