The Power of Communicating in an Attention Deficient World

Title: The Power of Communicating in an Attention Deficient World
Category: Pastoral Issues
Subject: Communication; Speaking
The Power of Communicating in an Attention Deficient World

Jesus knew how to grab people’s attention and keep it; do you?

Jesus used simple words and stories in communicating the great truths of God. Yet, the power of his words is undeniable. Can you ever guess just how many times Jesus has been quoted in the last two thousand years? Jesus is the master communicator in history!

Here are three powerful techniques Jesus used in talking with ordinary people while having extraordinary results.

Jesus Used Powerful Word Pictures

Jesus painted pictures with words as he compared the wheat and the tares (weeds), the lost sheep and the searching shepherd, the lost son and the loving father. These words and stories bore into the emotion and heart of a person causing the person to sympathize and think. The commotion of emotion helps imprint the mind and heart with truth. Jesus and his words were hard to forget.

Jesus Made You Thirsty For More

Have you ever eaten salty popcorn at the movies? Did you have to buy a soft drink to quench your thirst? Jesus had a way of salting his words so the hearer wanted to hear him out. When Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand”, you sort of wanted to hear a more about the subject.

Jesus knew how to make people curious. Curious people will be open to learn and listen. Their attention spans will be lengthened and at a higher level of openness.

Jesus Hooked Your Thoughts

Just like a cowboy roping a steer or a fisherman hooking a trout -- the direction of the animal is changed. Our thoughts can be hooked and changed (redirected). If you’re driving in the mountains on a beautiful day with a smile on your face and suddenly you see the blue lights of a state trooper in your rear-view mirror, your thoughts will quickly change.

Jesus used powerful verbal hooks to grab the attention of people. It worked then and it can work now.

Study the words of Jesus as he talks to common people and also the religious leaders of his day. You will find that he didn’t make everybody happy; but he sure kept their attention. He got results!

When today’s communicator seeks the heart of God through prayer and study while developing a communication strategy of using powerful word pictures, salting sentences to stir curiosity, and using verbal hooks , then the process of communication becomes like a major Interstate highway flowing in and out of a great city that never slumbers or sleeps.