Johnny Hunt

Johnny Hunt
Johnny Hunt
First Baptist Church
777 Neese Road
Woodstock, GA30188

Dr. Johnny M. Hunt is Senior Pastor of the 11,500 member First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia. The church has grown from just over 1,000 members when he arrived in 1986 to its present membership. Sunday School attendance has grown from 275 to 4,700 in that same period.
Johnny received his education at Gardner Webb University where he received at B.A. Degree in 1979. He graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (M. Div.) in 1981. He received an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Immanuel Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Sacred Laws and Letters from Covington Theological Seminary. A Chair of Church Growth as established in his name at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1997.
Dr. Hunt pastored three churches in North Carolina before coming to First Baptist, Woodstock, Georgia. He retired from FBC Woodstock in 2019. He recently resigned (2022) as Vice President for Evangelism at the North American Mission Board.
Johnny is married to his wife Janet and they have two daughters and three grandchildren.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
The Prayer of Jabez 1 Chronicles  4 :9-10 Prayer of Jabez; Prayer; Faith
Giving What One Desires To Give 1 Chronicles  29 :1-9 Christian Living; Money; Possessions; Stewardship; Giving
The Local Church 1 Corinthians  1 :12 Church, Local
It's Still The Cross 1 Corinthians  1 :18-25 Cross; Lord's Supper
It's Still the Cross 1 Corinthians  1 :18-25 Cross
Living With Eternity On My Mind 1 Corinthians  3 :10-15 Eternity; Judgment; Bema Seat; Christian Living
The Wonderful Grace of Giving 1 Corinthians  8 :9 Christian Living; Money; Possessions; Stewardship; Giving
We All Live on Temptation Island 1 Corinthians  10 :13 Temptation
The Cup of Blessing 1 Corinthians  11 :23-26 Lord's Supper; Communion
Timeless Truths at the Lord's Table 1 Corinthians  11 :23-26 Lord's Supper; Foot Washing; Communion
The Proclamation and Examination of the Lord's Supper 1 Corinthians  11 :26-34 Lord's Supper
Do I Love God - A Self-Examination 1 Corinthians  12 :31 Love for God
Love is an Action Word 1 Corinthians  13 Love; Christian Living
Love: The Bible's Simplest Description of God 1 Corinthians  13 :1-3 Love; God's Love
The Kingdom Life: People We Wish To Grow 1 Corinthians  16 :10-12 Growth
The Kingdom Life - If The Lord Permits 1 Corinthians  16 :1-24 Growth; Mentoring; Will, God's; God's Will; Heritage
Stewardship - Possessions To Give 1 Corinthians  16 :1-4 Stewardship
The Kingdom Life: Possessions and Principles 1 Corinthians  16 :2-14 Stewardship
The Kingdom Life 1 Corinthians  16 :5-12 Christian Living; Kingdom Living
The Love of God Sacrifices 1 John  1 God, Love of; Love of God; Christian Living; Sacrifice
To Make Visible What Was Hidden 1 John  1 :1-4 Jesus; Faith
The Power of the Blood of the Lamb 1 John  1 :6-7 Blood of Jesus; Lamb of God; Forgiveness
The Love of God Brings Confidence of Right Living 1 John  2 :28-29 God, Love of; Love of God; Christian Living
The Enemies of the Love of God 1 John  3 :10-15 Love of God; Enemies of the Love of God
The Divine Responsibility of the Love of God 1 John  3 :16-18 God, Love of; Love of God
The Practical Demonstration of God's Love 1 John  4 :12-16 God's Love; Love of God
Biblical Definition of God's Love 1 John  4 :7-11 God, Love of; Love of God
Biblical Definition of God's Love - Part 2 1 John  4 :7-11 Love of God; God's Love
Biblical Definition of God's Love - Part 3 1 John  4 :7-11 Love of God; God's Love
The Love of God 1 John  4 :7-11 God, Love of; Love
HEAR - The Love of God 1 John  4 :7-8 Love of God
Christmas Through The Eyes Of Calvary 1 John  4 :9-14 Jesus, Birth of; Christmas; Calvary and Christmas
Are You There? 1 Kings  17 :1-16 Trust; Provision, God's
Salvation is Here 1 Peter  1 :10-12 Salvation
Our Hope Is In His Grace - Part 2 1 Peter  1 :17-19 Grace; Hope; Blood of Jesus; Salvation
A Plan before the Problem 1 Peter  1 :20-21 Easter; Resurrection; Cross
How The New Birth Should Affect Us 1 Peter  1 :23-25 New Birth; Christian Living; Godliness; Growth, Christian
More Precious Than Gold 1 Peter  1 :6-7 Suffering; Hardships; Trials; Glory After Trials
The Sixth Sense 1 Peter  1 :8-9 Faith; Christian Living; Joy in Christ
Attracting Others While Passing Through 1 Peter  2 :11-12 Evangelism; Christian Living; Testimony; Witnessing
What We Are In Him 1 Peter  2 :9-10 Christian Living; Christlikeness
The Heart of the Man of God 1 Peter  3 :15 Man of God; Heart
How To Experience The Blessings Of God 1 Peter  3 :8-9 God's Blessings; Christian Victory
The Purpose and Power of Suffering 1 Peter  4 :12-14 Suffering; Troubles; Hardships; Victory in Suffering
This Day Forward In God's Will 1 Peter  4 :1-4 Suffering; The Will of God; Honoring Christ
Here Comes The Judge 1 Peter  4 :15-19 Suffering; Judgment; Christian Growth
The Rest of Your Life 1 Peter  4 :1-6 Christian Living
In Light Of The End 1 Peter  4 :7-11 End Times; Return of Christ; Judgment; Christian Living
It Will Be Worth It All 1 Peter  5 :4-7 Heaven, Reward in; Return of Christ; Heaven
We Have An Enemy - Part 1 1 Peter  5 :8 Devil; Satan; Enemy of Christian; Christian Warfare
We Have An Enemy - Part 2 1 Peter  5 :8 Devil; Satan; Enemy of Christian; Christian Warfare
Our Hope Is In His Grace - Part 1 1 Peter  13 :16 Grace; Hope; Christian Living
What Church People Are Meant To Look Like 1 Thessalonians  1 :2-5 Christian Living; Church People
A Look into the Heart of a Mother 1 Thessalonians  2 :7-9 Mother; Mother's Day
Fathers That Are Faithful 1 Timothy  6 :11-12 Father; Father's Day; Men; Manhood; Man, Godly
Your Life Is A Letter 2 Corinthians  3 :1-6 Testimony; Witness; Christian Witness
The Ministry Given To His Servants 2 Corinthians  4 :1-12 Ministry; Servants
It's Easter, Jesus, Thank You For The Cross 2 Corinthians  5 :14-21 Easter; Resurrection; Cross of Christ
Sharing His Story 2 Corinthians  5 :19-21 Jesus; Gospel, The
Lord, Change Our Minds 2 Corinthians  7 :8-12 Repentence, True; Humility
His Greatness - Our Giving 2 Corinthians  8 :2 Christian Living
The Second Mile - Part 1 2 Corinthians  8 :2 Stewardship; Sacrifice; Lord's Supper; Communion; Cross
Second Mile - Part 2 2 Corinthians  8 :3 Giving; Worship; Stewardship; Christian Living
Second Mile - Part 3 2 Corinthians  8 :4-5 Christian Living; Commitment; Stewardship; Worship
A Tangible Expression of Thanksgiving 2 Corinthians  9 :7-15 Thanksgiving; Stewardship; Giving
Demolishing Strongholds 2 Corinthians  10 :1-6 Strongholds, Destroying
Why Sit Here Until We Die? 2 Kings  7 :1-9 Action; Giving; Stewardship; Christian Living
Truth That Will Last 2 Peter  1 :12-15 Truth; Remembering; Memory; Steadfastness
God's Provision for Practical Christian Growth - Part 1 2 Peter  1 :1-4 Growth in Christ; Christian Living; Discipleship
A Testimony - True and Trustworthy 2 Peter  1 :16-18 Testimony; Truth of the Gospel; Bible is Trustworthy
Evidence of Christian Growth 2 Peter  1 :5-7 Christian Growth; Commitment; Mature Christianity
Evidence of Christian Growth - Part 2 2 Peter  1 :5-7 Christian Growth; Disciples of Christ; Christian Living
God's Provision for Pratical Christian Growth - Part 2 2 Peter  1 :5-7 Christian Growth; Discipleship; Following Jesus; Christian Living
Evidence of Christian Growth - Part 1 2 Peter  5 :1-7 Christian Growth; Disciples of Christ; Christian Living
The Day Death Died 2 Timothy  1 :8-12 Calvary; Resurrection; Salvation; Easter
The Molding of a Spiritual Leader 2 Timothy  3 :10-15 Leadership, Spiritual
Enthusiastically Reaching My Journey's End 2 Timothy  4 :6 Legacy; Testimony; Commitment; Death
Songs In The Night Acts  Praise; Worship; Salvation
Power For Our Mission Acts  2 :1-4 Holy Spirit
The Difference Your Service Makes Acts  6 :1-7 Service
Stephen: Defender Of The Faith Acts  7 :1-53 Faith; Defender of the Faith
The Holy Spirit's Guidance To Go Acts  8 :26 Evangelism; Witnessing; Outreach
All For The Sake of the Gospel Acts  13 :26-37 The Gospel; Christian Living; Evangelism; Great Commission
Influence Acts  13 :36 Influence; Ministry; Servanthood
Miracles, Exorcism, And Changed Lives Acts  19 :11-20 Miracles; Changed Lives
God Will Take Care Of You Acts  23 :11 Burdens; Faith; Protection; Trust
The Conscience: The Divine Alarm System Acts  24 :16 Conscience; Guilt; Warning, God's
Life Out of Death Colossians  1 :20-23 Life; Resurrection; Easter; Death to Life
Gratefulness and Gratitude Colossians  1 :3-6 Gratitude; Thankfulness
The Role of God's Word Colossians  3 :13-17 Bible; God's Word
Genuine Peace Colossians  3 :15-17 Christian Living; Peace
The Honor of God's Name Colossians  3 :15-17 God, Name of; Names, Importance of; Christian Living
Seasons of God Ecclesiastes  3 :1-8 Life, Seasons of; Growth; Aging
Seasons of Life Ecclesiastes  3 :1-8 Life, Seasons of; Christian Living; Time; Purpose
Understanding Our First Blessing Ephesians  1 :15-35 Spiritual Perception; Prayer; Prayers of Paul
Eternal Perspective that Leads to Abundant Service Ephesians  2 :10 Eternity; Service, Faithful; Christian Living; Life, View of
Eternal Perspective that Leads to Abundant Service - 2 Ephesians  2 :10 Service, Adundant; Perspective in Christian Living
Can the Resurrection of Christ Affect and Change You? Ephesians  2 :4-5 Resurrection; Easter; Change, Christ Causing
What God Gave At Christmas Ephesians  2 :8-13 Christmas; Birth of Jesus; Blessings in Christ; Gift of God; Gospel
What God Gave Us At Christmas: The Gospel Ephesians  2 :8-13 Christmas; Gospel; Birth of Christ; Salvation
Building the Body of Christ Ephesians  4 :11-16 Church; Body of Christ; Leadership
Building the Body of Christ - Construction of His Church Ephesians  4 :11-16 Church, Building of; Christ, Body of
The Christian's Walk Ephesians  4 :1-3 Christian Living; Walking With The Lord
The Old Garments Ephesians  4 :25-29 Christian Living; Growth, Christian
A Spirit-Filled Christmas Ephesians  5 :18-20 Christmas; Carols at Christmas; Christmas and the Holy Spirit
Christ In You Ephesians  5 :18-21 Christ in You; Surrender to Christ; Holy Spirit; Filled with the Spirit
The Effects of the Gospel on Marriage Ephesians  5 :19-33 Marriage; Christian Living; Home
Men Approved of God Ephesians  5 :25-33 Men; Baptist Men; Father; Husband; Marriage; Wives
The Battle Is Raging Ephesians  6 :10-13 Commitment; Dedication; Christian Soldier
The Discipline of Fathering Ephesians  6 :4 Father's Day; Discipline, Father's; Father, Love of a
The Ministry of Moses Exodus  18 Moses
Do You See What I See? Galatians  4 :1-7 Christmas; Sonship; Jesus, Birth of
His Story Affects Our Lives Galatians  5 :16-24 Christian Living; Holy Spirit
The Conflict Between the Flesh and the Spirit Galatians  5 :16-24 Flesh and Spirit; Spirit, Fruit of; Spiritual Living
Because We Love Galatians  5 :22-23 Love; Purpose; Passion; Love, Christian
A Hand Up That Builds Up Galatians  6 :1 Grace; Forgiveness; Kindness; Christ-like; Restoration
A Hand-Up that Builds-Up Galatians  6 :1 Judgmentalism; Critical Spirit; Restoration; Helping Hand
Burden-Bearers Galatians  6 :2 Burdens, Bearing; Judgment of Others; Forgiveness; Legalism; Pride
Restoring Spiritual Vitality Galatians  6 :9 Spiritual Vitality; Restoration; Revival
Weary in the Race Galatians  6 :9 Faithfulness; Spiritual Vitality; Weariness
The Last Invitation Genesis  7 :1-7 Salvation; Judgment; Invitation, God's Last
Touched By A Savior Hebrews  1 :1-3 Jesus; Savior; God, Revelation of; Christmas
Our Sympathizing Savior Hebrews  4 :12-16 Suffering; Persecution; Love of God; God's Will
Wonder-Worshippers - Come and Worship Hebrews  10 :19-25 Worship; Jesus, Worthy of Worship
Rahab: From Failure To Faithfulness Hebrews  11 :1-3 Faith; Mother's Day
The Challenge Before Us As Believers Hebrews  12 :1-11 Commitment; Discipline of the Lord; Dedication; Christian Living
Unspoken: Bitterness - What One Values Hebrews  12 :12-17 Bitterness
I'm Backslidden Hosea  14 :1-9 Christian Living; Backslidding; Rebellion
Wounded For Me Isaiah  53 :5-6 Jesus; Crucifixion; Salvation; Cross of Christ
Wounded For Me Isaiah  53 :5-6 Cross of Christ; Jesus, Died For Me; Easter
Actions Speak Louder Than Words James  1 :26-27 Service; Obedience; Christian Living
Promises and Provisions for Trials James  1 :4-8 Trials; Problems; Blessings, Trusting God
Wisdom From Above James  3 :17-18 Wisdom, God's; Wisdom; Peacemakers
The Tongue - The Test of Life James  3 :7-12 Tongue; Speech
Living our Lives to the Glory of God James  4 :13-17 Christian Living; Glorifing God
Prone to Wander James  5 :19-20 Backslidding; Wandering from God; Unfaithfulness
Difficult Times - Hope James  5 :7-12 Hope; Hardships; Difficulties
From Devoted To Destroyed James  5 :9 Destruction; Backslidding
Inviting Others John  1 :40-42 Witnessing; Andrew; Church Growth
One John  1 :45-49 Soul Winning; Evangelism;Operation Andrew
A Man Named John John  1 :6 Servanthood; John, The Apostle; Dedication
What Easter Is Really All About John  3 :16 Easter; Resurrection
Life Imparted Through Jesus John  6 :51-59 Lord's Supper; Communion; Life in Jesus
Security is for the Saved John  17 :12 Eternal Security; Judas; Salvation
This World Is Not Our Home John  17 :13-19 Heaven
HIS Story Affects Our Relationships John  17 :20-23 Unity; Relationships
Jesus Praying for Himself John  17 :2-5 Prayer; Jesus Praying
Supreme Passion for the Glory of God John  17 :2-5 Palm Sunday; God, Glory of; Glory of God
Jesus Praying For His Disciples John  17 :6-10 Prayer, Jesus
Seeing Christmas Through The Eyes Of The Open Tomb John  20 :19-31 Christmas; Resurrection; Jesus, Birth of; Life in Christ
Masterpiece of Mercy Joshua  2 Womanhood, Godly; Mercy; Grace
A Defining Moment Joshua  3 :1-10 Victory, Path to; Overcoming; Progress
Uncharted Waters Joshua  3 :1-10 Victory; Courage; Leadership
Passion Fires Up Purpose Joshua  3 :1-5 Passion; Purpose
Unhallowed Hearts Joshua  3 :1-5 Consecration; Dedication; Faith; Path to Victory
Counting the Cost of Discipleship Luke  9 :23 Kingdom Living; Christian Living
Our Desire and Devotion to Christ Luke  9 :23 Devotion; Commitment
Saying No To Yourself Luke  9 :23 Self Denial; Patience
The Kingdom Life Disciple Luke  9 :23 Discipleship; Kingdom Living
No Passport, Just A Table Luke  14 :12-24 Kingdom People; Grace; Love; Missions
A Story of Hell Luke  16 :19-31 Soul Winning; Evangelism; Hell; Judgment
Regrets: Bad Choices and Second Chances Luke  17 :3 Second Chance; Forgiveness; Regrets
The Devil Desires To Have You Luke  22 Devil; Satan; Christian Living
Too Good To Be True Luke  24 :44-53 Resurrection
Jesus' Baptism Tells The Story Mark  :9-15 Baptism of Jesus; Jesus, Purpose of
He Is In Your Storm Mark  4 :35-41 Trouble; Faith; Hardships; Storms of Life
Familiarity Breeds Contempt Mark  6 :1-6 Contempt for God; Blindness, Spiritual
The Shackling of Omnipotence Mark  6 :1-6 Faith; Christ, Power of; Miracles, Missing
Parents and Little Children Mark  10 :13-16 Parenting; Children
Do You Hear What I Hear? Matthew  2 :1-10 Christmas; Birth of Jesus
Leave It There (Outline) Matthew  6 :25-34 Worry; Anxiety; Trust in God; Faith
Back to Basics - Our Focus Matthew  6 :33 Priorities; Focus; Christian Living; Finances; Stewardship; Materialism
Children - An Example To Adults - Parents Matthew  22 :13-15 Children; Example
Attributes of Discipleship Matthew  28 :16-20 Discipleship
Attributes of Discipleship Matthew  28 :16-20 Discipleship
The Burdened Servant Nehemiah  1 :1-11 Burdens; Servanthood; Used of God
Gateways Through The Gospel Nehemiah  3 Gospel; Symbolic Gates; Christian Living
Bring The Book Nehemiah  8 :1-18 Bible; Revival; Word of God
Lest We Forget Nehemiah  13 Spiritual Decline; Forgetting
A Matter that Needed to be Settled Philemon  Forgiveness; Mercy; Love; Friendship
Grace Expresses Forgiveness Philemon  Forgiveness; Mercy; Love; Friendship
Three Gifts Philemon  1 :17-25 Christmas; Gifts
Sincere Gratitude for a Friend Philemon  1 :4-7 Friendship, Gratitude for
Practical Christianity Philippians  2 :12-13 Christian Living
We Are To Be Shining Lights Philippians  2 :14-18 Witnessing; Evangelism; Christian Living
Timothy - A Commendable Servant of God Philippians  2 :19-24 Servant; Service; Loyalty; Faithfulness
Contented - A Sermon To Preachers Philippians  4 :11 Preacher; Pastor; Faithfulness in Ministry
Everything By Prayer Philippians  4 :6-7 Prayer
How To Think Positively and Biblically Philippians  4 :7 Thinking, Positive; Thinking, Biblical
How To Think Positively and Biblically (2) Philippians  4 :7-8 Thinking, Biblical; Thinking, Positive
The Building of the Biblical Mind Philippians  4 :8-9 Mind, Biblical; Thinking, Christian
Father With A Bright Future Proverbs  3 :7-18 Father; Solomon; David
Thank You For The Cross Proverbs  16 :16-19 Cross; Thanksgiving; Lord's Supper
It's A Wisdom Call Proverbs  20 :1 Alcohol; Strong Drink; Drunkenness
A Mother's Wish For Her Son Proverbs  31 :10-31 Mother's Day; Mother's Prayers; Mother
The Gift of His Word Psalms  1 :1-6 Word of God; Bible, The
Fullness of Joy Psalms  16 Joy
The Cross and the Crown Psalms  22 Cross; Christ, Suffering of; Christ, Glory of
My Faithful Shepherd Psalms  23 Psalm 23; Shepherd, Jesus as; Faithfulness of God
The Preparation of the Table Psalms  23 :5 Shepherd, Presence of
The Satisfaction of our Shepherd's Sheep Psalms  23 :6 Satisfaction
Reengaging with God Psalms  25 New Year; Commitment, New; Dedication; Prayer
A Call To Prayer Psalms  27 :1-4 Prayer
Behind - The Delight of Being Forgiven Psalms  32 Forgiveness; Cleansing; Grace, God's
Behind - The Decline before Being Forgiven Psalms  32 :3-5 Forgivness; Confession; Blessing of Forgiveness
Behind - The Blessing of Being Forgiven Psalms  32 :6-7 Forgiveness, Blessing of
Behind - The Blessing of Being Forgiven Psalms  32 :8-11 Forgiveness; Blessing of Forgiveness
Hope Changes Everything Psalms  33 :1-22 Hope
The Lord Speaks Into Our Crisis Psalms  46 Crisis; Trouble; God's Presence; Peace; Trouble
My Life is in His Hands Psalms  71 Aging; Old Age; Senior Adults; Confidence in God; Peace; Rest
Fathers That Make Their Days Count Psalms  71 :14-21 Fathers; Commitment
Weary or Complacent Psalms  71 :14-25 Weary in Well-doing; Complacency; Christian Living; Commitment
My Life is in His Hands - Part 2 Psalms  71 :5-24 Christian Living; Faithfulness; Blessings
Praising Him With Every Fiber Of My Being Psalms  103 :1-5 Praise; Worship
God Remembers - God Forgets Psalms  103 :6-18 Mercy; Grace; Remember; Memory, God's
When Trouble Comes Psalms  119 :153-160 Trouble; Revival; Adversity
From Petition To Praise Psalms  119 :161-168 Praise; Victory
Field of Souls Psalms  126 :1-6 Witnessing; Soul Winning
I'm Not Where I Need To Be Psalms  143 :1-12 Life, Overwhelmed with; Faith; Surrender; Submission
Seven Promises To Seven Churches Revelation  Seven Churches, Promises To
The Compromising Church Revelation  2 :12-17 Compromise; Church, Compromising; Church, Faithful
The Ephesus Church Revelation  2 :1-7 Love; Commitment; Love for God
The Tolerating Church Revelation  2 :18-19 Church
The Faithful Church Revelation  2 :7-13 Seven Churches; Church, Philadelphia; Faithful Church
The Suffering Church Revelation  2 :8-11 Suffering; Church, Suffering
The Uncompromising Church Revelation  2 :8-11 Compromise; Church; Commitment
No Refreshment or Healing Revelation  3 :14-22 Seven Churches; Laodicea; Luke Warm Church; Church, Luke Warm
The Lifeless Church Revelation  3 :1-6 Church; Seven Churches of Revelation
The Lifeless Church - Part 2 Revelation  3 :2-6 Church, Lifeless; Seven Churches of Revelation
Your Are Worthy Revelation  5 :1-14 Jesus Worthy; Worship
The Marriage Supper of the Lamb Revelation  19 :1-9 Lordship, Jesus; Marriage Supper of the Lamb; Praise; Commitment
Redemption, So Great and Free Romans  3 :21-24 Salvation; Grace; Redemption
Dominion Romans  6 :11-14 Sin, Power over; Victory; Christian Living; Sexual Victory
Life Out of Death Romans  6 :15-23 Life in Christ; Grace, Free; Christian Salvation
Life Out Of Death Romans  6 :6-7 New Life; Old Man, New Man; Deliverance
I Am Telling The Truth Romans  9 :1-3 Burden for Souls; Love for Sinners; Soul Winning; Witnessing
Cardio - Transformed Hearts, Renewed Minds, Aligned Lives Romans  12 :2 Renewal; Mind, Renewed; Heart, Transformed
Motivational Gifts: Prophecy Romans  12 :6 Spiritual Gifts; Prophecy, The Gift of
Motivational Gifts: Mercy Romans  12 :6-8 Mercy, Spiritual Gift of
The Gospel Of The Resurrection Romans  15 :1-4 Easter; Resurrection
A Culture of Generosity Toward His Mission Selected Passages  Missions; Stewardship; Money; Ministry
Invite Others Selected Passages  Evangelism; Growth, Church; Mission of Church
Seven Last Words of Jesus from the Cross Selected Passages  Cross, Words of Jesus from the
The Gift of Surrender to God's Purpose Selected Passages  Purpose; Meaning in Life; God's Will; Vision for Living
The Cause And Cure Of Haughtiness Selected Passages  4 :4 Pride; Humility; Arrogance, Danger; Pride, Cure for
The Moral Power of the Grace of God Titus  2 :11-15 Grace, Power of; Morality; Christian Living
A Bold Declaration and Bodily Display of Truth Titus  2 :6-8 Ministry; Call of God; Servants of God; Truth; Vision
A Bold Declaration and Bodily Display of Truth Titus  2 :6-8 Truth

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