Sam Wolfe

Sam Wolfe
Sam Wolfe
129 Kingswood Drive
Huntsville, AL35806

Dr. Sam Wolfe, a pastor for twenty-seven years, has been in an itinerant ministry since 1978. His ministry has taken him to every section of America in Evangelism and Conferences On Building Your Spiritual House: THE HOUSE OF PRAYER, THE HOUSE OF POWER AND THE HOUSE OF VICTORY.

As a pastor with the gift of evangelism, he led his church to experience an unusual growth through the seventeen years of his last pastorate. He led this inner city church to become an aggressive soul-winning church, averaging 115 baptisms per year and with a strong emphasis on spiritual development.

As an evangelist, his pastoral gift reveals his concern for the spiritual growth of Christians, as reflected in his writing and conferences.

Sam is founder and president of EVANGEL MINISTRIES, INC. He devotes much of his time to EVANGEL PUBLICATIONS. An author of several books and other helpful materials, he is also an editor and publisher for other authors.

He live in Huntsville, Alabama. Marilyn, wife of 64 years, is now deceased. Sam has two sons, six grandsons and one great grandson.

He is the author of THE FOLLOWING BOOKS:

- THE CHRISTIAN GROWTH NEW TESTAMENT - Containing outline studies of Bible truth necessary to take Christians from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity.

- LESSONS IN LEADERSHIP - an exposé of the man Nehemiah, emphasizing the reasons God used him.

- THE ROTATION VISITATION PROGRAM - An alternative to the traditional approach to visitation.

- BLESSED ASSURANCE - The Case, the Cause and the Cure for doubt of salvation.

- BUILDING THE HOUSE OF PRAYER - Understanding the biblical principles of prayer.

- BUILDING THE HOUSE OF POWER - Understanding the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

- BUILDING THE HOUSE OF VICTORY - Understanding the principles of the cross in the believer's life.

- THE PLACE CALLED HEAVEN - A Particular, Populous, Prepared, Perfect and Permanent Place.



- ESSENTIALS TO CHRISTIAN LIVING - A Guide to Understanding the Principles of the Christian Life

- THRONE LIFE - The Ultimate in Prayer

- STRATEGY FOR SURVIVAL - What to Do When Trouble Comes

- THE PASTOR - The Man and His Ministry

- TRAITS OF THE GODLY - A Look at Eight Godly Men

- THE DEEPER SECRETS OF PRAYER - Position, Prerequisites, Portraits, Power, Purposes, Priority, Problems

You can contact Dr. Wolfe at 256-970-4349 to inquire about purchasing any of these excellent materials.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Assurance of Salvation 1 John  5 :13 Salvation, Assurance of; Eternal Security
Murder By Consent Acts  8 :1 Souls, Responsibility for; Witness; Evangelism; Burden for Souls
How To Be Filled With The Spirit Ephesians  5 :18 Holy Spirit, Fullness of
An Unanswered Question Hebrews  2 :3 Salvation, Neglect of
Gone Astray Isaiah  53 :6 The Doctrine of Sin
The Place Called Calvary Luke  23 :33 Cross of Christ; Christ, Death of
The Death of Jesus Christ Selected Passages  Christ, Death of; Easter; Cross

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Title Subject
A Divine Example of Faith Faith
Angelology - The Doctrine of Angels Angels
Hand Feeding Preaching Effectively
Objective Prayer Prayer
Secrets To Usefulness In Ministry Ministry; Usefulness; Servanthood; Holy Spirit
Sin - Sins -Sinners - Saints Sin, Understanding
Spiritual Labor Prayer
The Devices of Satan Satan
The Essentials of the Gospel Gospel Essentials
The Origin of Spiritual Darkness Spiritual Darkness
The Pastor - The Man and His Ministry Pastoral Ministry
The Pinnacle of Prayer Prayer
The Sure Source of Courage Courage
The Vestibule of the Heart Heart
The Wrong and Right Sword Word of God; The Bible
Waiting on God Waiting of God; Patience