Frank Page

Frank Page
Frank Page
President, Executive Committee, SBC

Frank Page was born on August 23, 1952 in Robbins, North Carolina He is married to the former Dayle Gibson of Huntersville, North Carolina, and is the father of three daughters: Melissa, Laura and Allison.

Dr. Page holds the Ph.D. degree from Southwestern Baptist Seminary. This degree is in the field of Christian Ethics. While in the doctoral program, he taught in the department of Christian Ethics. Prior to that, he received the Master of Divinity degree, also from Southwestern Baptist Seminary. He also received the Bachelor of Science degree from Gardner-Webb College in Boiling Springs, North Carolina, with a major in Psychology and minors in Sociology and Greek.

Dr. Page has held various positions in the community and denominational service.
He has spoken widely in revivals, Bible conferences, Family Life Conferences, and Evangelism Training Conferences across the nation as well as overseas. He served as lead writer for the Advanced Level CWT manual. He has also written for "Church Administration" magazine, as well as other denominational periodicals. He has written a commentary on Jonah for the Broadman Press release, The New American Commentary. Also he wrote a book for the Stewardship Commission entitled, Biblical Portraits of Witnessing-Giving Living. He also wrote a commentary on Mark for the Sunday School Board's Bible Book Series Companion Commentary. His most recent book is a challenge to modern day Calvinism entitled, Trouble With The Tulip.

He has served in various churches across Texas, North Carolina and Georgia. He came to Taylors First Baptist Church in February of 2001. The church experienced significant growth in Sunday School and Worship attendance. New ministries begun in this area, as well as increasing mission involvement across the world, were part of his efforts as pastor.

Dr. Page was elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention at the annual meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina in June of 2006. With more than 42,000 churches, over 5,000 North American Missionaries, and more than 5,000 International Missionaries serving in over 150 countries around the world, the Southern Baptist Convention is the largest protestant Christian body in the world. Frank will serve as President of the Convention for the next year and will eligible for one additional year of service.

Dr. Page now serves as President of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
It's All About Him 1 Corinthians  3 :3-11 Spiritual Gifts
A Love We Cannot Afford 1 John  2 :15-17 Spiritual Warfare; Love, Wrong; Valentine's Day
G-Rated People in an R-Rated World 1 John  2 :15-17 Christian Living; Morality; Ethics
Elijah Syndrome 1 Kings  19 :1-18 Loneliness; Elijah; Peace of God; Renewal
The Elijah Syndrome 1 Kings  19 :1-18 Loneliness; Elijah;
God's Commitment Day 1 Peter  2 :1-10 Commitment; Salvation
Responding To The Call 1 Samuel  3 :1-14 Call of God; Discipleship; Ministry
Duties of Daddies 1 Timothy  6 :11-16 Father's Day; Dads; Fathers; Family
The White Lie 2 Corinthians  4 :4 Satan; Devil; Lying
The Family in Conflict 2 Samuel  18 :29-39 Family; Home; Parenting; Marriage
Order In The Church 2 Thessalonians  3 :6-18 Church; Christian Living; Exhortation
The Keeper of the Spring 2 Timothy  Christian Living, Church Growth; Holy Spirit
Can We Pass On The Faith 2 Timothy  1 :3-5 Parenting; Faith; Family Values; Evangelism
Now I Lay Me Down Acts  12 :1-19 Prayer; Unity in Prayer
Living A Second Choice Life Acts  16 :6-10 Christian Living; Forgiveness; Second Chances
I Want To Be Known In Hell Acts  19 :13-16 Witness; Commitment; Testimony
I Guarantee It Colossians  Victory; Lordship; Salvation; Spiritual Warfare
Are You Normal? Colossians  2 :12-15 Victory in Jesus; Cross; Forgiveness of Sin; Resurrection; Satan Defeated
All Dressed Up and Someplace to Go Colossians  3 :12-17 Attitude; Motive
Faith Which Demands No Miracle Daniel  3 :15-18 Faith; Believing; Miracles
The Secret Okay To Tell Ephesians  4 :1-13 Witnessing; The Mystery of the Gospel; Evangelism
What Is The Key? Ephesians  5 :21-33 Commitment; Love; Marriage; Family
Is There A Demon On The Steeple Ephesians  6 :10-13 Spiritual Warfare; Demons
Prevailing Prayer Ephesians  6 :18-20 Prayer
Will You Cross The Sea Exodus  14 :13-15 Faith; Commitment; Dedication
The Christmas Purpose Galatians  4 :4-5 Christmas; Jesus, Gift of
Terrorism in a Spiritual World Galatians  5 :16-26 Spiritual Conflict; Christian Living
God's Building Code Genesis  2 :18-25 Home; Family; Marriage; God's Family Plan
When The Dream Is Gone Genesis  37 :5-11 Wisdom; Strength; Perseverance
The Adventure of Faith Hebrews  11 :1-19 Faith; Believing God
Getting Ready To Race Hebrews  12 :1-2 Christian Living; Progress; Commitment
God's Greatest Gift Isaiah  9 :6 Jesus, birth of; Christmas; Gift, God's
Dark Night Of The Soul Isaiah  61 :1-3 Depression; Spiritual Warfare; New Year
God's Audit James  1 :5 Wisdom
Stepping On The Snake James  4 :1-12 Evangelism; Spiritual Warfare; Christian Living
A Matter of Life and Death John  3 :1-18 Salvation; Born Again; New Birth
Come Out Of The Cave John  11 :1-45 Resurrection; Salvation; Eternal Life; Lazarus, Resurrection of
Let There Be Joy John  16 :16-22 Joy
He Does Want To Get Involved John  16 :5-15 Holy Spirit; God Cares; Leadership of the Lord
When Seeing is not Believing John  20 :26-31 Faith; Resurrection; Easter
Ready or Not, Here I Come! Luke  2 Christmas
Christ The Lord Luke  2 :11 Christmas; Christ, Birth of; Jesus, Lord
Reclaiming The Home Luke  2 :41-52 Home; Family; Marriage
Fast Food and Front Porches Luke  5 :27-32 Evangelism, Relationship; Soul Winning
Risking the Lifeboat Luke  14 :15-23 Evangelism; Invitation to Jesus
The Other Prodigal Luke  15 Restoration; Forgiveness; Motive; Purpose
I Plead Guilty Luke  15 :1-10 Sin; Forgiveness; Salvation
The Confession of a Prodigal Luke  15 :11-24 The Prodigal Son; Forgiveness
Unwearied In Prayer Luke  18 :1-8 Prayer; Christian Living
How Do You Know When You Need Help Luke  18 :35-43 America; Election Day
Pharisee or Publican Luke  18 :9-14 Prayer; Humility; Forgiveness
When The Past Won't Stay Put Luke  22 :54-62 Failure; Forgiveness; Restoration
The Character of Marriage Malachi  2 :10-16 Marriage; Family; Home Life
And The Door Was Shut Matthew  Bride of Christ; Salvation; Surrender
The Miracles of Christmas Matthew  1 :18 Christmas; Birth of Christ; Salvation; Savior
You Can Come Back From A Knockout Blow Matthew  1 :18-25 Depression; Faith; Victory; Peace
Wise Worship Matthew  2 Christmas; Birth of Christ; Magi; Worship
The Tyranny of the Urgent Matthew  6 :33 Time; Priorities
Why Doesn't God Do Something? Matthew  13 Judgment
The Perfect Church Matthew  18 :15-20 Church, Evangelism
Two Debtors Matthew  18 :21-35 Compassion; Forgiveness; Arrogance; Pride; Judgment
'Twas The Night Before Outreach Matthew  28 :16-20 Christian Living; Evangelism; Missions
Where Hope Comes To Life Matthew  28 :5-7 Easter; Resurrection
I Will Pray For You Nehemiah  1 :1-11 Prayer
The Feet of an Ambassador Numbers  13 :17-33 Evangelism; Missions; New Year
Rubbish And Riches Philippians  3 :1-11 Worship
The Main Thing Proverbs  4 :7 Wisdom
Transformation Versus Sin Management Proverbs  14 :16 Christian Living; Repentance; Sin
The Divided Heart Psalms  86 :11 Heart; Evil; Commitment
The House Of Sin Romans  7 :15-20 Sin; Sinful Nature; Deliverence from Sin
Dr. Jekyll? Romans  8 :5-11 Spiritual Conflict; Christian Living
The Paraclete Romans  8 :9-17 Holy Spirit; Spiritual Battle
The Law Selected Passages  The Law of God
Things Are Changing Fast Selected Passages  Family; Home
Walking With God Selected Passages  Christian Living; Enoch; Approval with God; Godly Living

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