Blake Carroll

Blake Carroll
Blake Carroll
President, Christ-Pointe Ministries
Hohenwald, TN

Blake Carroll, pastor, evangelist, and author, has a passion for leading men, women, and children to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. He has served as pastor of two Southern Baptist churches and led both of them to record growth in Sunday school participation and evangelism.

In July of 2005, Carroll answered God's call to enter vocational evangelism and began preaching throughout the midwestern and southeastern United States at Bible conferences, youth conferences, and revival meetings. While Dr. Carroll's preaching style is characterized as biblical, passionate, and simple, he is best known for his bold, uncompromising proclamation of God's Word.

Carroll is the author of "How to Meet & Defeat the Enemy," "Dealing with How You're Feeling," "Out of the Shaker," and "Still Dealing with How You're Feeling." His messages have been broadcast by radio throughout middle and western Tennessee. As a conservative voice of the Christian faith, he has been interviewed by "CNN American Morning," "Nancy Grace Live," and other media outlets.

Born in Selmer, Tennessee, on March 14, 1980, Carroll was saved at the age of ten and accepted God's call to preach at nineteen. He received an Associate of Science degree from Jackson State Community College and a Bachelor of Science degree from Liberty University. He has earned two seminary degrees, including a Master of Ministry and a Doctorate of Theology. He is also the recipient of four honorary doctorate degrees.

Dr. Carroll resides in Hohenwald, Tennessee, with his wife, Shannan. They have four children.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Crossgate 1 Corinthians  1 :18-25 Cross; Crucifixion; Jesus; God
Overcoming Your Inferiority Complex 1 Corinthians  1 :26-31 Inferiority; Common People; Power of God; God, Used by
Breaking Your Silence 1 John  1 :9 Sin; Confession; Repentance; Honesty; Forgiveness
Defeating Depression 1 Kings  19 :1-8 Depression; The Blues; Sadness
From Grief to Glory 2 Corinthians  1 :3-7 Funeral; Death; Grief; Sadness; Depression
Freedom From Fear 2 Timothy  1 :6-7 Fear; Faith; Trust; Believing
The Distress of Disappointment Deuteronomy  3 :25-37 Disappointment; Faith; Commitment
Anger Management Ephesians  4 :26-27 Anger; Resentment; Bitterness
Man The Battle Stations Ephesians  6 :10-18 Christian Warfare; Christian Living
Brace Yourself For Battle Ephesians  6 :10-20 Spiritual Warfare
Spiritual Armor For A Spiritual Assault Ephesians  6 :13-17 Spiritual Warfare
The Muddle of Misfortune Genesis  39 :1-20 Trouble; Hardship; Misfortune
Getting Better When You're Bitter Hebrews  12 :14-15 Resentment; Grudge, Holding A; Bitterness
Turning Stress Into Sucess Isaiah  40 :28-31 Stress; Pressure in Life; Distress
When The Heat's On, Stay Cool James  1 :2-4 Trials; Trouble
A Word to the Wise James  1 :5-12 Wisdom; Trials; Hardships. Decision Making
Do Away With Doubt John  20 :24-29 Doubt; Faith; Trusting God
You Can't Win'em All - But She Did What She Could Mark  14 :3-9 Funeral; Devotion; Commitment; Christian Living
Why Worry? Matthew  6 :25-34 Worry; Faith; Trust; Hope
Why On Earth Is The Church Here? Matthew  28 :16-20 Church, Purpose of; Evangelism; Soul Winning; Church Growth
Jaundice of the Soul Proverbs  27 :4 Jealousy; Selfishness; Attitude, Sinful
Blessings From Heaven Psalms  Success; God's Blessings; God's Word; New Year
Guilt - Keeping A Clear Conscience Psalms  32 :1-5 Guilt; Conscience, A Bad
Letting Go of Loneliness Psalms  102 :6-7 Loneliness; Fellowship; Presence of God

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