David E. Owen

David E. Owen
David E. Owen
10 Larkspur Lane
Emerson, GA30137

Dr. David E. Owen was saved at the age of eight and then God called him to preach at the age of thirteen. He has pastored churches in Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. He also served for several years as an itinerate evangelist.

His hope is that through the preaching of God's word, both saved and lost people will be pointed to the Lord Jesus Who alone can meet the needs of their hearts.

As a believer and a preacher, David wants to continue growing "in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18).

A native of Brevard, North Carolina, David has had opportunities to preach throughout the southeastern United States as well as overseas. He has also been a contributing writer for several sermon periodicals and a teacher in a couple of Bible college settings.

He and his wife Angela have been married since 1988, and they are the parents of two sons, Samuel and Jonathan.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Thanking God For His Presence 1 Chronicles  16 Thanksgiving; Praise; Gratitude; God, Presence of
Is There Determination In Your Guilt? 1 Corinthians  2 :1-5 Guilt
Some Things We Need To Know 1 Corinthians  3 :16-23 Christian Living; Pride; Servants
Are You Planting A Garden This Year? 1 Corinthians  3 :5-9 Witnessing; Evangelism; Burden for the Lost; Harvest
Running With A Victory In Mind 1 Corinthians  9 :24-27 Victory; Faith
The Easter Message 1 Corinthians  15 :1-10 Resurrection; Easter; Life Eternal
God Still Forgives Sin 1 John  1 :9 Forgiveness
A Message Concerning The Believer's Service 1 Peter  5 :1-14 Service; Christian Living
Here I Raise My Ebenezer 1 Samuel  7 :1-12 Memory; Remembering; Memorial Day
Staying By The Stuff 1 Samuel  30 :24 Faithfulness
What Does Jesus Give Thanks For? 1 Thessalonians  5 :18 Thanksgiving; Gratitude
I Love A Good Mystery 1 Timothy  3 :16 Mystery of God; Salvation, Mystery of; Jesus, Nature of
On The Little End Of Something Big 1 Timothy  4 :12 Youth
Is There Determination in our Growing? 2 Chronicles  2 :1-6 Growth, Spiritual; Growth, Church; Determination
The Congregation That Worships 2 Chronicles  29 :28-30 Worship; Church, Worship
Last Things First - Part 1 2 Corinthians  13 :11 Last Things
The Arm of Flesh Will Fail You 2 Kings  Trust in God; Flesh, Weakness of; Hezekiah
Elisha's Question about the Father 2 Kings  2 :14 God, Where is; God, Presence of
A Desperate Mother 2 Kings  4 :1-7 Mother; Family; Parenting
Elisha's Question about a Favor 2 Kings  4 :2 Holy Spirit; God, Help of; Prayer; Trouble
Elisha's Question About The Family 2 Kings  4 :26 Family; Burdens
Elisha's Question About Falsehood 2 Kings  5 :20-27 Lying; Falsehood; Honesty
Elisha's Question about Faithfulness 2 Kings  5 :8 Faithfulness
Elisha's Question About Failure 2 Kings  6 :1-7 Failure; Weakness
Last Things First - Part 5 2 Thessalonians  3 :1-4 Last Things
Focusing on the Word 2 Timothy  Word of God, The; Bible, The
Am I A Soldier of the Cross 2 Timothy  2 :3-4 Soldier of the Cross; Independence Day; Commitment; Dedication
Am I a Soldier of the Cross? 2 Timothy  2 :3-4 Commitment; Endurance; Dedication; Soldier for Jesus
The Legacy Of Discipleship: A Legacy Of Blessing The Congregation 3 John  Discipleship
Is There Determination in our Giving? Acts  11 :19-30 Giving; Stewardship; Determination
A Storm and a Story of a Sustaining Faith Acts  27 :1-38 Faith
Thanksgiving and its Connection to our Partaking Colossians  1 :1-14 Thanksgiving; Salvation, Praise for
Thanksgiving and its Connection to our Path Colossians  2 :1-7 Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving and its Connection to our Principles Colossians  3 :1-25 Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving and Its Connection to our Praying Colossians  4 :2-4 Thanksgiving; Prayer
Be Brave Deuteronomy  31 :6 Courage
Thanking God For His Provision Ephesians  5 :20 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Thanksgiving Day; God, Provision of
When A Man Loves A Woman Ephesians  5 :25 Love; Husbands; Marriage
Last Things First - Part 2 Ephesians  6 :10 Last Things
Forward, March! Exodus  14 New Year; Progress; Obedience; Church
Shew Me Thy Glory Exodus  33 :18 Prayer
A Call To Worship Exodus  34 :10-14 Worship, Call to; Worship
I've Fallen ... and I Can't Get Up! Galatians  6 :1 Restoration
There's A New Day Dawning! Genesis  1 :1-5 New Year; Heaven
What The Bible Says About Marriage Genesis  2 :18 Marriage
The Storm and a Story of a Saving Faith Genesis  6 :1-22 Faith
The First "Fear Not" Genesis  15 :1 Fear; Faith; Promises of God; God, Presence of
Hagar's Labor And Delivery Genesis  16 Hagar; Mother's Day; Deliverance; Perseverence
The Concept of Worship - The First Worship Service Genesis  22 :1-14 Worship
The Typology of Joseph and His Resources Genesis  45 Joseph; Christ-Type; Suffering and Glory
Run To God For Help Habakkuk  2 :2 Discouragement
Running With A Vision In Mind Habakkuk  2 :2 Vision; Christian Living
Life At Its Best - The Focused Life Hebrews  1 Focus; Purpose; Reason for Living; Christian Living
Life At Its Best - A Faithful Life Hebrews  2 :14-18 Faithfulness; Commitment; Dedication
Life At Its Best - A Maturing Life Hebrews  5 Christian Living; Maturity; Growing In Christ
Life At Its Best - A Confident Life Hebrews  10 Trust; Faith; Confidence
The Testimony of a Mother Named Rahab Hebrews  11 :30-31 Mother; Rahab
The Famous Man Named Samuel Hebrews  11 :32 Children, Rebellious; Parenting; Father
The Fearful Man Named Gideon Hebrews  11 :32 Fear; Faith
The Feeble Man Named Barak Hebrews  11 :32 Excuses
The Fighting Man Named David Hebrews  11 :32 Enemies; Sin, Overcoming; Redemption
The Fleshly Man Named Samson Hebrews  11 :32 Flesh; Worldliness, Overcoming
The Forgotten Man Named Jephthah Hebrews  11 :32 Redemption; Forgiveness
Searching For Significance (from life of Jephthah) Hebrews  11 :32-33 Significance; Life, Meaning of; Purpose in Life; Overcoming
Life At Its Best - A Consistent Life Hebrews  12 :1-15 Christian Living; Christian Growth; Faithfulness
The Heart of the Valley of Achor Hosea  2 :15 Hope
The History of the Valley of Achor Hosea  2 :15 Trouble
The Hope of the Valley of Achor Hosea  2 :15 Hope
Some Components of Worship Isaiah  6 :1-11 Worship
Here Am I, Send Me Isaiah  6 :8 Prayer
What's In A Name Isaiah  9 :6 Christmas; Jesus, Name of; Immanuel
Running With A Vigor In Mind Isaiah  40 :31 Enthusiasm; Commitment; Faith
God Says I Will Continue With You In The Difficult Places Isaiah  43 :1-4 Difficulty; Hardships; God's Presence
God Says I Will Comfort You In The Dry Places Isaiah  43 :14-21 Comfort, God's; Provision, God's; Water of Life
God Says I Will Cleanse You In The Defiled Places Isaiah  43 :22-28 Forgiveness, God's; Cleansing, God's; Purity
God's Resolutions or When God Says "I Will" Isaiah  43 :2-9 God, Promises of; Faithfulness, God's
God Says I Will Call You Out Of Distant Places Isaiah  43 :5-13 God, Nearness of; Call of God
The Help of the Valley of Achor Isaiah  65 :10 Peace; Help from God
Looking at the Greeting in James 1 James  1 :1 James, Intro to
The Gift and the Giver James  1 :17 Blessings from God; God, The Give; Gifts from God
Wonderful Words of Life James  1 :18 Salvation; Life, Words of
Receiving The Word James  1 :19-22 Word, Receiving the; Word of God
Looking at the Grief in James 1 James  1 :2-16 James; Patience; Wisdom; Temptation
The God of the Second Chance Jeremiah  18 :1-6 Grace, God's; Forgiveness
The Story of Jesus - The Baptist's Faith and Message John  1 :19-36 Faith; Belief
To The Wondering Heart, Jesus Says, Come and See John  1 :29-42 Jesus, Invitation of; Assurance; Operation Andrew
The Life Of Discipleship - The Andrew Model Beholding The Best John  1 :35-40 Discipleship
The Story of Jesus - Calling the Disciples John  1 :35-51 Disciples, Calling the; Operation Andrew
The Life Of Discipleship -The Andrew Model Bringing A Brother John  1 :41-42 Discipleship
The Story of Jesus - Turning the Water into Wine John  2 :1-11 Miracles of Jesus; Water into Wine
The Turning of Water into Wine John  2 :1-11 Miracle of Jesus; Water into Wine
The Story of Jesus - Spring Cleaning the Church John  2 :12-25 Cleansing, Temple; Jesus, Anger of; Church, Pure
The Healing of the Nobleman's Son John  4 :46-54 Healing; Miracle of Jesus
At the Pool of Bethesda John  5 :1-18 Miracles; Jesus, Miracles of; Mercy
The Life of Discipleship - The Andrew Model - Bringing a Boy John  6 :1-13 Discipleship
The Feeding of the 5,000 John  6 :1-14 Miracles of Jesus; Feeding 5,000; Jesus, Power of
Jesus Walking on the Water John  6 :15-21 Miracles of Jesus; Faith; Jesus, Power of
To The Withered Heart, He Says, Come and Drink John  7 :37 Jesus, Invitation of; Water of Life
Declaration of Independence John  8 :31-36 Independence Day; America
Healing of the Blind Man John  9 :1-41 Miracles of Jesus; Jesus, Power of
Keeping Christ in Hanukkak John  10 :22-31 Christmas; Hanukkak; Light of the World
The Raising of Lazarus John  11 :1-44 Resurrection; Life; Miracles of Jesus; Jesus, Power of
The Resurrection at Bethany John  11 :43 Resurrection; Power of Jesus; Life in Jesus; Lazarus
To The Worn-Out Heart Jesus Says, Come Forth John  11 :43 Christ, Invitation of; Life; Resurrection
The Life Of Discipleship: The Andrew Model Bringing Barbarians John  12 :17-26 Discipleship
Won't It Be Wonderful There John  14 :1-3 Heaven
Somebody Knows The Trouble I've Seen John  16 :33 Christ, Presence of; Troubles; Peace of God
To The Weak Heart, Jesus Says, Come and Dine John  21 :12 Jesus, Invitation of; Weakness
I Think I'll Just Go With God Joshua  24 :1-28 Commitment; Choices, Spiritual; Leadership, God's
I Think I'll Just Go With God Joshua  24 :1-28 Christian Living; Commitment; Dedication; Choice, The Believer's
Strengthen Me Judges  16 :28 Prayer
The First Thanksgiving Leviticus  7 :11-21 Thanksgiving
The First Thanksgiving Leviticus  7 :11-21 Thanksgiving
We Shall Give Him Our Son Luke  1 Jesus, Birth of; Devotion; Stewardship; Christmas
Joy To The World Luke  1 :26-31 Christ, Birth of; Nativity; Joy in Jesus; Christmas
Fear Not - God's Plan Includes Jesus Luke  1 :26-33 Christmas; Jesus, Birth of
The Considerable Experience of the Christmas Story Luke  1 :26-55 Christmas; Christ Birth of
Fear Not - God's Plan Includes John Luke  1 :5-25 Christmas; God's Plan; Jesus, Birth of
To The Worshipping Hearts, Jesus Says, Come...Ye Faithful Luke  2 Christ, Birth of; Christmas
Why Did Jesus Come As A Baby? Luke  2 :1-12 Jesus, Birth of; Christmas; Jesus, Baby
Why Did Jesus Come As A Baby? Luke  2 :1-12 Birth of Jesus; Christmas; Nativity
Fear Not - God's Plan Includes Joy Luke  2 :1-20 Christmas; Jesus, Birth of; Joy in Jesus
The Story of Jesus - His Early Years Luke  2 :40-52 Jesus, The Life of
The Story of Jesus - His Ministry Emphases Luke  2 :49 Jesus, Ministry of
The Story of Jesus - His Exemplary Ministry Luke  4 :18-19 Jesus, Ministry of
The Resurrection at Nain Luke  7 :11-17 Resurrection; Power of Jesus; Life in Jesus
Another Year of Mercy Luke  13 :6-9 New Year; Mercy; Patience, God's
The Love for God Luke  14 :25-26 Love; Love for God; Love of God
Thanking God For His Pardon Luke  17 :11-19 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Thanksgiving Day; Pardon; Forgiving
To The Wanting Heart, Jesus Says, Come Down Luke  19 :1-10 Salvation; Christ, Invitation of
A Storm and a Story of a Scarce Faith Mark  4 :35-41 Faith
The Resurrection at Capernaum Mark  5 :22-43 Resurrection; Power of Jesus; Life in Jesus
A Storm and a Story of a Struggling Faith Mark  6 :45-51 Faith
To The Willful Heart, Jesus Says, Come, Follow Me Mark  10 :17-27 Jesus, Following; Invitation of Jesus; Followers
The Tortures of His Tree Mark  15 :15-25 Cross; Crucifixion
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Matthew  1 Christmas; Birth of Jesus; Nativity; Fear; Peace
The Nativity Story Matthew  1 Christmas; Jesus, Birth of; Nativity Story
Fear Not - God's Plan Includes Joseph Matthew  1 :18-25 Christmas; Joseph; Jesus, Birth of
We Shall Give Him Our Substance Matthew  2 :1-12 Jesus, Birth of; Stewardship; Christmas
What Shall I Give This King? Matthew  2 :1-12 Birth of Jesus; Nativity; Christmas; Stewardship; Giving
The Story of Jesus - His Inauguration Matthew  3 :1-17 Jesus, The Story of; Baptism of Jesus
The Story of Jesus - His Temptation Matthew  4 :1-11 Temptation of Jesus
The Lesson of Discipleship and the Cost Involved Matthew  5 :1-16 Discipleship
The Lesson of Discipleship and the Consecration Involved Matthew  5 :17-4 Discipleship
The Lesson of Discipleship and the Considerations Involved Matthew  6 :1-18 Discipleship
The Lesson of Discipleship and the Commitment Involved Matthew  7 :1-29 Discipleship
Facing Our Fears in the Traumatic Experience Matthew  10 :25-31 Fear; Halloween
To The Weary Heart, Jesus Says, Come Unto Me Matthew  11 :28-30 Comfort; Weariness; Jesus, Invitation of
Facing Our Fears In The Terrifying Experiences Matthew  14 :22-36 Fear, Overcoming; Peace; Trust; Faith
Jesus' Journey To Jerusalem Matthew  20 :17-19 Easter; Palm Sunday; Cross
The Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday Matthew  21 :1-11 Palm Sunday; Triumphant Entry
The Travesty of His Trial Matthew  27 :11-23 Cross; Trial of Jesus
Facing Our Fears in the Tomb Experiences Matthew  28 :1-10 Death; Resurrection; Easter
The Funeral That Didn't Last Matthew  28 :1-10 Resurrection; Easter
The Legacy Of Discipleship: A Legacy Of Bringing The Converts Matthew  28 :18-20 Discipleship
The Relevance of Jesus' Resurrection Matthew  28 :5-6 Resurrection; Easter
Thanking God For His People Philippians  1 :3 Thanksgiving; Thankful For God's People
Thanking God For His People Philippians  1 :3 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Thanksgiving Day; People of God; Church
Last Things First - Part 3 Philippians  3 :1 Last Things
Running With A Viewpoint In Mind Philippians  3 :12-14 Purpose; Attitude
Last Things First - Part 4 Philippians  4 :8 Last Things
Does God Need A Loan Proverbs  19 :17 Loaning; Interest; Money; Stewardship; God, Faithfullness of
Does God Need A Loan? Proverbs  19 :17 Stewardship; Rewards
A Mother's Message Proverbs  31 :1-31 Mother's Day; Mother
The Shepherd Psalm Psalms  23 Shepherd; Jesus
The Revival Psalm Psalms  85 :1-13 Revival; Renewal; Awakening
The Callousness of Worship Psalms  95 Worship; Hard Hearts; Hearts, Hardened
A Storm and a Story of a Saying Faith Psalms  107 :23-32 Faith
Are You Glad to be in Church Today? Psalms  122 :1-9 Worship; Faithfulness; Joy; Church
O Give Thanks Unto The Lord Psalms  136 :1-26 Thanksgiving; Gratitude
Thanking God For His Pity Psalms  136 :1-26 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Thanksgiving Day; Pity of the Lord
Sanctity of Life Sunday Psalms  139 :13-16 Sanctity of Life; Creation; Abortion
The Triumph Over His Tomb Revelation  1 :18 Resurrection
Focusing on our Works Revelation  3 :1-6 Church; Christian Living; Responsibility of Believers
To The Waiting Heart, Jesus Says, Come Up Hither Revelation  4 :1 Heaven; Invitations of Christ
Honoring Those Who Died In The Service Revelation  14 :13 Memorial Day; Death, Reward at
Jesus Is Coming Soon! Revelation  22 :12, 20-21 Christ, Return of; Rapture; Coming Again of Jesus
Oh Love Of God Romans  8 :35-39 Love of God; God's Love
God of our Mothers Ruth  1 :1-12 Mother; Women; Ruth
A Memorial For One Who Died In The Service Selected Passages  Memorial Day; Service, Faithful
All Is Vain, Unless The Spirit... Selected Passages  Holy Spirit; Spirit, Power of; Spirit, Need of
Focusing on the Worship Selected Passages  Worship; Church Life; Church, Worship in

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Title Subject
A Wedding Ceremony Wedding
Back To School Discipleship; Learning
Preparing An Expository Sermon Sermon, The Expository
The Green-Eyed Monster Jealousy, Envy