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Preston A. Taylor
Preston A. Taylor

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Preston Taylor grew up on a small cotton farm. He graduated from the Navy Radio School, San Diego. He went on to earn a B.A. degree in Literature and History from Ouchita University in Arkansas, a B.D. and Th. M. degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, and other graduate degrees and studies at Luther Rice Seminary in Georgia, Baylor University in Texas, and the North Carolina Baptist Hospital.

Preston has written many books than can be purchased through his website at His books are endorsed by Dr.Ergun Caner, President of Liberty Baptist Seminary; Dr. Wayne Ward, New Testament Professor Emeritus, SBST; Dr. F.B. Huey, Emeritus Old Testament Professor, SWBTS; and others.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Found Faithful 1 Corinthians  4 :2 Stewardship; Faithfulness
Loaded With Privileges 1 John  1 :1-10 Blessings
A Long Look At Jesus 1 John  2 :1-29 Jesus
Discoveries We Can Make 1 John  3 :1-24 Truth; Blessings through Christ
God's Amazing Love 1 John  4 :1-21 Gods Love; Love Of God
Golden Opportunities 1 John  5 :1-21 Opportunities; Saved, The Blessings in
The Trip of a Lifetime 2 Kings  18 :5-8 God, Fellowship With; Joy of the Lord; Life at It's Best
Christ's Resurrection Acts  Resurrection; Easter
What Do You Know About God? Acts  17 :22-34 God, Knowledge of; God, Nature of; Knowing God; Greatness of God
The Spirit-Filled Life Ephesians  5 :18 Holy Spirit; Infilling of Holy Spirit; Spiritual Living; Christan Living
The Puzzle of Evil and Suffering Exodus  1 Suffering; Hardships; Abuse; Trials; Trust in God
The Company of the Committed Exodus  32 :26 God's People; Committed Christians; Dedicated Followers; Sin; Church
Living in the Light of Calvary Hebrews  13 :1-6 Calvary; Christian Living
Prayer Promises From Jesus John  16 :24 Prayer; Promises of Jesus
Mary, The Mother Of Jesus Luke  1 :46-48 Mary; Worry; Christmas; Mother of Jesus
The Meaning of Christmas Luke  2 :16-17 Christmas, Meaning of; Jesus, Birth of
The Greatest Story Ever Told Numbers  21 :4-9 Salvation; Need, Greatest; Gospel, The Greatest Story
Wise Counsel For Everyone Proverbs  3 :1-12 Counsel; Wisdom of God; Direction in Life
A Psalm for Every Person Psalms  90 :1-17 Praise
A New Year's Eve Service Psalms  141 :3 New Year; Christian Living
Praise The Lord Psalms  146 :1-10 Praise; Worship; God, Worthy of Praise
Joint Heirs With Jesus Romans  8 :17 Christ, Heirs with; Blessings in Christ
Title Book/Chapter
Exodus - Escape From Evil Exodus 

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