Charles Massegee

Charles Massegee
Charles Massegee
P.O. Box 96
Ranger, TX76470

Charles Massegee
P.O. Box 96, Ranger, Texas 76470
Office: 254-647-1152
Residence: 972-843-0463 ext. 7
Cell phone: 214-801-7383

Thank God for His Keeping Power
While many are able to share a beautiful testimony of a dramatic conversion from a hard life of sin to a daily walk with Jesus, Charles Massegee humbly thanks God for His keeping power. A power that raised Charles in a loving family that has long been devoted to Christ and the ministry. "Massegee" in Welsh means, "messenger," and the Massegees have been God's messengers from the pulpit around the world for generations. Charles' grandfather and father were evangelists and also were pastors of Southern Baptist Churches for over 140 years combined, both preaching until they were almost 90 years old.

Charles gave his life to Christ when he was only nine years old in his father's church. At the age of eighteen he answered God's call to preach the gospel of Christ. That same year he was licensed by the Second Baptist Church and ordained to the ministry at the New Hope Baptist Church in Ranger, Texas. He helped organize the Eastside Baptist Church in Ranger at the age of nineteen and was their first pastor. Because of football stardom and hundreds of invitations to preach revival meetings, he entered full-time vocational evangelism. He completed his education at Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Since then he has averaged over 30 revival crusades a year. Charles was elected President for an unprecedented three terms of the National Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists. He is endorsed by the North American Mission Board of the SBC.

In recognition of his contribution to worldwide evangelism, he has been awarded two Doctor Degrees. However, Charles is quick to realize all his honors and accomplishments are but rubbish (dung), if he does not gain Christ and come to know Him and the power of His resurrection, and allow Him to conform him to His death.

Charles and his family are active members of the Orchard Hills Baptist Church in Garland, Texas where Dickson Rial is pastor. While Charles is an independent Southern Baptist Evangelist he goes where he is invited, conducting crusades and Bible Conferences in churches of all faiths. His purpose is to invade every church, every home and every prison with the Gospel of Christ and plant the banner of God's endless love in every heart. His objective is very simple-to help people in all walks of life and beliefs, discover Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and find a personal relationship with God through Him. Charles is more determined than ever to make conquest and storm the enemies' territory with the message of God's power and matchless love.

In the midst of all the gloom and despair that so dominates our society, there is a sure source of hope. There is an answer! Charles speaks to these issues with a candid, straightforward approach, offering positive solutions for this troubled generation. Indeed, Jesus is the Answer!

Charles has spent his life explaining the meaning of life, death and eternity. He believes that the Christian life is a "joyful, thrilling adventure". His messages are geared to speak directly to the needs of today's fast-moving world. He offers a message to those who are hurting, depressed, discouraged and lonely. He has a message of love, forgiveness and acceptance. It's a message that will free a person from the condemning feeling of guilt and failure.

His message has made sense to countless thousands around the world. Invite him to your church and find out why!

Football Stand Out

Charles is a one-time football star in the state of Texas. He doesn't play football anymore, but he still loves the game. Now, instead carrying a football to the stadium, he carries a Bible. Instead of thrilling the crowd with a long touchdown run, he blesses them with a word of hope, forgiveness and love.

As a high school player in Ranger, Texas, Charles rewrote the record books. In his senior year he led Ranger to the state championship, rushing for over 2,310 yards that year alone. He carried the ball 240 times for a 9.6 yard average. Charles scored 186 points that season. He played all four years on the varsity team. Charles was All American in High School and All American two of his four years at HSU among Christian and Denominational Universities, awarded by the Christian Institute of Sports in American.

Over 30 universities recruited the All-State tailback. He chose Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. "That was because they guaranteed me I would have an unconditional four year scholarship, and they would see to it I had a place to preach every Sunday, and they kept their word," Massegee said.

At Hardin Simmons University Charles' coach was the legendary Sammy Baugh. Charles set several records, including the most touchdowns in one game, the longest run from the line of scrimmage, the longest pass received and the most yards gained after catching a pass. He was a starter all four seasons on offence and defense. While playing one of the top teams in the country, the University of Cincinnati, and being several touchdowns underdog, HSU won 53 to 20. Charles rushed for 145 yards on 11 carries, caught there passes for 105 yards and ran back punt returns and kickoffs for 69 yards, giving him a sum total of 319 yards. He was nominated for back of the week. In two of his four seasons he led the team in both rushing and pass receiving. His career average was a 5.4 yard gain per carry. At the age of 22 Charles was already a nationally know evangelist in many circles, and missed several games because of revivals and crusades, but he still managed to rush for 1,523 yards, not counting pass catches and punt and kickoff returns. In those days Hardin Simmons was a member of the Border Conference, which included Texas Tech, Arizona State, Arizona University, New Mexico and Texas Western. According to Stanley Woodward's magazine, "Football", Charles was one of the top ten ground gainers and pass receivers among major college backs in the southwest, and Street and Smith's "Football Yearbook" called him a sensation as a starting freshman and ranked him among the nations top ten ground gainers in total office, running, pass receiving, punt and kickoff returns. He led the team in punt and kickoff returns three of the four years.

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The Secret of the Hidden Treasure Matthew  13 :44 Hidden Treasure; Kingdom of God
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