Alan Stewart

Alan Stewart
Alan Stewart
Rechoboth Baptist Church
P.O. Box 1450
Soddy Daisy, TN37384

Bio of Dr. Alan Stewart

Dr. Alan Stewart has been married to his wife Jeanne for 20 years. They have a daughter Sierra, who is 13 and a son Seth, who is 11.

He has served for many years as Senior Pastor of Rechoboth Baptist Church in Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee. Prior to pastoring the Tennessee church, Alan was an evangelist for 15 years.

He developed his education at the University of Tennessee/Chattanooga, Moody Bible Institute, Covington Theological Seminary, and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.

He has preached revivals/pastor's conferences in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. He also preached crusades/conferences in India, Hungary, and conducted a crusade in South Africa in August of 2009.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Secrets of Discernment 1 Chronicles  12 :32 Discernment
Simple Marks of Faithfulness 1 Corinthians  4 :2 Stewardship
Becoming A Man 1 Kings  2 :2 Manhood; Father's Day; Family
When The Brook Dries Up 1 Kings  17 Trust; Faith; God, Presence of; Trials, Victory in
How to be Used of God 1 Samuel  16 Usefulness; Servanthood; Man, God’s; Men
Living Responsibly 1 Thessalonians  1 :1-10 Responsibility; Christian Living; Hypocrisy
Dismantling a Nation 2 Chronicles  12 :9 America, Collapse of; Memorial Day; Nation, Destroying A
God's Love 2 Corinthians  5 :14 Love of God; God's Love
Performing Well Under Pressure 2 Corinthians  11 :28 Stress
Unchanged 2 Peter  2 :7-8 Christian Living; Commitment; Faithfulness
Growing in the Lord 2 Peter  3 :18 Growth, Christian; Christian Living
How The Mighty Are Fallen 2 Samuel  1 :17-27 Memorial Day; America; Freedom
Preach The Word! 2 Timothy  4 :1-2 Preaching; Word of God
In Season, Out of Season 2 Timothy  4 :2 Faithfulness; Determination; Steadfastness
Flying South For Winter 2 Timothy  4 :21 Peace; Eternity; Purpose
A Life Well-Lived 2 Timothy  4 :7 Testimony; Heritage; Christian Living; Reputation
Our Chief Weapon Acts  12 :5 Prayer for America; Prayer; Power of Prayer
Portrait of a Soul-Winner Acts  20 :17-27 Soul Winning; Evangelism; Witnessing
Shake It Off Acts  28 :1-10 Persistence; Faithfulness; Determination
Determined Purity Daniel  1 :8 Christian Living; Purity; Commitment; Dedication to Christ
Worn Out! Daniel  7 :25 Burnout; Tribulation; Dedication; Witness; Failure
For A Season Ecclesiastes  3 :1 Time; Purpose; Will, God's
The Call of Duty Ecclesiastes  12 :13 Duty; Call, God's
Giving Place To The Devil Ephesians  4 :27 Devil
Spiritual Intoxication Ephesians  5 :18 Spiritual Life; Christian Living; New Year
Being Still In A Beehive World Exodus  14 :13 Peace; Patience; Faith; Trust
Conquering Criticism Exodus  15 :24 Criticism
Dangers of Political Correctness Exodus  23 :2 Evil, Promoting; Political Correctness; Civil Duty; America, Christians in
The Timing of the Lord Galatians  4 :4 Time; Will of God; Suffering; Waiting
Blind Spots Galatians  6 :1 Sin; Temptation; Weakness
What The Scars Tell Us Galatians  6 :17 Cross; Scars; Faithfulness
The Necessity of Burdens Galatians  6 :2-5 Burdens; Problems; Hardships
Walking With God Genesis  5 :19-24 God, Walking With; Christian Living
Something Is Missing Genesis  22 :7 Forgetfulness; Unfaithfulness; Life, Meaning in; Holy Spirit
Dream Catchers Genesis  37 :5 Dreams; Will, God's; Purpose
Striking Out in the Big Game Genesis  39 :2 Failure; Growth, Christian Living
A Father's Blessing Genesis  48 :15-16 Father; Father's Day; Parenting
The Danger Of Drifting Hebrews  2 :1 Drifting; Slipping; America; Church
And Others Hebrews  11 :36 Pride; Lordship; Humility
Hope In The Cemetery Hebrews  11 :4 Hope; Dreams; Faith
The Storms Are Coming - Are You Safe? Hebrews  11 :7 Salvation; Ark, Noah's; Safety; Home; Family
Quiet Please! Isaiah  30 :15 Quietness; Serenity; Prayer; Strength
Piggy-Back Living Isaiah  49 :22 Christian Living; Parenting; Children; Father's Day; Father
Staying Focused Isaiah  50 :7 Focus
Safe Place for a Child Jeremiah  1 :5 Mother's Day; Family; Woman; Wife; Mother; Sanctity of Human Life
Is There Any Hope Jeremiah  18 :12 Hope; Trust; Confidence
Pure Gold Job  23 :10 Trials; Christian Growth; Victory
Life in the Rearview Mirror Job  29 Time; Past; Remembrance
What Do You Seek? John  Seeking; Desires; Ambition
Chattanooga Shooting Memorial Service John  10 :10 Funeral; America; Honor in Service; Death; Violence; Remembering
Making Dreams Come True John  10 :10 New Year; God's Way; Victory
In The Hands of Jesus John  10 :28-29 Jesus, Hands of; Hands of Jesus
Glory Near A Grave! John  11 Vision; Dreams; Hope; Faith
The Big Picture John  13 :7 Providence of God; Will of God; Trust; Faith; Hardship
They Blindfolded Him John  14 :6 Truth; Lies; Worldliness; Blindness; Darkness; Compromise
The God of the Second Chance Jonah  3 :1 Mercy; Grace; Second Chances
Lessons From A Lost Generation Joshua  2 :1-10 Children; Young People; Parents; Fathers Day
Losing a Generation Judges  2 :10 Heritage of Faith; Faithfulness; Church, Decline of; Bible, Teaching of
Freedom Luke  4 :18 America; Liberty; Freedom; Independence Day
Ashamed? Luke  9 :62 Testimony; Witness; Commitment; Boldness; Cross of Christ; Shame
We Will Never Forget Luke  13 :4 Remembering; America; Freedom; Prayer
Taking Calculated Risks Luke  14 :28 Risks; Faith; Courage
Finding Yourself Luke  15 :17 Lost; Saved
He Is Risen Luke  24 :11 Resurrection; Easter
Fireworks - Independence Day Sermon Malachi  3 :2 Independence Day; America; Church, Fire in; Fire in the Church
When Jesus Passed By Mark  2 :14 Revival; Jesus, Presence of; Opportunity
Landmark Lives Mark  14 :3-9 Christian Living; Sacrifice; Love; Testimony
The Eyes Have It Matthew  The Eyes of Jesus; God's Concern for You
The Necessity of Storms Matthew  5 :45 Trouble; Storms of Life; Hardships; Blessings in Tribulation
Enduring to the End Matthew  10 :22 Endurance; Faithfulness; Steadfastness; Christian Living
True Grit Matthew  11 :12 God, Pursuit of; Commitment
For Or Against Matthew  12 :30 Convictions; Witness; Commitment
Sign Seekers Matthew  12 :38-40 Christmas; Signs; Trust
Never Say Die Matthew  16 :18 Church; Kingdom of God; Determination; Dedication
Love Waxing Colder Matthew  24 :12 Love for God; Commitment
Be Not Deceived Matthew  24 :4 Deception; Wandering Astray; Leadership; Word of God
Tarry Ye Here Matthew  26 :38 Waiting; Patience
The Vital Questions of Life Matthew  27 :22 Salvation; Pilate, Jesus before; Decision, The Most Important
Friendly Fire Micah  7 :6 Love; Betrayal
The Help Of Hobab Numbers  10 Fellowship; Partnership; Leadership; Guidance
Discouraging Pathways Numbers  21 :4 Discouragement
Lessons From A Dog Numbers  22 Loyalty; Love; Friendship; Animals
A Life Ready For Anything Philippians  4 :9-13 Coronavirus; Fear; Trouble; Hardship; Trials; Peace; Faith; Contentment
Guard Your Heart Proverbs  4 :23 Heart
Pay It Foward Proverbs  13 :22 Influence; Witness; Purpose of Life
A Vote for Integrity Proverbs  20 :7 Integrity
The Necessity of Vision Proverbs  29 :18 Vision; Faith
Mother's Hands Proverbs  31 Mother; Mother's Day
Worn Out Psalms  6 :1-10 Exhaustion; Weariness; Stress; Peace
Confronting Domestic Abuse Psalms  10 :1-2 Domestic Abuse; Violence; Anger; Bitterness; Physical Abuse; Marraige; Home
When The Lord Hides His Face Psalms  13 :1 Loneliness; God, Distance of
Spider Web Walk Psalms  16 :8 Walk, Christian; Following Jesus
The Voice Of The Lord Psalms  29 :1-11 Lord, Voice Of; Voice Of God
The Laws of Provision Psalms  37 :25 Provision, God's
Washing Wounds Psalms  51 Suffering
Overcoming Loneliness Psalms  68 :4-8 Loneliness;
Sad Case of the Mulligrubs Psalms  77 :1-13 Depression; Anxiety; Worry
God's Secret Place Psalms  91 :1 Prayer; Meeting With God; Walking With God
Groans for Glory Romans  8 :22 Problems; Hardships; Promises of God; Peace; Eternity; Heaven
Discerning God's Will Romans  12 :2 Will of God; God's Will
Conspicously Absent Selected Passages  America; Church, Danger in the; Revival; Memorial Day
Reflecting Light Selected Passages  Light; Witnessing; Reflecting Christ

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