Mark Adams

Mark Adams
Mark Adams
Redland Baptist Church
Rockville, MD20855

Mark has been pastor of Redland Baptist Church in Derwood, Maryland since 1997. Prior to that he served as a youth pastor for 24 years in churches in Alabama, Indiana, Maryland, and Delaware. Mark has a B.S. Degree from the University of North Alabama and a M.Div./R.E. from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. He and his wife Sue celebrate 32 years of marriage, one son, two daughters and one grand far.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
God's Power in Unexpected Places 1 Corinthians  1 God, Power of; Power of God; Energy, Spiritual; The Cross
Illumination 1 Corinthians  2 :6-16 Bible; Scripture; Illlumination; Will of God
Antidotes to Arrogance 1 Corinthians  4 :1-21 Arrogance; Pride; Humility
Grace and Grievances 1 Corinthians  5 :1-11 Conflict Solution; Grievances; Peace with Others
It's Just Sex - Right? 1 Corinthians  6 :12-20 Sex; Immorality; Body of the Christian; Purity
Why Communion? 1 Corinthians  11 :23-29 Lord's Supper; Communion
It All Comes Down To This 1 Corinthians  15 :1-22 Life; Resurrection; Easter; Power of Jesus; Lordship; Death, Victory Over
A Case for the Resurrection 1 Corinthians  15 :1-8 Risen Lord; Cross of Christ; Resurrection; Easter
The Case for the Resurrection 1 Corinthians  15 :1-8 Easter; Resurrection
Body Lift 1 Corinthians  15 :35-58 Resurrection; New Body; Rapture; Eternal Life
Confident Christianity 1 John  1 :1-4 Christianity; Authentic Christianity; Christian Faith
Living in the Light of Jesus' Return 1 John  3 :1-3 Jesus, Return of; Rapture
Whose Child Are You? 1 John  3 :4-24 Child of God; Christian Living
Test The Spirits 1 John  4 :1-6 Spirits, Test the; Post-Modernism; Gnostics; Truth
Getting to the Bottom of Love 1 John  4 :7-21 Love
Standing Tall, Falling Hard 1 Samuel  Saul; Patience; Humility; Obedience
A Woman's Worth Is Never Done 1 Samuel  1 Mother's Day; Family; Home; Parenting
Taking Hold of Life that is Really Life 1 Timothy  1 :17-19 New Year; Christian Living; Commitment
The Beginning of the End 2 Chronicles  31 :21 Warning from God; Disobedience; Hardness of Heart; Why Bad Things Happen
What Do You Have? 2 Kings  4 :1-7 Provision, God's; Salvation
Paul's Last Words 2 Timothy  4 :1-8 Commitment; Dedication; Death, Believer's; Christian Living
You Can't Fool God Acts  5 :1-11 Hypocrisy; Stewardship; Giving; Lying
An Obituary To Die For Acts  8 :2 Christian Living; Testimony; Death, Meaningful; Obituary
Attitudes Essential to Evangelism Acts  8 :26-40 Evangelism; Soul Winning
Acts for a New Year - Peace in Fearful Times Acts  18 :9-10 New Year; Fear; Peace
Facing Fear Acts  18 :9-10 Fear, Overcoming; Faith; Trust; Peace
It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive Acts  20 :32-35 Christmas; Stewardship; Giving
Building the Body with an Attitude an Attitude of Gratitude Colossians  3 :15-17 Gratitude; Attitude
Wandering Deuteronomy  8 :1-5 Patience; Hope; Peace; Humility
Count Your Blessings Ephesians  1 :1-14 Gratitude; Blessings; Thanksgiving
A Prayer For All Seasons Ephesians  1 :15-23 Prayer
You Are Called To Bless Ephesians  2 :10 Servanthood; Service; Christian Living
From Death To Life Ephesians  2 :1-10 Life; Eternal Life
God The Builder Ephesians  2 :11-22 Church; Building of God, The Christian a
The Call is to You Ephesians  2 :8-10 Peace; Meaningful Life; Purpose in Life; Call of God
A Working Man's Prayer Ephesians  3 :14-21 Prayer
How To Fight Right Ephesians  4 Marriage; Home; Husbands; Wives; Family Conflict
Health Check Ephesians  4 :11-16 Christian Love; Christian Living
How To Know If You Are Growing Ephesians  4 :11-16 Growth, Christian; Development, Christian; Christian Living
Extreme Makeover Ephesians  4 :17-32 Discipleship; Change; Progress
Walking in Daddy's Shoes Ephesians  5 :1-20 Imitating God; Faithfulness; Christian Living
Living in a War Zone Ephesians  6 :10-24 Spiritual War; Satan; Christian Living
Being a Christian at Work Ephesians  6 :5-9 Work; Employment; Labor Day; Christian Living
The Fruit of the Spirit - Faithfulness Galatians  5 :22-24 Faithfulness; Fruit of the Spirit
The Fruit of the Spirit - Kindness-Goodness Galatians  5 :22-24 Kindness; Goodness; Fruit of the Spirit
The Fruit of the Spirit - Patience Galatians  5 :22-24 Patience; Fruit of the Spirit; Determination; Peace
Creation: The Beginning of Life as we Know It Genesis  1 God, Existence of; God of Creation; Creation
God's Plan For Marriage Genesis  2 :18-24 Marriage; Sex
How To Build The Right Marriage Genesis  2 :18-24 Love; Marriage; Valentine's Day
Self-Control Genesis  5 :22 Self-Control; Discipline; Fortitude; Commitment; Dedication
The Faith of Noah Genesis  6 :5-22 Noah; Faith; Noah Movie
Who is Jesus, Really? Hebrews  1 :1-14 Jesus
You Are Called To Belong Hebrews  2 :10 Family of God; Church; Belonging; Encouragement
How To Hold Fast Hebrews  3 :1-19 Dedication; Steadfastness; Commitment
A Rested Development Hebrews  4 :1-15 Rest; Peace; Trust
Pilgrims Should Make Progress Hebrews  5 Growth, Christian; Progress; Christian Living; Discipleship
What If God Were One Of Us Hebrews  5 :1-10 Jesus; Salvation; Blood of Christ; Jesus, High Priest
Faith Alone Hebrews  11 :1-6 Faith
Pardon Me, Your Faith Is Showing Hebrews  13 Faith; Witness; Testimony; Christian Living
Hosea - Experiecing God's Grace Hosea  Grace; Hope; Salvation; Redemption; Forgiveness
It's Time To Soar Isaiah  40 :31 Growth; Christian Progress; Church Development; Growing
Triumph In Times Of Trial James  1 :1-12 Faith; Trials; Triumph in Trials
How To Withstand Temptation James  1 :13-18 Temptation; Faithfulness
The Marks of a Christian James  1 :19-27 Christian, Marks of; Christian Living
Determining the Worth of a Person James  2 :1-13 Judgmentalism; Judging Others; People, The Worth of
Faith That Saves Is Faith That Works James  2 :14-26 Faith; Works; Christian Living
Wise and Otherwise James  3 :13-18 Wisdom
How Fights are Stopped and Started James  4 :1-10 Conflict; Church Fights; Arguements; Disagreements
The Perils of Playing God James  4 :11-17 Judging Others; Self-righteousness; Slander; Playing God; Pride
Right on the Money James  5 :1-6 Money; Stewardship
How Do You Know That God Exists? Jeremiah  23 :24 God, Existence of; Witnessing; Evangelism
I Can Experience God's Presence Now and Always John  1 God, Presence of; Christmas; Jesus, Birth of
God Is Here! John  1 :1-18 Birth of Jesus; Jesus, Nature of; Christmas
The Birth of Jesus John  1 :1-18 Christmas; Birth of Jesus; Son of God
The First Christ Followers John  1 :35-51 Discipleship; Jesus Followers; Operation Andrew
Time To Clean House John  2 :12-22 Jesus, Anger of; Temple, Cleansing of the
My Hope For The Future John  3 :1-17 Salvation; Nicodemus
A Blueprint For Fathers John  3 :16 Father's Day; Father; Parenting; Home; Family
The Bad Samaritan John  4 :1-42 Evangelism
Witness For The Defense Of Jesus John  5 :16-47 Jesus
I Am, The Bread of Life John  6 Communion; Lord's Supper; Bread of Life; Hunger Satisfied; Meaning In Life
What's In Your Basket John  6 :1-15 Small Things; Jesus, Power of; Jesus, Bread of Life; Stewardship
Encouraging Frail Faith John  6 :16-21 Faith
What Will You Do With Jesus? John  7 :1-31 Decisions; Jesus; Choices
The Day God Cried John  11 :1-57 Faith; Hope; Comfort
The Next-to-the-Last Supper John  12 :1-11 Stewardship; Service
A Different King Of King John  12 :12-33 Discipleship; Christian Living; Jesus, King
God's Cure For Heart Trouble John  14 :1-12 Troubles; Hardship; Care, God's
God's Cure For Heart Trouble John  14 :1-12 Trouble; Worry
The Comforter John  14 :15-31 Comforter; Holy Spirit
Who or What is the Holy Spirit? John  14 :16-20 Holy Spirit
Peace I Leave With You John  14 :27 Peace; Christmas
No One Comes To The Father Except Through Me John  14 :6 Salvation; Christmas
The Benefits of In-The-Zone Living John  15 :1-17 Christian Living
When Being Hated is a Good Thing John  15 :18 Persecution
When Being Hated is a Good Thing John  15 :18 Suffering; Persistence
The Real Lord's Prayer John  17 :1-26 Intercession, Jesus'
Can You Handle The Truth? John  18 :28 Truth; Faith
His Crucifixion John  19 :17-42 Crucifixion; Cross; Easter
The First Easter Sermon John  20 :1-18 Life; Resurrection; Easter; Witnessing; Missions; Mary Magdalene
Are You Following The Right Leader John  20 :1-31 Resurrection; Easter
The Pouting Prophet Jonah  4 :1-11 Discouragement; Trouble; Prayer; Anger at God; Disappointment
The Real God Is Faithful Lamentations  3 :19-23 God, Faithfulness of; Trust; Faith; Lord's Supper
One Who Waited Luke  2 Joy in Jesus; Evangelism; Patience; Christmas
Getting THIS Christmas Right Luke  2 :1-10 Birth of Christ; Christmas; Jesus, Birth of
His Birth Luke  2 :1-20 Birth of Jesus; Nativity; Christmas; Virgin Birth
Jesus' Prayer of Forgiveness Luke  23 :34 Cross, Prayer from the; Prayer of Jesus; Forgiveness
The Road Emmaus Luke  24 :13-36 Jesus, Fellowship with; Emmaus; Lord, The Risen
You Have To Control Your Desires Matthew  5 :27-30 Temptation; Desires; Commitment; Lust; Adultery
You Have to be Hungry Matthew  5 :6 Purpose in Life; Hurger for Meaning
Your Heart Has To Be Right Matthew  5 :8 Beatitudes; Heart; Purity
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Matthew  6 :11 Prayer; Lord's Prayer; Bread, Prayer for
Forgive Us Our Debts Matthew  6 :12-15 Forgiveness; The Lord's Prayer; Forgiving Others
Lead Us Not Into Temptation Matthew  6 :13 Temptation; Victory Over Sin; Lord's Prayer
Giving 101 Matthew  6 :19-21 Stewardship; Christian Living; Money; Giving; Tithing
Your Kingdom Come! Matthew  6 :9-10 Lord's Prayer; Kingdom of God; Coming Kingdom; Prayer
Wrong on the Money! Matthew  6 :9-24 Finances; Stewardship; Tithing; Money
Why Would A Loving God Send People to Hell? Matthew  25 Judgment; Hell; God, Loving
Jesus' Garden Prayer Matthew  26 :31-46 Prayer; Passion of Jesus; Easter
A Leader From The Knees Up Nehemiah  1 :1-11 Leadership; Prayer
How to Tackle a Tough Job Nehemiah  2 :1-20 Leadership; Tools of the Christian; Christian Living; Progress; Growth
This Time Its Personal Nehemiah  6 :1-19 Courage; Victory; Dedication; Growth
Changing America - One Heart At A Time Philippians  2 :12-15 America; Change; New Heart; Independence Day
Whine or Shine Philippians  2 :12-18 Christian Living; Witnessing; Dedication; Commitment
God's GPS Psalms  1 Guidance, God's; Direction; Leadership, God's; Will of God
The Energizing Impact of Scripture Psalms  1 :1-9 The Bible; The Word of God; Scripture
The Trials of a King Psalms  51 Confession; Forgiveness; Sin
Contentment Psalms  62 Peace; Contentment; Satisfaction; Life, Meaning in
The Real God Is Just Psalms  73 Justice of God; Trials; Doubts; Hardships; Faith; Tragedy
Letter to the Church at Ephesus Revelation  2 :1-7 Love for Jesus; Love, First; Church
Letter to the Church at Smyrna Revelation  2 :8-11 Suffering; Faithfulness of God; Eternal Viewpoint
Friends of a Different Color Revelation  7 :9 Racism; Love; Forgiveness; Inclusiveness
Paul's Pillar People Romans  16 :1-27 Church Life; People, Problem; People, Helpful; Christian Living
Because of Christmas - We Know God Loves Us Selected Passages  Christ, Birth of; Jesus; Christmas; Love of God
Beyond Friends Selected Passages  Friends; Friendship in Christ; Fellowship; Spiritual Growth; Billy Graham
Daniel In Excile Selected Passages  Problems; Trusting God in Trials; Faith; Trouble; Hardships
God's Messengers Selected Passages  Elijah; Defeat, How to Overcome; Faith; Failure; Peace of Mind; Fear
He Is Omnipotent Selected Passages  Easter; God, Omnipotence of; Resurrection; Life over Death
How To Nurture A Child Selected Passages  Parenting; Mother's Day; Fathers; Family; Home
Judas Iscariot Selected Passages  Judas; Betrayal of Jesus; Sin, Progression; Greed
Paul's Final Days Selected Passages  Death; Commitment to Christ; Christian Living
The Beginning of the End Selected Passages  Faith; Suffering; Hardships; Judgment
The Hour of Darkness Selected Passages  Cross, Jesus on the;Crucifixtion;Salvation
The King Who Had It All! Selected Passages  Wisdom, Lack of; Marriage; Family; Home
The Power of Once for All Selected Passages  Life; Resurrection; Easter; Eternal Life; Salvation; Power of Jesus
The Power Of Once For All Selected Passages  Life; Resurrection; Easter; Power of Jesus; Lordship; Death, Victory Over
The Real God Is Good Selected Passages  Goodness of God; God is Good; Love of God
The Real God is Sovereign Selected Passages  God, Sovereignty of; God, Almighty; Power of God
The Resurrection Selected Passages  Resurrection; Easter
Waking the Dead - Why Try? Selected Passages  Good News; Gospel of Jesus Christ; Evangelism; Witnessing
What is a Disciple Selected Passages  Discipleship; Christian Living; Fellowship; Service
When Christians Disagree Selected Passages  Disunity; Unity; Peace; Conflict; Fellowship
Why Only Jesus? Selected Passages  Salvation; Jesus Alone; Savior, Jesus the Only

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