Miles Wesner

Miles Wesner
Miles Wesner
, OK

Maralene and Miles Wesner are multi-talented religious leaders, teachers and writers. They have published over 150 Audio-Visual Education Aids. They have written articles and study units for various Southern Baptist periodicals and co-authored several books published by Broadman Press and Diversity Press.

They are noted for their no-nonsense style, their clear illustrations and their willingness to deal with difficult issues. From the dual perspective of both academic and religious professions, they seek to build bridges between the spiritual and intellectual worlds.
The Wesners hold Masters Degrees from Oklahoma University and have post graduate work at other universities. Miles also attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.
Maralene has extensive experience in the remedial reading department. She was chosen Oklahoma State Teacher of the Year in 1975.

Miles has been pastor of the First Baptist Church of Tom, Oklahoma for over 50 years, and has served in numerous associational capacities He was also an Educational counselor, speech, drama and reading teacher. They have tutored many children with reading problems.

The Wesners have led tours, photographed and done research in all of the 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Egypt, Japan, China and the Holy Land. They participated in the first International Educational and Religious Symposium in the People's Republic of China since the Cultural Revolution.

They are now retired from the faculties of Eastern Oklahoma State College and Southeastern Oklahoma State University, teaching psychology, communication, history and Religion.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Types of Temptation 1 Corinthians  10 :13 Temptation; Victory Over Sin
Types of Temptation 1 Corinthians  10 :13 Temptation; Trials; Godly Living
The Gospel According To Humpty Dumpty 1 John  1 :9 Forgivess; Renewal; Restoration; Salvation
Ten Tips For Killing Giants 1 Samuel  17 :28-51 Courage; Strength; God's Power; Purpose
Christian Citizenship 1 Timothy  2 :1-3 America; Freedom; Independence Day; Citizenship
I've Got A Terrible Problem - Thank God! 2 Corinthians  1 :3-10 Care, God's; Problems, Joy in; Hardships; Trials
Lack of Discipline 2 Peter  1 :5-8 Discipline; Steadfastness; Commitment; Faithfulness
God Hears Us 2 Samuel  22 :7-19 God Hears; God's Love; God Cares; Prayer
Our Word - Our Bond (Keeping Commitments) 2 Timothy  4 :7 Commitments; Faithfulness; Dedication; Christian Living
God Blesses Us Deuteronomy  23 :5 Trouble, Blessings from; Hardship; Trials
Positive Speech Ephesians  4 :29 Encouragement; Speech, Biblical; Words; Kindness; Judgment of Others
Overcoming Obstacles - Ten Tips for Crossing Seas Exodus  Obstacles, Overcoming; Faith; Persistence; Prayer; Determination
Using Plan B! Exodus  4 :10-16 Will of God; Servanthood
Appreciating Worship Hebrews  10 :27 Worship; Sunday; Sabbath
The Good Word Is - God Will Guide Us Isaiah  Bible; Word of God; Christian Living; Direction; God's Will
Feed My Sheep John  21 :15-17 Preaching; Word of God; Church Life; Christian Living; Discipleship
Feed My Sheep John  21 :15-17 Church, Purpose of; Preaching; Christian Living; Discipleship; Sheep
God Helps Us Joshua  Care of God; Comfort of God; Help of God; Encouragement
Lack of Responsibility Luke  15 :11-32 Responsibility; Commitment; Decisions; Dedication; Regret; Guilt
How To Be A Friend Proverbs  18 :24 Friendship; Kindness; Unity; Cooperation; Love; Understanding
Be Ye Thankful Psalms  100 Thanks; Thanksgiving Day; Gratitude
ARE YOU NORMAL Selected Passages  Talents; Gifts, Spiritual; Commitment; Service; Laziness; Indifference
God Protects Us Selected Passages  Peace of God; Protection of God
People Need People Selected Passages  Partnership; Co-Workers; Relationships, Christian; Fellowship
Secret Sins (Recognizing Them) Selected Passages  Sin, The Problem of; Honesty with Oneself
Ten Tips For Taming Lions Selected Passages  Courage; Determination; Faith; Faithfulness; Trust

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