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J. Gerald Harris
J. Gerald Harris
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Dr. J. Gerald Harris was born November 26, 1940 in Hickory, North Carolina and born again October 21, 1950, and then united with First Baptist Church of Valdese, North Carolina. God called him to preach as a high school senior and he was ordained January 29, 1961, by First Baptist Church of Valdese.
Dr. Harris graduated from Valdese High School, 1959; Mercer University, Macon, Georgia, 1963, B.A. Degree; Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, North Carolina, 1966, Master of Theology; Luther Rice Seminary, Jacksonville, Florida, 1977, Doctor of Ministry and was Alumnus of the Year in 1997 at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. That same year he was elected President Elect, National Alumni Association, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and served as President in 1998.
He is married to the former Martha Jean Maxwell of Newnan, Georgia and they have 1 daughter, Miriam, and twin sons, John Mark and Gerald David. Gerald and Martha have 7 grandchildren.
Dr. Harris has served in a number of churches as Senior Pastor throughout his ministry, including: Mount Olivet Baptist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1964-1967; Newport Baptist Church, Newport, North Carolina, 1967-1970; Flint Groves Baptist Church, Gastonia, North Carolina, 1970-1971; First Baptist Church, Camden, South Carolina, 1971-1980; Colonial Heights Baptist Church, Jackson, Mississippi, 1980-1990; Peachtree Corners Baptist Church, Norcross, Georgia, 1990-1994 and Eastside Baptist Church, Marietta, Georgia, where he has served as Senior Pastor since June 1994.
His denominational experience includes being President, Pastors Conference, Mississippi Baptist Convention, 1987; Vice President, Mississippi Baptist Convention, 1988; Board of Trustees, Criswell College, Dallas, Texas; Board of Trustees, Baptist Sunday School Board, SBC; Chairman, Literature Distribution Committee for the 1994 Super Bowl Outreach, a ministry of Quest Atlanta '96; Chairman, Nominating Committee for the Georgia Baptist Convention, 1997; Budget Planning Committee of the Georgia Baptist Convention, 1997; Administrative Committee of the Georgia Baptist Convention, 1997, 1998; Executive Committee of the Georgia Baptist Convention, 1997, 1998; Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1998/99; Resolutions Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1999; and President of the Georgia Baptist Convention, 1999.
Dr. Harris has written extensively, including: Devotions for OPEN WINDOWS, Sunday School Board publication; Sunday School lessons for BAPTIST COURIER, South Carolina state paper; Devotions for HOMELIFE, Sunday School Board publication; Sunday School lessons for LIFE AND WORK SERIES, Sunday School Board publication; Devotions for BAPTIST RECORD, Mississippi state paper; Sunday School lessons for BAPTIST RECORD, Mississippi state paper; PARDONED TO BE PRIESTS, a book of sermons on the priesthood of the believer, published by Broadman, 1988; OLYMPIC HEROES, WORLD-CLASS ATHLETES WINNING AT LIFE, published by Broadman & Holman, 1996.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
A Magnificent Obsession 1 Chronicles  16 :23-29 Glory; God's Glory
How to Win Friends and Influence People 1 Corinthians  9 :19-23 Witness; Testimony; Friendship
The Church - Belonging To The Body 1 Corinthians  12 :12-17 Church; Body of Christ; Church Membership; Servanthood
A Tribute To Mothers 1 Samuel  1 Mother; Mother's Day
The Kind Of Church God Blesses 1 Thessalonians  Church; Christian Living
The Secret Of Paul's Success As A Servant Of Christ 1 Thessalonians  2 :1-12 Christian Conduct; Love; Character; Servant of Christ
A Suffering Church 1 Thessalonians  2 :13-20 Church, Suffering; Persecution; Christian Joy
How To Please God 1 Thessalonians  4 :1-12 Pleasing The Lord; Service; Marriage; Purity; Love
When The Trumpet Of The Lord Shall Sound 1 Thessalonians  4 :13-18 The Rapure; The Return of Christ; Reunion; Heaven
The Day Of The Lord 1 Thessalonians  5 :1-11 Judgment; Return of Christ; Rapture
Instructions on How To Behave 1 Thessalonians  5 :16-18 Faithfulness; Christian Living; Church Life; Behavior
America: The Conditions For Revival 2 Chronicles  7 :14 Revival, Conditions for; Renewal; Christian Living
The Poverty of Christ 2 Corinthians  8 :9 Sacrifice of Christ; Cross of Christ
Reshaping our World View Acts  10 :1-35 Missions; Evangelism
God - The Essential, Critical, Vertical Relationship Colossians  1 :9-13 Relationships; Love For God
Gather the People Deuteronomy  31 :12 Evangelism; Sunday School; Growth; Christian Living; Discipleship; Church
Marriage - Prescription For A Powerful Partnership Ephesians  4 :26-32 Marriage; Love; Family; Home
The Greatest Need In The Church Ezekiel  37 :1-14 Revival; Church, Need of
Freedom Is Never Free Galatians  5 :1 Freedom; Independence Day; America
Holy Smoke Isaiah  6 :1-8 Worship; Devotion; Holiness of God
How to Help the Preacher Preach James  1 :19-25 Listening to God's Word; Church Life; Worship
How To Help The Preacher Preach James  1 :19-25 Hearing; Commitment; Dedication; Preaching
How To Have An Effective Prayer Life James  5 :16-18 Prayer
Was Man Created For Time Or Eternity Job  14 :14 Life; Death; Eternity
Preparing for the Solemn Assembly Joel  2 :12-19 Church; Revival; Renewal; Christian Living
The Demonstration of an Extravagant Love John  12 :2-8 Love for Jesus; Action, Love Becoming
A Man and His Master John  13 :1-17 Manhood; Men; Father
The Way, The Truth, And The Life John  14 :6 Jesus, the Way; Jesus, the Life; Jesus, the Truth
The Great Conquest Joshua  1 :9-11 Victory; Warfare, Christian; Christian Living; Spiritual Living
Deacon Ordination Sermon Joshua  24 :13-15 Deacon Ordination
The Faithfulness of God Lamentations  3 :21-26 God, Faithfulness of; Bible, Truth of the
A Most Excellent Adventure Luke  5 :1-11 Church Growth; Church Vision; Evangelism
The Terms of Discipleship Luke  9 :57-62 Discipleship
Takers, Observers and Givers Luke  10 :25-37 Sacrifice; Patriotism; Salvation
The Mount of Propitiation Luke  22 :33 Blood of Jesus; Cross; Propitiation
Tarry Until Luke  24 :45-49 Waiting on God; Anointing; Holy Spirit
Jesus and the Children Mark  10 :13-16 Children; Parents; Mother's Day
How To Get Along With Difficult People Matthew  5 :43-47 Love; Grace; Kindness; Friendliness
Judgment At The House Of God Matthew  21 :12-15 Church; Judgment; Prayer; Praise; Purity; Power
Neighbors - Loving Them Like Ourselves Matthew  22 :34-40 Love for Other; Love for Neighbors; Command to Love
Have You Had A Gethsemane? Matthew  26 :36-46 Prayer; Gethsemane; Yielding to Jesus; Will of God
Have You Had Your Gethsemane? Matthew  26 :36-46 Will of God; Prayer
Hold Back The Angels Matthew  26 :53-54 Commitment; Peace; The Protection of God; Angels
The Mount of Glorification Matthew  28 :16-20 Resurrection of Jesus; Easter; Death, Victory Over
The Name Above Every Name Philippians  2 :5-11 Name of Jesus; Name Above All Names; Jesus, Name of; Jesus, Lord
The Commitment To Excellence Philippians  3 :13-14 Excellence; Commitment; Love for Christ; Dedication
Get Smart Philippians  4 :8 Wisdom; Thinking; Christian Living
The Blessed Man Psalms  1 :1-3 Men; Fathers; Father's Day
America: If The Foundations be Destroyed Psalms  11 :1-7 America; Independence Day
We Will Set Up Our Banners Psalms  20 Victory; Goals
How To Defeat Anxiety Psalms  37 :1-9 Worry; Anxiety; Peace
How To Handle Stress With Great Finesse Psalms  46 Stress; Worry; Peace
Missions Begin At Home Psalms  142 Missions; America; Working for the Lord
Christ Knocking At The Door Revelation  3 :14-22 Jesus is Calling; Salvation; Call of God
Four Things The Old Time Preachers Believed Romans  6 :23 Sin; Judgment; Salvation
The Divine Mandate Romans  12 Vision; Mandate, Divine; Purpose, Church; Ministry
Is Jesus A Liar, Lunatic or Lord of All? Selected Passages  Jesus, Nature of; Lord Jesus Christ
Is the Bible Fact or Fantasy Selected Passages  Bible; Word, God's

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