Keep Preaching!

By J. Mike Minnix
Type: Humor
Subject: Preaching
I Can’t Hear The Preacher

We preachers have a hard time. Some people like one type of preacher and others like another type. So, we get judged all the time in comparison to one another. Let me give you an example.

Sometime ago a man attended a rather large gathering to hear some different preachers. One preacher stood up to preach but he had what you might call a rather weak voice. A man near the back yelled, “Louder!” The preacher raised his voice a bit, but apparently not enough, because the man in the back yelled again, “Louder, I can’t hear you.”

A man sitting near the yelling man turned to him and asked, “Sir, can’t you hear the preacher?” The yelling man answered, “No, I can’t hear him at all!” The other man said, “If you could hear what I am having too listen to, you would sit down and thank the Lord!”

Preacher, if you are preaching the truth of God’s Word faithfully, and to the best of your ability, the only thing that matters is whether God is pleased with it. Keep Preaching!

Dr. J. Mike Minnix, Editor