Tears are a Language God Understands

Bible Book: Job  16 : 20
Subject: Tears; Sorrow; Love, God's

The story is told of the Angel that was sent to earth with orders to bring back to the most precious thing he could find on earth. He flew down and searched from pole to pole. He went into the depths of the sea. He picked up a ‘gold nugget’ … but he thought that was not good enough for the King. He found a ‘flawless pearl’…but it wasn’t enough…

The Angel kept searching through and through. Finally, he heard a sob. It was a man who was on his knees, pouring out his heart to God for help and forgiveness. The Angel said to him self; “Ah; that’s it. I have found it.” The Angel held his hand under the man’s face and caught one of the “tears” that were flowing down his face. He flew in triumph back to Heaven; presented the ‘tear’ to the Father…proclaiming that the ‘tear’ is the most precious thing on earth.

We see “tears” being shed so often that we forget just how precious they are. ‘Tears’ have meaning; “tears” speak volumes. ‘Tears’ that flow from the face of a person may be overlooked by others, but they are not shunned or overlooked by Heaven. They are bottled up; they are recorded … You could say; “Tears are a language God understands.”

When you open God’s Precious, Holy, Inspired Word, you find a message for every life; for every area of life; no matter what your responsibility may be; no matter what the test is before you; no matter how great your need may be. There is no human life experience that is not covered by the Word of God.

In every gathering that we have, there are some who have been called upon to suffer and bear heavy burdens. Some are given the responsibility of carrying certain grief’s and sorrows. In one of the verses before us, Job’s friends scorned him; and in response to what was taking place, Job admitted “Mine eye poureth out tears.” This means “to weep…to pour out…to melt.” Job was in a position that caused him to shed tears. This one phrase leads me to believe that Job was broken; therefore he just melted.

If your feet are not on the path of sorrow or tears; struggles and tests, suffering and trials - be careful how you step. Sooner or later your feet will be forced to walk down the trail of sorrow and suffering. You can only escape brokenness, heartache, hurt, sorrow and ‘tears’ for so long.

I want to take a few moments of your time and deal with the subject of “tears”. There will come a time in your life when you will not be able to hold back the “tears” from forming in your eyes and flowing down your face.

Someone has said: “Life is represented as a scene of unending struggles and sorrows; and men are made to walk under a constant shadow.”

Struggles and sorrows are only a part of the life of mankind. It does not represent our entire life. [even though sorrows do linger close by.]

One Preacher said years ago:

1)- You are either heading into a storm

2)- You are in a storm (or)

3)- You are just coming out of a storm

I believe that this is pushing it awfully tight when it comes to the storms, struggles, and sorrows of life. God does permit and allow us to enjoy days of sunshine and no rain----comfort and no pain----relief and no strain.

I like what someone said years ago:

“The cloud would be too dark for poor humanity unless God had given it a silver lining…and it is neither good for us nor grateful to Him to overlook this.”

I want to emphasize again that when you see ‘tears’ flowing from someone’s face; when you have ‘tears’ streaming down your cheeks, it is a reminder that struggles and sorrows are a apart of life…no matter your age…no matter your financial status…no matter how popular or unpopular you are.

Many Christians have been told that it is wrong for a Child of God to ‘shed tears’ during the difficult times of their life and they should try not to shed tears during the times of trouble they are facing. They have been told that “tears” are a sign of weakness. They have been told that it is a sign of lack of courage. (Paul said that we should not sorrow as one who has no hope.)

In speaking of this subject of “tears”, we are dealing with something which is familiar to one and all. “Tears” are familiar to the infant as well as the oldest person living at this very moment. From infancy to old age the record of every man’s life is written in letters of “tears”. We might speak on a multitude of subjects with which only a few people are familiar---but when we speak of “tears” all who hear my voice immediately recall the experiences of our own past life.

The Bible has a great deal to say about this matter of “tears”. In the Scriptures we see (babies) weeping; we discover (strong men) crying…we read of our Lord weeping and shedding “tears”.

The first mention of ‘tears’ in the Bible is in [II Kings 20:5]. Here we have a record of a King weeping. King Hezekiah was sick unto death…he had just been informed by the Prophet that he was going to die. Turning his face to the wall, he cries out to the Lord; pleading for his life. The Lord saw his tears and stayed the hand of death and added years to his life.

The last mention of ‘tears’ in the Bible is a more pleasant picture. It is found in [Revelation 21:4]- “And God shall wipe away ALL TEARS from their eyes.”

God is the One who gave us “tears” to shed. He is also the great ‘tear’ drier. God dried the ‘tears’ of King Hezekiah when he cried to the Lord…And one day God will dry every ‘tear’ from the eyes of His children.

Between [II Kings 20 & Revelation 21] we have the record of multitudes of “tears” that have been shed; and “tears” that are still flowing to this day. We also have a record of a living God, like a tender Father wiping away the “tears” of His erring and hurting children. There is not a living soul who does not need this drying of “tears”.

Every single one of us has shed “tears” at some time or another----and the majority of us has shed many, many, many “tears”. The shedding of “tears” is a peculiar unique human method of expressing emotions, such as sorrow, pain, despair, and disappointment.

Man is the only created being who can laugh. Man, too, is the only one who can shed ‘tears’ in the sense of expressing emotion.

Animals have ‘tear glands and ducts’…but they are not used to give expression of the soul.

What is a “tear”? A “tear” is basically water and salt, along with a little calcium and a few other chemicals that help lubricate our eyes. Some use what is known as “tears in a bottle” (re-wetting tears). We usually think of “tears” as a part of our physical frame; but in reality I think of “tears” and the glands that secrete them as organs of the soul rather than of the body. I believe that TEARS HAVE FAR MORE TO DO WITH THE SOUL THAN WITH THE BODY. More “tears” are shed from the pain that cuts the soul than those that afflict the body.

The hottest “tears” that flow are not those which come to the mother as she feels the pain of giving life to her baby…it is when her heart is broken by the waywardness and hurtfulness of the very one for whom she gave her life.

The “tear” is more than the chemicals that help lubricate the eyes….the “tear” is the deepest longing of the human heart in chemical solution. It is the coming to the end of the deepest feelings of the heart. “Tears” are the portrait of our deepest longings.

 Have you thought about how many “tears” have been shed over the past 1,000 years? If just 2 billion people (population is estimated to be around 7 billion people) shed 50 tears each year, that means that 100 billion “tears” are shed each year.

Since there are approximately 420 drops to the ounce, this would be 250 million ounces. Reduced to gallons, it equals 2 million gallons…reduced to barrels it would add up to 40,000 barrels.

A barrel is 3 ft. long…lay it end to end and the barrel of ‘tears’ would reach 24 miles. In the last 1,000 years it would add up to be 24,000 miles or one time around the world. Since the day of Adam (if we stay with the same of number; 2 million people shedding 50 tears each year) it would mean 6 barrels lay side by side encircling the whole world. If all these tears could be barreled and poured into a canal from New York to San Francisco, they would make a river in which barges could be floated.

Think of every “tear” that has been shed to this moment in time. Think of the “river of tears” that has been flowing from the beginning of time. This is a sign of broken hearts; shattered homes; forsaken hopes.

I don’t want you to think that all “tears” that have been shed were caused by sorrow and heartaches. Multitudes of “tears” have been shed because of the joy that comes from life itself…There are the “tears” of joy that come from knowing the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

What is so amazing is that the Psalmist said that our “tears” are put in a bottle; and they are recorded in a book. “put thou my tears into Thy bottle: are they not in Thy book?”

The custom in old times was, when a person had a friend that was ill, or in great distress, they would take with them a ‘tear bottle’. Then, as the tears rolled down the cheeks of the sufferer, they were caught in these bottles; then the bottle was sealed up, and preserved as a memorial of the event.

The Psalmist is teaching us that God visits us during the times of suffering, sorrow, hurt, distress…He sees the “tears” of the sufferer…not one “tear” will go unnoticed…“tears” say something to Him…(Charles Haddon Spurgeon wrote: “So precious is the water that is distilled from penitent eyes...and because He will be sure not to fail...He notes how many drops there be in His register.”)

The Psalmist also emphasizes that the “tears” are recorded in a book; which I believe is the Book of Remembrance mentioned in [Malachi 3:16]. God keeps of record of those who think on Him and on His name.

To the average person---a ‘tear’ is a ‘tear’; we do not see the difference. You see, to the naked eye there is basically no difference between 2 drops of water; or 2 small articles of any thing. Yet, when placed under a microscope - - there IS the detection of a great difference.

(The same is true in the Spiritual realm.) Under God’s powerful search light there are various types of “tears”. The Heavenly Father has a ‘tear cellar’; filled with “bottles of tears”. He also has a Heavenly ledger that has every “tear” recorded in it. It is not because our Heavenly Father has a bad memory and He needs to write it down to remember…this is a way of helping us understand just how sacred and precious our ‘tears’ are to Him.

Think about this: “Tears are a language, God understands.” Whether you know it or not, God sees you in your good times and also in your bad times. God is near you when you smile and also when you are brokenhearted. God remembers when you think on Him because you love Him---and He remembers you and records your “tears” when you think on Him because you need Him close to you. (Think about this subject of “tears” for just a moment…)

1)- Think of the Tears that Will be Shed

Without question, there will be “tears” that will be shed; and these ‘tears’ cannot be stopped. They will flow like rivers of water. [note]> “Tears” are natural. Doctors have said that babies need to cry at birth because it opens up their lungs and aids the normal breathing process. Since birth, “tears” have been flowing at an unbelievable rate.

THE TEARS OF PHYSICAL PAIN! This is caused by some physical discomfort. The infant suffers from physical discomfort because of their natural growth. They will teethe…fall down while trying to walk … touch something hot … pull something down … stick them self accidently with something sharp…

“Tears” of physical pain comes from experiencing some form of disease. There is the pain of having surgery…having an accident…

THE TEARS OF EMOTIONAL PAIN! Think of the child whose feelings are hurt because they didn’t get their way. Think of the baby who feels the emotion of having a toy taken from them. Think of the child who gets their feelings hurt by a class mate. Think of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd grader who hears someone make fun of them.

Think of the little leaguer who missed a ground ball or a pop fly and cost his team the game. Think of the teenage girl who is not accepted by a particular group of friends. Think of the young lady whose boy friend tells her that he doesn’t like her any more. Think of the young man who works hard to make the ball team, only to discover that he wasn’t chosen by the coaching staff.

Think of the young lady who married her high school sweet heart---then one day hear him say that he doesn’t love her any more and he walks out of her life for no apparent reason. Think of the man who has taken care of his family for years with a great job---one day hears his boss say to him that work is slow and he would lose his job.

Think of the parents that took time with their family; took them to Church---only to see their children walk away from the Lord and not serve Him. Think of the parents who have stood over the grave of their child.

Think of the son/daughter who suddenly lost their parents to some tragedy. Think of the wife whose husband was tragically taken from her simply because he was fighting for his country. Think of the husband/wife that has lost their spouse.

There are going to be “tears” that will flow from our eyes; and nothing will be able to stop them from flowing. These are “tears” that are deeply rooted in the soul. These are “tears” that are not caused by physical pain…they are caused by heartache…they are caused by a broken heart.

Sorrows, emotional pain (in my opinion) cannot be treated by physicians…they really cannot be understood by philosophers. Medicine, pain pills cannot cure emotional distress. Doctors cannot treat a heart that has been broken by death. A Preacher cannot take away the hurt that a person feels when they have cancer. (These are pains that are felt deep within the soul.)

THE TEARS OF DESPAIR! This is when a person’s courage is gone. They see their last chance slip away. This person has struggled so bravely and courageously, but now everything crumbles at last. They have reached the point where there is no ‘earthly hope’ left.

THE TEARS OF REGRET! There are people who have let opportunity after opportunity slip away. They intended on making their life count for something, but they didn’t take the moment that was before them to make it happen. Then they reach the point where they lost the opportunity that was constantly before them.

THE TEARS OF FRUSTRATION! This is when a person gives their best; does their best; they seize the moment; they do everything right … but they are rejected…or they don’t get what they feel they deserve.

TEARS OF DEPRESSION! There are times when a person hits rock bottom emotionally. Most people will tell you that they don’t know how they got there. They can’t sleep; they don’t want to be around people. They break down very easily. At times, they weep out of control. They feel lonely, even in a crowd of people.

Several years ago, I had 11 funerals in a span of 3 months. One day, I found myself in my office at the Church…head in my hands…weeping. No one had said anything to hurt me; everything at the Church was going very well…I was hurting…The “tears” were given to me by the Lord as a release valve…I could not hold in how I felt any longer…

THE TEARS OF DEATH! Most of us have shed “tears” (many ‘tears’) because of the death of a family member; friend; acquaintance…

I thought the other day about King David when his lost his child...he fasted and prayed for his son to live...But his son died. When he knew that his son died, he got up; he washed himself and he worshipped the Lord. He was asked about his actions. David told them that he did not know if God would be gracious to him to spare his son...but since his son died, he knew that his child could not come back---but he knew that he could go be with his son.

I have yet to see someone jump up and down and have a time of rejoicing when death took their loved one. There have been many who felt relieved when the Lord took their loved one; because they knew that they wouldn’t have to suffer any more. There were “tears” that flowed because of the pain that death brings. [note]> Christians should not weep as though they have no hope of seeing their loved ones again.

I want you to keep in mind that “tears” cannot repair a broken toy for a child. “Tears” cannot bring back wasted years. “Tears” cannot bring back someone who has died and now we are left behind. “Tears” won’t reverse the score for the losers of a championship game.

“Tears” are real. They will be shed no matter the event; occasion; situation … We are told in [Ecclesiastes 3:1,4]- “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven….[4] A time to weep, and a time to laugh.”

THE TEARS OF REJOICING! These are the times when you are filled with happiness. The time when your first child is born…The time when your girl-friend finally said “Yes”. (that probably brought tears to her eyes.)

Do you remember the day you met the Lord Jesus Christ; receiving Him into heart as your Lord and Savior? Do you remember when you were called into the ministry?

I could continue to list other things…but I think you understand by now that there are “tears” that will be shed.

1)- Think of the Tears that Will be Shed!

2)- Think of the Tears that Should be Shed

When I think of the “tears” that will flow until this world is no more, I think of the “tears” that need to flow from our faces. Even though there are multitudes of “tears” being shed every few minutes concerning some matter or event, there are eyes that have become dry concerning some important matters of life.

TEARS SHOULD BE SHED OVER OUR SPIRITUAL CONDITION! I am concerned about the spiritual condition of most Christians who are attending Church. There is no joy in their life. They have lost the thrill of their Salvation. They still attend Church; they still go through the motions. But their fellowship with the Lord is not what it used to be. For some, their fellowship with the Lord is almost non-existent. And they are not concerned enough to weep over their condition.

When was the last time you desired to get close to the Lord? When was the last time you sat down, all to yourself, and thought about where you are in your walk with the Lord?

Does your spiritual life concern you? Does it bother you that you are distant from the Lord? Does it bother you that you haven’t grown spiritually over the past year; 5 years; 10 years? Would you like to have revival in your heart, in your home? Is there any desire whatsoever in your heart to want to be close to the Lord Jesus?

Jesus said that in the last days that there would be many Christians who attend Church will get to where they are “neither hot or cold”. The spiritual condition of the Church…of the Christian is something to weep over.

Let me share something with you that should give you a greater desire to become the best Christian you should be. GOD WANTS TO BE CLOSE TO YOU! GOD DESIRES TO BE CLOSE TO YOU! “Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you.” You are a close to God as you choose to be. You should want to develop a close relationship with the Lord. You should desire to have a close friendship with the Lord. (Yes, I said friendship.)

Perfection is not required in your friendship with God. All God requires of you is [your whole heart]; [you must be honest]; [you must be obedient]; and [you must trust Him completely]. If you do not have a close fellowship with the Lord; if you have no desire to be a close friend of God---that should bring “tears” to your eyes.

Simon Peter wept when he denied the Lord 3 times. We are told that he “wept bitterly”.

TEARS SHOULD BE SHED FOR YOUR LOST LOVED ONES! Hannah wept before God for a child…Rachel cried out before the Lord and said in [Genesis 30:1]- “Give me children, or else I die.” These were women who cried and pleaded before God to have children. I believe we need to have the same attitude and concern for our children.

Our Lord wept over the condition of Jerusalem. Jesus had compassion of people. He saw them as ‘sheep’ without a “Shepherd.” He was concerned and shed “tears” because of their Spiritual condition.

There are parents in this building that raised your child/children in Church, but now they are not serving the Lord. They have strayed from the Lord. Some of you have children that are lost. I am speaking to a parent that has lost your desire to pray for your children the way you should pray for them.

I have known parents that would not let a Worship Service end without walking down the aisle of the Church and praying for their children to get back to where they needed to be with the Lord. It is true that your child/children must choose to serve the Lord. But it is also true that you choose to pray before God with a longing and a deep desire to see that child get right with the Lord.

You don’t see many parents weeping over the spiritual condition of their children like they used to. Some parents would stay up all night; walk the floors of their home; pleading with the Lord to save their children.

[example]> There was a lady years ago who came to her Pastor and asked him if he had a few moments so she could talk to him. He met with her and she told this story. She told him that she had such a burden for her son to get saved. She told the Pastor that she had tried everything she could to witness to him…but her son would not respond. He would act like he was listening; but he would always turn down the invitation to receive Jesus Christ.

She told her Pastor that she was going to try one more thing to reach him. Her son lived in Atlanta, Ga. After this final plea to her son, she would have done everything she could to win him to Jesus.

She came back to the Pastor a few weeks later and asked him for a few moments of his time. He sat down with her, and this is the story she told him. She said; “Preacher; I want you to promise me that you won’t laugh at me…please promise me that you won’t laugh at what I’m going to tell you.” He gave her his word that he wouldn’t laugh at her. She said; “Preacher; after I talked to you a few days ago, I went home that week and I prayed and prayed for my son. One afternoon, I felt very impressed to do a strange thing for my son. I got everybody out of the house, I got a pan; put it in the middle of the kitchen floor; I buried my face in that pan, and I cried out to the Lord to save my son.”

She continued: “Preacher, again, do you promise not to laugh at me? I prayed and I cried for at least 2 hours. When I finished praying, I noticed those ‘tears’ in that pan. I took an old medicine bottle; washed it out; then I poured those ‘tears’ in that bottle. I sealed that little bottle of ‘tears’ very tight. I put a note on the outside of that bottle that said; “DEAR SON; THESE ARE THE “TEARS” THAT I SHED FOR YOUR SOUL. I WANT YOU TO BE SAVED.”

“Preacher; I know this sounds silly, but I put that little bottle of “tears” in a box and I sent them to my son. About a week later, about 10:30 one evening, my telephone rang. I picked up my phone, and I heard my son’s voice. He said; “MOM; IS THAT YOU? I wanted to let you know that I got your bottle of “tears” the other day that you sent me. God so moved my heart as I looked at those “tears”. I went to Church tonight and I got saved. Thanks for the “tears” that you shed on my behalf.”

Now, I want to remind you that God may not lay something like this on your heart. But I do know that if you become broken over your lost family member; if you get very concerned about the spiritual condition of your friends; if you will ask the Lord to give you back your “tears” for them---I promise you that God will step into that situation and He will save them! The Psalmist said in [Psalm 126:5,6]- “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. [6] He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”

TEARS OF REPENTANCE SHOULD BE SHED! There are people who need to come clean before the Lord. They have un-confessed sins in their life. [Acts 3:19] teaches us that ‘repentance’ will bring a time of refreshment to your life. You don’t have to confess all your sins to one person; you don’t have to stand up in public and tell everybody what you have done. All you have to do is ‘turn from your sins’ and “return to the Lord.”

The Church will be better spiritually and cleaner collectively when “tears” of repentance flow from our faces. Some people only cry over their sinful condition when they get caught doing something wrong. What you need is a genuine sorrow over your sin (it does not matter what you have done); turn from that sin, see sin the way God sees sin; then hate that sin the way God hates sin; and asked the Lord to help you leave it behind for good.

TEARS OF FORGIVENESS TOWARDS SOMEONE SHOULD BE SHED! There are too many grudges that harbor and remain the hearts of God’s people. There was a time in your life when you cared about someone. You used to pray with them; share your heart with them. But something happened in the past and you have reached a point in your life that you will not forgive them. You need “tears” of forgiveness. God will not forgive you if you do not forgive someone. God will not hear your prayer if you don’t reach the point to where you are broken over that unforgiving spirit.

I believe that “an unforgiving spirit” hinders more homes; hinders more lives; hinders more Churches than we can ever imagine. There are “tears” that should be shed.

1)- Think of the Tears that will be Shed!

2)- Think of the Tears that should be Shed!

3)- Think of the Tears that will no longer be Shed

[Revelation 21:4]- “And God shall wipe away ALL TEARS from their eyes.” “Tears” that are shed make us willing to leave this valley of the shadow of death and go home to be with Jesus. If there were no troubles; if there were no sorrows; if there were no hurts; if there were no separation; if there were no death, we would be perfectly content to remain here on this earth forever.

But the “tears” that have been shed; the “tears” that will be shed by a Child of God remind us that one day all sorrow, suffering; sickness; sadness; separation will be over.

Then, God will take His children and wipe away every “tear” from their eyes. This is hard to explain; this is very difficult to comprehend. This will mean that all our past will be behind us for ever. All will be well; all will be healthy; death will flee…there will be no need for “tears”.

Think about something. There will come a day when…

.we will never hurt

.we will never fear

.we will never fall

.we will never sin

.we will never hate

.we will never lose a loved one

.we will never worry

.we will never have hurt feelings

.we will never hear an unkind word

.we will never hear God’s name in vain

.we will never hear about war

.we will never have the shakes

.we will never grow old

.we will never be concerned about time

.we will never receive bad news

.we will never have to visit the nursing homes

.we will never have to make funeral arrangements

.we will never have to go see a doctor

.we will never be touched with cancer

.we will never have to wait on an answer to our prayers


“If I could count all the tears that have fallen

They would seem like an ocean to me

And if my heart were a window that you could look through

All the pain and scars you would see

But Tears will never stain the streets of that city

No wreaths of death on my mansion door

Teardrops aren’t welcome beyond the gates of glory

Cause the heart will never break anymore

I’ve never met one man without sorrow

Never looked into eyes with no pain

But there’s a land where death has no victory

And songs of joy are the only songs they sing

We are told by the Psalmist that “Weeping may endure for a night…” (We hear throughout the Scriptures these words…)

“mine eye poureth out tears”

“tears have been my meat”

“oh that mine eyes were a fountain of tears”

“her tears are on her cheeks”

“mine eyes do fail with tears”

“being mindful of thy tears”

But the Psalmist also said; “BUT JOY COMETH IN THE MORNING.”

Bill Perks told this story:

"Daddy, put me on your shoulders and let me touch Grandma's hand!" The little girl said. Daddy bent down, turned her around, and lifted her high above his head until she was safely positioned on his shoulders. "I can see tomorrow up here, Daddy," she said.

"You can?" He asked. "What does it look like?" He questioned her.

"Just like today, but more pretty!" She giggled. "Now hold on, Jenny. I'm going up on top of this hill. When I tell you to, stretch your arms way up and you can touch her hand."

He carefully walked up on top of the small hill just behind the bench I was sitting on. The softball fans sit there each evening during the spring and summer watching the local players compete. But today this hill served a higher purpose.

For this is a spot where memories are made. This is a moment between parent and child that gets filed away in memories for tomorrows yet to come. Perhaps when this young girl will hold her babe high upon her shoulders and together they will reach for Grandpa's hand, just like when she was a child.

He came down to where I was seated. His daughter played nearby. Her Daddy told me afterwards that Jenny was very close to his Mom. She died a few months ago.

"Jenny said she wanted to hold hands with Grandma like she always did. I told her Grandma was in heaven, out of reach," he said. "Jenny told me that heaven is in tomorrow. If she climbed way up high she could see it and touch Grandma's hand."

"Why did she say that Heaven was in tomorrow?" I asked. "Well, the last time she saw Grandma, she told Jenny that one day soon she would go to heaven. Of course Jenny wanted to know when. Mom said 'Maybe tomorrow, Jenny. She died two days later." "So, then, heaven is in tomorrow," I added. "So does she feel Grandma's hand?"

"Yes, very much so. In fact..." he paused when his daughter came running up to him. "I'll be right there, Jenny."

Jenny is such a beautiful child. You look at her and think "buttons and bows" like a little girl in a story book. Her Daddy continued. "One day when we did this, she stretched out her arms and said, "Daddy, I can feel her hand!" Of course I played along and asked if it were soft like I remember." He stopped for a moment. Shook his head and looked down. I guess the memory of Mom was still very much alive in him.

"She then said, 'Yes, Daddy. She has a ring with four colors on it." I couldn't believe what she said. I asked her to tell me again. She described it as best she could for a young child." "Did she remember a ring that Grandma always wore?" I asked. "No. That's what amazed me. You see that ring was her Mother's ring that we gave her. Each colored stone represented one of her children. She couldn't wear it for year's because of her arthritis."

Once again he stopped to gain some composure. "We placed it on her finger when she died. We had it cut to fit her." "Could Jenny have seen it then?" I asked. "No. We decided not to permit Jenny at the funeral viewing. She was much too young to understand."

"So, Jenny never saw the ring?" I asked. "No, not until that day. When she saw Heaven in tomorrow." Jenny came rushing over and Dad and I said our goodbyes.

I thought a lot about this today. I asked myself a hundred times. So I'll ask you. Based on who you are. Knowing more about you than anyone else. Having whatever faith you may have in yourself, your God. Can you see "Heaven in tomorrow?" If you believe just reach up right now and touch it. [Jenny did.]