Boldly to the Throne of Grace

Bible Book: Hebrews  4 : 9-16
Subject: Prayer; Salvation; Jesus, Openness of
Series: Hebrews

This thing called Redemption is the most precious thing we deal with in life. No amount of money, power or fame can match the importance of redemption. We have been looking at God's Rest and what that means, but a person must understand that there can be no rest without redemption. While the world denies the need for redemption, God's Word tells us that it is necessary. In our passage today, it even tells us one of the reasons that redemption is absolutely a must with that being that God sees even the smallest amount of sin hidden away because of His discerning powers.

The simple fact is that a person can ignore what the scripture says or they can be instructed by it. We can believe it or not, but the fact still remains that Redemption is absolutely necessary. It is also a fact that we have a High Priest…Jesus Christ…who assists us where no one else can assist. He assists us by redeeming us and he assists us by taking us out from under legal judgment and placing us before the Throne of Grace. The full impact of that probably will not be realized until we finally stand before God's Throne of Grace.

The world tells us that being "legal" is the best avenue for us. It says that being "legal" makes everything right and good. But, God says that His Grace is better than all the legalism the world has to offer.

I want to point out some things about this from our passage…Heb. 4:9-16.

I. There is a Diligence Involved…v. 11.

In v. 9-10, we are talking about the deliberate appropriation of our Calvary Rest…and that involves two things….

Our standing….is sure

Our state…is a matter of accepting what Christ has given to us.

Calvary Rest deals with our burden of sin and a life that reveals it that we are free from it.

Verse 11 informs us that it requires diligence to experience that assurance and rest.

You can have the peace of salvation…or…we can fail to have it because of unbelief.

II. There is a Discernment which is Active. v. 12-13.

It would be good if all of us would learn that God sees, knows and understand us to the deepest part of our souls.

We can hide nothing from Him. His Word discerns things about us as well. It cuts deep and reveals all. The "energy" of God's Word flows from the Bible into your soul discerning the thoughts and intents of your heart. It probes deeply, then, it creates "energy" in you such that it inspires you to fulfill its demands.

We are also made aware that we will have to give account. It may be soon or the judgment will come later.

III. There is a Decision for Everyone…v. 14-16.

The decision is that we "come boldly unto the throne of Grace". It is the only place of assurance we have. Jesus is our "great high priest"….

He never served the people in the temple.

He never offered sacrifice at the alter.

He never entered the holy of holies or sprinkled the blood on the people, But…

He did MORE than that. No priest of Israel ever entered into the heavenlies for us, but Jesus did.

He did more and went further than all the priests of Israel could ever have done.

We can "hold fast our profession" because our high priest is the Son of God and not just an earthly priest. He identifies with us as no other can because he was "tempted like as we are, yet without sin".

Jesus was not tempted to show that he was "able not to sin". His temptation proved that he was "not able to sin" for v.15 says that he was "yet without sin".

Jesus feels compassion and sympathy for those who are dealing with their frailties. He was tempted like as we are and He has sympathy for us as we deal with the frailties of life. This is something we all need to understand. We can't enter into His Calvary rest until we do.

Listen….He has compassion on you. He has sympathy for you as you deal with this sinful world and its pull on you. He understands you but that does not mean that he excuses your sin.


This is the decision we must make. We must come boldly before the throne of Grace. You can come there. You can come boldly there. You can obtain something there - mercy. You can find something there – grace- something far better than leaning on the law or anything that the world has to offer. You can find help there.

So, our High Priest makes it all possible for us. We can have Calvary rest…we can find mercy and peace before the throne of Grace. Do you have this peace and assurance today?