Oh Unholy Night

Bible Book: Selected Passages 
Subject: Halloween; Satanism; Witchcraft

[Editor's Note: This sermon is taken from the following scriptures]

John 1:6-9…The Light of the World

Deuteronomy 18:9-12 (necromancer)

Exodus 22:18 and 1 Samuel 28:7, 12 (witch)

Leviticus 20.27 (wizards)

There is an increasing focus on Satanism, the occult, witchcraft and all things which pertain to them. Hollywood is now releasing a number of movies which deal with these evil themes. Bedazzled focuses on Satan in the form of a beautiful young woman. Lost Souls is another satanic movie as is the re-release of the 1970’s movie, The Exorcist. Many of the movies and cartoons of Disney are nothing more than a glorification of the occult. Everywhere one looks they will find that man is fascinated with the evil side of spirituality.

A light has to be lit, but darkness is a natural state unless someone introduces light. When the Holy Spirit comes, He makes one aware of Christ and their need for salvation. The Holy Spirit lights the light. If He does not come drawing one to Christ, then they will continue to exist in darkness.

People must be attracted to light but they automatically identify with darkness because that is where the unredeemed live. That’s why people are so interested in the macabre. Witches, warlocks, demons, Satanism, occultism, goblins ghosts and such are very interesting and attractive to the natural human being. That’s why séances and communication with the dead are considered in vogue. Black witches (those practicing evil magic) and white witches (those supposedly doing good with their witchcraft) are growing in popularity.

The light is going out and the forces of darkness are coming out. The stronger the light the less the darkness. Now that so much of the Satanic is emerging, it is because the light is weaker in America than before. When America was more Christian, such things were shameful. Now, there is no shame because even Christians celebrate this darkness.

Let’s look at several factors concerning Halloween or as we have said, The Unholy Night.

I. That Which is Prohibited

Spiritism Is Forbidden. Note Deuteronomy 18:9-12. A diviner is mention in Ezekiel 21:21. What are the methods of a diviner as described in the Bible? There are nine methods to be considered. First, an observer of times. Second, conjuring or astrology. Third, an enchanter - one who uses omens. Fourth, a witch - one who makes use of magic formulas and incantations. Sixth, a charmer – note, Psalm 58:4-5. Seventh, a consulter of mediums. Eighth, a wizard – note the description in Isaiah 8:19. Ninth, a necromancer - one who seeks to talk with the dead.

II. That Which is Practiced

All of those things mentioned are in full use today. You might be surprised to learn just how much your own life is impacted by these practices (Go over each of the above and comment).

Voodoo is Satanism at its purest form on earth. Religions which blend Christianity and Satanism are now being practiced. Honest, good people are feeding Satanism to their children without even thinking of it. It has all been made a game which young people and children play on their computers.

III. That Which is Perilous

There is no way to confuse the issue. God’s people are not to delve into the occult and satanic practices. People today think this is all a game; something that is just clean fun. But, there is danger lurking beneath. Augusta celebrates Halloween more than any city I have ever seen.

What do you teach a little child about Satan, demons, witches and the occult when you allow them to take part in the Unholy Day of Halloween - Satan’s night? You have a choice to make! But, you may say: “They will be left out.” “They will seem weird to their friends.” “I want them to have fun”. “It didn’t hurt me.” The question is do you want to take that chance with your child?

The pagan festival of Halloween originated with the pre-Christian Druids of Gaul and Britain. The Druids believed that on this night ghosts and witches were most likely to wander about. The lighting of bonfires (bonefires) and feasting on Halloween also date back to Druid activities. The pagan people of western Europe also believed that their god (Satan) became incarnate in human or animal form.

You should not teach your children that this is not serious; that its all a game; that its cute and even rewarding (candy). That’s one reason they have no fear of the evil spirit world or the consequences it can bring to life.

It may be fun, but it is pagan. It celebrates a pagan holiday. But, it just shows us how much fun paganism can be to a lost world and even to Christians who will not be spiritually alert.

Satan is trying to demythologize paganism and make people unaware and unafraid to touch it.

IV. That Which is Provided

Jesus Christ is God’s provision for us!

Note Deuteronomy 18:15-19 - the passage just after the one about spiritism and the forbidden. Jesus is the Prophet and there is a cost in not listening to Him. The Bible states in verse 19, ”And, it shall come to past, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words, which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him.”

When God says “don’t do” something, He means it. When we do it anyway it is disobedience and He says, ”I will require it of him.” The only spirit we should listen to is the Holy Spirit who draws people to Christ and then gives them the guidance they need to live a holy, godly life.