Building a Life that will Last

Bible Book: Luke  6 : 46-49
Subject: Salvation; Foundation, Solid; Solid Rock, Jesus is the

I heard an amazing story a few years ago about a builder who lived in Canada who developed a subdivision. It was a magnificent and very expensive community. The houses ranged from $200,000 and up. Only the elite and very wealthy people could live in these houses. It was one of the most beautiful sights on the outside that you have ever seen. The subdivision was finished at the beginning of the Summer. The houses sold very quickly. The people began to move in. Everything was going alone just fine until the Winter came. During the Winter, the snow began to fall; the hard freeze began to set in; the rain began to fall. All of a sudden, one house collapsed … then another … then another. One by one the houses, without any explanation whatsoever, began to sink into the ground. They tried to figure it out, but there were no solutions.

They finally got a hold of the developer. Under pressure he finally admitted that he had taken the cheap way out of building a subdivision. What this builder had done was, rather than taking the time and money to prepare the sight and lay a foundation - he had built that entire subdivision on a garbage dump.

Here in our text, our Lord teaches us a valuable lesson. He teaches us how we can build lives that will last. The Lord teaches us that we need to build our lives on the right foundation.

Now, the most important part of a building is not 'what you build.

You are better off to build a log cabin on a rock, than you would to build a mansion in a swamp. Everyone that is here right now is going to face problems.

(1)- You may face a time of Depression. There is nothing like going through a time of deep depression. Sometimes you get fall into a deep depression because of heartaches. Sometimes you can be depressed for no reason at all.

(2)- You may face a time of Discouragement. There are times when things just don't go your way. There will be times when you can't figure out what is going on and you become down in out …

(3)- You will face a time of Disturbance. There is one thing no one can avoid, and that is storms that will come into your life.

Now the Lord Jesus teaches us (here in this passage of Scripture) that not only will storms come into your life, but He teaches us that during this time of trouble, that each one of us can build a life that will be durable, dependable, and have a destination that will take you straight to Heaven … But you must have the right foundation. It is good to build a nice looking life - but it another thing to build a long lasting life. The key to building a life that will last forever Jesus said is to build that life upon a rock …


According to this story that Jesus told, there were 2 men that built 2 houses


These 2 men both built a house where they could have a place to live.


Back in Bible days, most houses looked basically alike. They didn't have the money we have today. They didn't have the prosperity we have today. The houses were basically built with the same structure and had the same plan.


The reason we know this is that we are told the storm hit both houses. The fact that one man (according to Matthew's Gospel) was a wise man who built his house and the other man was a foolish man who built his house - made absolutely no difference to the storm. The [rain] fell - the [winds] blew - the [floods] came on both houses.

This helps us to understand the truth that was given at the beginning of this sermon. Every person will face problems. Every person will experience pressures.

If you read (Matthew 7:24-27) you will find as Jesus was describing the storm, He described it as (rains falling) - (winds blowing) - (floods rising). Why did Jesus use these 3 elements to describe the storm?

'Rain' - speaks of the pressure from above

'Winds' - speaks of the pressure from around

'floods' - speaks of the pressure from below

There is a great lesson that is taught as Jesus was describing this storm. This storm did not take the time to determine which house it was going to hit, nor did this storm give warning to the one who would get hit. You see, the storm didn't stop and say; 'We can't bother that person, he is a preacher … We can't rain on that life, he's a deacon … We can't flood that person out, they are good Church members'

Matthew 5:45 - "For He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on The just and the unjust."

I heard about a Pastor that was away in a Revival meeting. A man picked him up at the airport and began to tell him about that Tornado that swept through the town. He told the preacher; 'I lost everything; the Tornado blew my house away … I have nothing left except these clothes that I have on.' The preacher looked at him and said; 'Sir, I don't want to say much, but I am not surprised that it hit your house … I believe God was punishing you because of the way that you have been living … believe this was God's punishment to you.' … The man looked surprised and then he said; 'Preacher, the Tornado got your house too.'

The 'rains of adversity' fall on the life of the just and the unjust

The 'winds of trouble' blow on the life of the just and the unjust

The 'floods of misery' rise on the life of the just and the unjust

You will never find a place to live that does not deal with some kind of weather problems. No matter where you live, you will have to face storms.

Jesus is not telling where we can find a safe place to live; where the atmosphere is ideal, the winds are always gentle, the rains are always in control, the sun always shines, and the climate is always perfect. Jesus knows that kind of place does not exist anywhere on earth. He knows that kind of place does not exist anywhere in life.

Back in 1938, there was a man who was reading the newspaper and he read an advertisement about barometers. He read where a man had invented these barometers. They were advertising how these barometers would unfailingly predict the weather that would be coming. This man thought that since he lived out on the ocean there in Long Island, the barometer would be a good thing to have.

So the man took a trip to Manhattan and bought one of the brand new barometers. He brought that barometer back to his house. He then took it out of the box. As he was putting it up on the wall, he noticed that it was already warning him of a 'hurricane' that was coming. The man ran to the window and looked out. There was not a cloud in the sky. The wind was blowing about 5 to 10 miles an hour. The sun was as bright as it had ever been. He took that barometer off the wall; he shook it; he beat it; he hammered it … But that barometer was still warning of a coming

The man got very angry. In his mind he thought he had gotten the only barometer that didn't work. So he put that barometer back into the box. He got back into his car and he drove back the man's store … He chewed him out for giving him (what he thought) was a broken barometer. He asked him if he could exchange it.

The manager of the store gave him a brand new barometer. The man got back into this car and headed back home to Long Island. As he got back to Long Island and as he pulled up in his driveway, he noticed that his house was gone. While he was away, a hurricane had hit Long Island and had blown his house right off his property.

The man's problem was not the 'barometer'. The barometer was all right. The problem was that he did not believe the 'barometer'.

There is something you need to keep in mind. It makes no difference if you are rich or poor … saved or lost … It makes no difference if you are in the upper class, middle class, lower class, or you don't have any class. You mark it down. You are going to have storms to come into your life.

Now since you know that storms are coming into your life, you shouldn't shake the Bible, beat the Bible, get upset with the Bible. You shouldn't even take your Bible and trade it in for another Bible. What you need to do is (believe) the Bible; (receive) the Bible, and (obey) the Bible
and do what the Bible tells you to do so you can weather the storms that are coming into your life.

I know some of you are wondering; 'Preacher, Why do storms come?' As you read this story, you will find that the storm revealed the quality of the foundation of those to houses.

I want you to imagine for a moment walking in the neighbor-hood of these 2 houses. You would have seen 2 nice houses standing side by side. They look just exactly alike. But you couldn't tell that one house was weak and one house was strong. You would not be able to tell that one house would stand during the storm and one house would sink during the storm. ONLY THE STORM WOULD REVEAL WHAT HOUSE WAS BUILT ON THE ROCK AND WHAT HOUSE WAS BUILT UPON THE SAND.

I am looking right now at some houses. Some big houses; some little houses. Some pretty houses; some ugly houses. Some are older houses; some are younger houses. Most of you look the same on the outside - but let a storm come into your life and we will see who has the real solid foundation.

The Fact of the Storm that must be Expected


6:49 - "But he that heareth, and doeth not, is like a man that without a foundation built a house upon the earth; against which the stream did beat vehemently, and immediately it fell; and the ruin of that house was great."

These houses were basically built with the same structure. These houses had basically the same design. These houses had been built out of basically the same materials. > There was only one basic difference between those 2 houses. The people on the outside couldn't see it - but the builders knew it

(1)- One house was built on a Firm foundation

(2)- One house was built on a faulty foundation

(1)- One house had a (solid) foundation

(2)- One house had a (sandy) foundation

The house that was built on the sand was left in "great ruins". The foundation was of no worth.

Now, Who is Jesus talking about here in this passage of Scripture? This type of person Jesus is talking about here is a Counterfeit Christian.

Jesus makes it very clear - "But he that heareth, and doeth not" … (Matthew 7 - "he is like a foolish man").

You can describe this type of person this way. They come to Church – they listen to the sermon - they follow along in their Bible - they mark up their Bible - they listen to everything that is being said - But they walk out of the Worship Service the same way they walk in.

This type of person treats the Word of God like a good movie, they enjoy it - but they do not let it affect the way they live.

Do you know of anyone like that? This Church, and practically every Church is full of them. They come to Church; they listen - but they do not let the Word of God change their life.

Various Polls in recent years estimate that perhaps 50% of Americans identify themselves as born-again Christians'

(1)- The MacAuthur New Testament--Matthew 1-7 (pg.474) Commentary

By Scriptural Standards, it is hard to believe that even half of the Church members in the United States are true believers'

(2)- Same … (474) ... These are the type of people that will sing the hymns, say 'amen', say the prayers … As long as the sun is shining - the breeze is gentle - the rain is stalled, they are in. But when the clouds turn black, the winds begin to swirl, and the rain becomes a monsoon - their house is blown away.

Jesus gives us to requirements for building a good foundation.


6:47 - "Whosoever cometh to Me, and heareth My sayings"

Both of these men heard the Word of God. (Ex > I believe that it is important for you, as often as you can, to come to God's house and hear the Word of God taught and Preached. Every time you hear the Word of God you receive another 'rock' to shove under your house. You will be given a more solid materials to strengthen your foundation). It is one thing to hear the Word of God (and this is a must). But in order to build a good foundation …


6:47,48 - "Whosoever cometh to Me, and heareth My sayings, and doeth them--He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock"

Jesus is not saying that a 'Wise man' is one who just hears the Word of God -he is one that takes the Word of God, receives the Word of God, and then does what the Word of God commands him to do.

There was a man in the crowd by the name of James. James never got over what Jesus had said. These words that Jesus had spoken were engraved on his heart: James 1:22-25 - "But be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. For if any be a hearer of the Word, and not a doer, He is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass: For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was. But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed."

Think about something - Only a "foolish man" deceives himself:

Proverbs 14:12 - "There is a way that seemeth right unto A man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

(Matthew 7) "ROCK" - {petra} - It does not mean a stone or a boulder … But a great outcropping of rock; a large expanse of bedrock … It is solid, stable, and unmovable.

"SAND" - [by contrast] is loose, unstable, and extremely moveable.

This speaks of something composed entirely of opinions, speculations, and standards of men.

After the Rock singer Madonna had her little girl, a reporter set down with her and asked her this question; ('What type of Religious training are you going to give your little girl?') 'I am baptizing her Catholic … There are things about Catholicism I disagree with but there are a lot of things I am still intrigued by. I still go to Church and light candles … The church provides the kind of sanctuary and the sense of community …I will teach her about Catholicism, but also about all religions; especially Buddhism, Judaism, Cabala … My own religion combines all of those things. I would rather present the Bible to my daughter as some very interesting stories you could learn from, rather than this is the rule you must live by.' (Madonna is going to teach her child the exact same thing Jesus said not to teach)

Man's standards are simply this: Its okay to hear the Word of God, but you can live your life anyway you want. To 'hear' the Word of God and not 'heed' the Word of God is a man that builds 'without a foundation … built his house upon the earth'.

The Bible guaranteed something about that kind of foundation: When the storms of life hit, the fall will be great.

This person does not intentionally build a house he thinks is going to fall. This man has all the confidence in the world that his house is going to stand. And it will stand firm until the storm comes.

The Fact of the Storm that must be Expected
The Fall in the Storm that will be exposed


6:46-48 - "And why call ye Me, Lord, Lord, and do not the the things which I say? Whosoever cometh to Me, and heareth My sayings, and Doeth them, I will shew you to whom his is like: He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, And laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood Arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, And could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock."

Here were 2 men. On the outside, you would judge them by thinking that if there was a problem between them that it would be a minor problem. But Jesus was making us aware that the problem that existed was a major problem.

Both men went to Church - both men heard the same sermon - both men marked in their Bible - both men listened, but there was a difference between them. One man OBEYED what he heard, and one man did not.

Jesus teaches us that the (mark) of a 'Wise man' is not only hearing the Word of God - he also heeds the Word of God.


There are people in this place right now that claim to believe the Word of God - but their life speak otherwise.

Someone has said, “What you really believe you live - the rest is just religious talk.”

Now let me prove that statement from Scripture …

James 2:17,26 - "Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead."

There are some of you that are here right now that will say; 'Preacher, I believe the Bible; I know what the Bible says; I love the Bible … I believe in Jesus; I trust Him' - And yet there are some of you that won't even get into the water and follow Jesus in baptism. There are some of you that claim to believe the Word of God - yet you have never repented of your sins; you have never made it public that you are a child of God (Rom.10:9,10).

'Thus speaketh Christ our Lord to us, You call Me Master and obey Me not. You call Me light and see Me not. You call Me the way and walk Me not. You call Me life and live Me not. You call Me wise and follow Me not. You call be fair and love Me not. You call Me rich and ask Me not. You call me eternal and seek Me not. If I condemn thee, blame Me not.'
(Words engraved in a Cathedral in (Lubeck, Germany)


You may be sitting there thinking; 'Preacher, I believe I belong to Jesus, but how can I know for sure if I really belong to the Lord Jesus Christ?' A PERSON WHO BELONGS TO JESUS WILL BECOME LIKE JESUS!!!!

Think about this: Would Jesus get into the water and be baptized? (He did). Would Jesus tithe? (He did). Would Jesus go to Church? (He did).

1 John 2:3-6 - "And hereby we do know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments.

(He that saith), I know Him, and keepeth not His commandments , is a liar, and the truth is not in Him. But whoso keepeth His word, in Him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in Him. He that saith He abideth in Him ought himself also to walk, even as He walked."

If you want to build a life that is going to last for all eternity, you better build your life on the same foundation God is building His house on.



You can build your life 'on the world' that you can see, or you can build your life on the world you cannot see. If you are building your life on anything other than the Lord Jesus Christ - you are building your life on "earth … sand". And your life will soon crumble.

'My hope (life) is built on nothing less, than Jesus blood and righteousness.

I dare not trust the sweetest frame, But wholly lean on Jesus' name.

On Christ the Solid rock I stand, all other ground in sinking sand;

All other ground is sinking sand.'

When He shall come with trumpet sound, O may I then in Him be found.

Dressed in His righteousness alone, Faultless to stand before the Throne.'

Both of these men had ears to hear the Word of God - but only one man had the heart to (heed) the Word of God - and made all the difference in the world when it came to eternal life.

Jesus teaches us a great lesson::