Being Saved from this Crooked Generation

Bible Book: Acts  2 : 41-47
Subject: Salvation; Church; Christian Living

Acts 2:41-47

In the verse just preceding the passage we are studying today, Peter has just said, "Save yourselves from this crooked generation." He was not indicating that we have the power of salvation within ourselves, but that whether or not we benefit from the salvation the Lord provides is dependent upon our voluntary acceptance of the Lord's provision for us. So, man does have a part in his salvation.

The Lord provides it and man must voluntarily accept it.

In addition, there are some indicators in verses 41-47 which show us the affects of "Being Saved From This Crooked Generation." I think it would do the church of today well to take good note of what happened in the Church there in Jerusalem. It is then that we will gain insight into just how the Lord expects salvation to affect those who identify with Him through His Church; His Body.

Let's examine the characteristics of the early church, which were produced when they believed the preaching of Peter and identified with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I. There's Was a Voluntary Identification (v. 41)

II. They Became Vitally Involved (v. 42)

A. Continuing

"continued steadfastly" continually insist on something.

B. Learning

They wanted to find out all they could about Jesus Christ in order to make sure they were a part of His Church.

C. Participating

"fellowship" share in; fellowship with, participation. These people were vitally involved in the life of the Church.

III. There were Verifiable Indicators (v. 43-47)

A. Fear

phobos...alarm or fright. They realized what a holy and important matter they had on their hands. The church of today needs this kind of fear.

B. Miracles

There were wonders and signs (an indication).

Miracles still take place today. We have no miracle-working apostles among us today, but that does not mean that miracles don't take place. The greatest miracle is when a person is saved and becomes heaven bound.

C. Sharing

Look at verses 44-45 and see one of the greatest miracles of all. They held all things in common - "common" - shared by all. When one's spirituality can touch their possessions, then a miracle has happened.

D. Oneness...v. 46

They met "with one accord" - homothumadon - all together; one mind, unanimously. This is a sure sign of the Holy Spirit's presence among humans because it involves:

Subjugation of one's own desires for the good of the whole. Exaltation of others.

Unselfishness Satisfaction...v. 46

"Singleness of mind" - simplicity of the heart -"singleness of heart" - internally satisfied. This means being satisfied with where the Lord has you has been a part of the Christian faith. The church has been harmed by being a part of the world's rat race - trying to keep up with the wants of society.

E. Proper Attitude...v.47

"favor"...Charis...having a good disposition toward each other. This must mean within the church because many in the society did not like them.

F. Salvation....v. 47

"saved"....sozo...deliver, protect, make whole. Notice that it was not the people who added to the church but the LORD.


"Being Saved From This Crooked Generation" has many results, and what we have listed here is not a comprehensive list. There are many more benefits to being saved than just going to heaven and the world needs to know this. One of the fallacies we face is that the world thinks the advantage of being saved is "way off out there somewhere, when we go to heaven." They need to know that life on earth can be much better if they give themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ.