Something That Can't Be Covered

Bible Book: Matthew  12 : 31-32
Subject: Sin, The Unforgiveable; Salvation; Forgiveness

Matthew 12:31-32

When the Fall of Man occurred, the whole panorama of sinful options were opened up to him. With the fallen nature of man fully active, the Old Sin Nature gained full control. It was only a matter of time until the scope of man's sinfulness broadened to include the kind of things we are seeing in our world today. And, man is not through. He will discover even more ways in which to distance himself from God.

The nature of sin is so insidious that it will finally convince man that he has never been saved or that it is impossible for him to be saved. One does not have to be continually dwelling is the most horrendous sins in order to feel this way. What man considers a "slight" sin, if harbored long enough, will result in a person feeling that there is no hope for them - that there is nothing which can be   done in order to keep them from spending eternity in Hell.

Many times these questions arise:

Do you think that there is any hope for me?

Do you think that God still loves me and knows who I am?

Do you think that God has forgotten me and banished me to eternal damnation?

I find that many people are deeply concerned that something they are doing, or something they have done, will keep them from spending eternity with the Lord in Heaven. I come before you, commissioned by God, to tell you that without Jesus Christ you will never see God; you will die and spend eternity in Hell. But, I also come before you, commissioned by God to tell you that He is the Redeemer and you can be redeemed. He also wants me to tell you that there is only one sin which He will not cover.

I. A Series of Sins People are Worried About

A. Slanderer or Liar
B. Profanity and Filthiness
C. Dishonesty - Cheating or Stealing
D. Drunkenness and/or Drugs
E. Sexual Sins
Adultery - Fornication - Prostitution - Homosexuality
F. Murder
G. Neglect of God and Jesus

II. A Single Sin Never Forgiven

But, the Bible bears out that there is only one sin which God considers SO SERIOUS and which violates Him so much that He will not forgive it. The sin that God will not cover is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. BLASPHEMY comes from the Greek word blasphemia, which means to revile; rail against; slander, wounding the reputation; evil speaking. Identifying the work of the Holy Spirit as a work of Satan is what the Pharisees did as recorded in Matthew 12. The sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven. God will not allow His Name and Character to be treated in such a way.

If you are worried about having committed this sin, then you have not done it. When a person does blaspheme the Holy Spirit, he or she will never be confronted by the Lord again.

III. A Striking Example of This Sin

Ananias and Sapphira committed this sin as recorded in Acts 5. This was a warning to Christians of the early church and for all time. DO NOT BLASPHEME THE HOLY SPIRIT!

But you must remember if you are concerned about your salvation and about your relationship with God, then you have not committed this sin, and you can still be saved - if you are not already saved. And if you are saved and sin has destroyed your Fellowship with God, you can get forgiveness through confession 1 John 1:9.