Let The Church Be The Church

Bible Book: Luke  10 : 30-37
Subject: Church; Discipleship; Body of Christ

Luke 10:30-37

The big debate today in church life concerns how do we do church? This is a distraction, I believe, from consideration of the true question? How can the church be the church?

Through the last four Sundays we have been dealing with freedom from issues, situations, and substances that can control one's life. We have looked at God's responsibility; the individual's role; families dealing with out of control issues in a family member's life. Today we are going to look at the church's role in this issue. We will focus on two areas: Why should the church do something; and, what will it take?

I. Why Should The Church Do Something?

A. It Reflects Jesus

The Biblical model requires that we do something about these issues. Look at Luke 10. Here we  find the story of The Good Samaritan. This story issues an indictment and a challenge. Most importantly, this story reveals that we are more like Jesus when we are helping someone else. If you want to reflect Jesus, help someone else. Jesus was saying that the Samaritan was more like him than the Priest or the Levite.

B. God's People Are Empowered To Do Ministry

The biblical mandate is for the pastor/leaders to equip the church to do the work of the ministry. Who received the greatest blessing in this story, the man helped or the helper? Certainly the man helped was blessed, because his life was saved. The man who helped was blessed, because he was actually being God like!!!

C. The Church Is Given Validity With The Community

Let me assure you of something. Most of the people who pass this church could care less what we sing, how I preach, etc. All they see is a campus that is established for religious purposes. You help people in a tangible way and they learn the church is not just a building when you get involved in helping people like Jesus! Then the community sees that we are the people of God.

D. The Right Priorities For Life Are Established

The correct order of priority is God first, others second, and me last. What do you want your children to grow up thinking about the church? What do you want them to get out of it?

E. The Teachings Of Christ Are Applied To Critical Issues

People like Gary Smalley and James Dobson have done this with their books. They take the biblical teaching on parenting and marriage, and then they apply it to issues that affect every couple and every parent. You want to be a witness for Christ. Find a way to help someone and apply the teaching of Christ to your situation.

II. What Must The Church Do?

A. Prayer Must Be The Foundation

We have seen this past year what happens when a church prays. God releases the church to be the church when it comes boldly before his throne.

B. Commitment Must Be Made

You must be willing to make a commitment to something beyond yourself. You may have to change your thinking.

C. Bold Leadership Must Be Expressed
D. Brokenness Must Be Present

You must be broken for people and their needs.