Spiritual Truths in the Lord's Supper

Bible Book: Selected Passages 
Subject: Easter; Lord's Supper; Communion; Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday was the first event on the first day of Passover week. Which was observed Thursday night. In Jewish chronology when the sun goes down on Thursday night it's officially Friday. There were so many things that had to happen on Passover in the life of Jesus Christ and the fulfillment of scripture. That it was a perfect plan in the economy of God because it would take from the 6:00 hour to the 9:00 hour the next morning for the crucifixion to accomplish all the things that would happen in that one evening.

Jesus went to the cross with no sleep, no rest, and no preparation. What began at 6:00 never stopped until 9:00 in the morning. Of all the ceremonies and days of special events and activities of Judaism nothing could compare with Passover. Devout Jews came from all over the world to be there in Jerusalem on Passover Friday. It was traditionally the 8th, 15th of April the month of Neocene as closely as possible. Passover celebrated the remembrance of the awful experience of bondage   in Egypt and the deliverance of the powerful hand of God, through the shedding of blood under the Passover Lamb, those that were under the blood lived to escape to live another day. It was a very special day.

Josephus, the Jewish historian suggested that possible as many as two million Jews had come from all over the world for Passover week. Roads and bridges were repaired. Tombs were white washed less a pilgrim accidentally become ceremonial unclean during Passover week by touching a Tomb. It was held in an upper room. A small room like, a little box on top of a bigger box in a traditional Palestinian home. The stairwell was outside. The room was used as a guest chamber that friends might come and go without disturbing the family.

Jesus, the night of Passover took everything that was ever done in that ceremonial night and made it Christian. He gave it a new meaning. When He said: this is the new covenant through my blood, because everything you do shall have new meaning. There were six elements in the Passover.

I. Unleavened Bread

Leaven fermented was seen by the Jews as rotting. And therefore was a picture of their sins. Two days before Passover ceremonially they went to every corner of the house and carefully swept and searched every part of the house to be sure that bit of leaven was removed as we search and see that all sin is removed from our hearts before we partake of our Lord's Supper Passover meal. The Jewish synagogue took thirty days of teaching about the Passover leading up to Neocene 15th.

II. The Lamb

Who was a young male without a blemish, or a spot, it was perfect, roasted. The head of the home, father, searched very carefully and examined with caution too see that no spot or blemish was there as we tried and examined Jesus Christ and found no fault to be in the Lamb of God that took away the sin of the world. It was all to be eaten. That is why when Jesus gave the bread and the cup and said: "take eat all of it".

III. The Water

Reminded them of their tears. The paste that was made from several kinds of fruit was held together and was a picture of the clay from which the bricks were held together in Egypt.

IV. The Bitter Herbs

Reminding them of their suffering and eating them reminding of their pain.

V. The Cups of Wine

Each spoke of the new wine of one of the promises in Exodus of their deliverance. The promises of God for our salvation and deliverance in Christ are as real and new to us today and every day.

VI. The Tables

The tables were arranged like a square. Four tables but one side was missing. The u-shaped tables that remained featured at the center of the center table the person giving the feast, the king, the master, the most important person. At his right was the seat of honor for the guest of honor. At his left the second most important guest of honor. At the second right the third most important and the second left the forth most important and so forth. Immediately there became an argument among the twelve disciples as to which one would get to sit at His right hand. Jesus without saying a word, simply stood took a towel and a basin of water and knelt and taught them the servant was the greatest of all as He washed each ones feet.

VII. The Betrayer

There was the identification of Judas, as the betrayer. Immediately he left the room and Jesus say: "what thou doest do quickly." Jesus broke the bread and blessed it. Poured the wine and drank it. Blessing and praying over each one taught them so much that night. He spoke of love and forgiveness of the Holy Spirit of His presence. The entire 14th chapter of John and more were spoken in that room before they departed. There was an empty spot at the Passover meal for the waited Messiah. Traditionally it was the center place of importance. Jesus set there. By His presence said: I am the waited one. When he ate of the lamb He said that I am the Lamb of God. The high priest on the Day of Atonement would take a sacrificial lamb, a living lamb that had not been slain and placed blood indicating the sins of the people on his forehead and sent it into the wilderness to die.