The Blood of Jesus and What It Does

Bible Book: Selected Passages 
Subject: Blood of Jesus
It Satisfies God (1 Peter 1:18-19).
It Cleanses our Conscience (Hebrews 10:2; 22;9:14).
It Overcomes the Accuser (Romans 8:31; Rom 8:33 34).

What type of Christian life should we all be living? Many live defeated, downcast, sin laden lives while many others seem to do much better. But, what type should we be living? In Gal. 2:20, Paul says the Christian life that pleases God is "Not I but Christ." This saying goes deeper than the mere meaning of the words seems to suggest.

God has only one answer for every human need...Jesus Christ.

He works by taking us out of the way and placing Jesus in our place...The Cross

God will answer life's questions in only one way; by showing us more of Jesus...conforming us to His Image.

In Romans, Paul deals with our sins (enumerated) and our sin (principle). The sin principle leads us to sin. First, we ask God for forgiveness of sins. But, getting forgiveness raises a problem for us: We then discover the sin principle. Because of the sin principle, we may have forgiveness but have no peace of mind. We then find that not only do we need forgiveness for sins, but we need deliverance. God has dealt with both of these problems. The Blood of Jesus deals with forgiveness of sins whereas the Cross of Jesus deals with deliverance from sin. The Blood deals with what we have done; the Cross deals with what we are.

Sin enters the life as disobedience and three things happen:

i. "they are under sin God says" Romans 3:9
ii. Man says "I have sinned." Luke 15:18
iii. Satan says "you have sinned" Revelation 12:10

Jesus must do something about sin, guilt, and Satan's charge against us before we can live a Christian experience that pleases God. Jesus has already accomplished His work. We must exercise our faith in the matter.

Every Christian needs a good, solid understanding of the Blood of Jesus before he can really understand his salvation and the effect it should have on his life.

I. The Blood Satisfies God

A. The Blood Is For Atonement

It has to do with our standing before God. God forgives sins, not because He overlooks what we have done but because He sees the Blood.

B. The Blood Is Not For Us But For God
i.  Day of Atonement...Priest...most Holy Place

Hebrews 10:10-14.

ii. Passover...Blood on door posts and lintel in Egypt

God said; "When I see the blood, I will pass over you."

Exodus 12:13. If God has accepted the payment then the debt must be paid. Don't doubt it. Don't try to sense it. Our feelings will fool us.

II. The Blood Cleanses Our Conscience

A. The Blood Satisfies God; It Must Satisfy Us

If it does satisfy us, then it cleanses our conscience (Hebrews 10:22). If one's conscience is not cleansed, then it is evidence that the blood did not satisfy them.

B. The Blood Doesn't Cleanse Our Heart And Stop There

The heart is desperately sick. God must do more than cleanse it. He must give us a new one.   Ezekiel 36:26, "A new heart will I give you and a new Spirit will I put within you." Through the operation of the Blood of Jesus, the barrier of sin has been removed and my conscience is cleared, and my sense of guilt removed. A heart of faith and conscience clear of any accusation are interdependent and both are essential.

When faith fails, the conscience accuses us. When the conscience accuses, faith fails and we are uneasy before God. A clear conscience is never based on our attainment. It must be based on the fact that God accepts the Shed Blood of Jesus. Doing penance will not help us cleanse our conscience. The satisfying work of the blood of Jesus is our only plea.

III. The Blood Overcomes Satan - The Accuser

A. The Blood Jesus Operates Against Satan

How does the Blood operate against Satan? Look at 1 John 1:7..."every sin". If God forgives every sin, then what grounds for accusation does Stan have? (see also 1 John 1:9). Satan still accuses - our temptation is to look within us for some grounds to prove Satan wrong. Accusation becomes his most effective tool, for we try to defend ourselves and we lose. He succeeded in making us look in the wrong direction.

B. We Must Trust The Blood Of Jesus

God can't help someone living under accusation because they are not trusting in the Blood of Jesus. Our salvation lies in the fact that the whole situation of our sins has been met and answered in the Blood of Jesus.

C. We Must Have The Blood Applied By Faith

To be saved, God must see the Blood of Jesus applied to your life by faith.

His Son met the challenge. God sees the Blood. Satan has no more basis for attack.

D. Our Faith In The Blood Defeats Satan

Our faith in the Blood puts God on our side against Satan in the battle for our souls.