Our Labor in the Lord

Bible Book: 1 Corinthians  15 : 58
Subject: Christian Living; Reward; Labor for Christ; Works

Paul reminds us to be thankful since God has given “us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (v. 57) When we have confidence in the resurrection, it moves us to spiritual growth and service. We know the time, talent, and treasure we invest in the work of the Lord will be rewarded. Christian ministry is not easy. It is not play. It is work.

I. Firm Belief

A. Conviction for a Victorious Life.

We must have a firm belief in the resurrection. Christ’s resurrection is the bedrock for the Christian faith. There would be no gospel or hope for us apart from Christ’s resurrection. The resurrection of Christ assures us of our victory over death. “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ, shall all be made alive.” (1 Cor. 15:20)

B. Consistency for a Victorious Life.

The phrase “be ye” is in the imperative mood. It is a command. We must be steadfast and immovable to have victory in our daily life.

1. Steadfast.

(means to “be settled,” “be stable,” “be firm”)

It is the difference between a person being seated in a chair rather than pacing around.

2. Unmovable

(means "not to be moved from its place")

People or circumstances must not distract us from our devotion to the Lord. We cannot be moved from the Word and will of God. Eph. 4:14

II. Faithful Service

A. Willingness of the Servant


A servant is always ready to serve his master. Our service to the Lord is a daily exercise.

B. Work of the Servant

“abounding” (1 Cor. 15:10; Col. 3:23-24)

The word “abounding” means “overflowing,” “over-and- above." People who are redeemed by the blood of Christ and are sure of their own resurrection, will labor more abundantly. The resurrection will motivate them to serve the Lord. Some people do what is expected, while others will go far beyond expectation. They pour out their lives in service to the Lord.

III. Future Reward

A. Record of Our Works

(Jeremiah 17:10; 1 Cor. 3:13)

There are many different records concerning our life. We have medical records, school records, military records, and even police records, but God has a record of our works.

B. Reward for Our Works

(1 Cor. 3:8; Rev. 22:12; Heb. 6:10)

Christians will be judged at the “judgment seat of Christ” to determine their rewards.


We serve Jesus because we love Him and we love people. Our labor in the Lord will result in greater joy in heaven. Don’t give up! Don’t be discouraged! In Christ, you already have the victory. In heaven you will be glad you served the Lord Jesus.