God's Plan for your Prosperity

Bible Book: 1 Chronicles  29 : 10-13
Subject: Money; Prosperity; Giving; Stewardship


1 Chronicles 29:10-13

When you became a child of God and a brother of the Lord Jesus Christ. Adopted into the family by faith in the Son of God our Lord, as any father does his child, assumed all the responsibility for every need in your life. God not only wants to meet your need but to bless you and prosper you. Remember the blessings of God prosperity of the Lord comes upon us when we are faithful to certain principles. The motivation is not just to receive, but it is love. David was so blessed acknowledging in this prayer that it all comes from God. He gives it to whom He will, all wealth, all riches, all power, all position is a gift of God given to those whom He can trust. Tradition tells us that this became a ritual among the Jewish people. Every time they received an offering they would pray the prayer.

I. God Owns All The Wealth In This World And In The World To Come

We begin with the premise of ownership. He gives it to those whom He will. He wills to give it to those who bless Him. A lot of people who are not gods have some of God's. Bars, brothels, mafia are of God's but are being used wrongly used and abused. The problem is that God's people don't understand the principle by which to get the devil off of what belongs to God and get hold of it for themselves for the work of the Lord.

The Bible tells us the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. It is simply a metaphor to say that it is all God's.

There is no inherit, intrinsic value in physical things either negative or positive. God owns it all.

II. It All Belongs To His Children

We are joint heirs with Jesus Christ. Gal. 3:29

Follow the principal of expansion. Everything God did for the Jews in the Old Testament, He outdoes for the believer in the New Testament.

Start with the Savior - the Savior came. They rejected their own Messiah. We accepted Him and have experienced His blessing.

Then there's the land. They have been fighting for years over a desert, but we have a land that is fairer than day. There is nothing like the family of God. If God outdoes for the believer what He did for the Jew under the covenant, which He now says comes to us, then with a greater land and a larger family He blesses us.

Does it not stand to reason that He would also out do for us as believers what He did under the earlier covenant physically for those who were Jewish people? We don't understand who we are. So we live from hand to mouth and week-to-week. We struggle to get by because we don't understand the principles by which those great blessings of God come on the believer under the New Testament grace.

III. He Wants Them All In Circulation

God wants to hold nothing back. He wants to give everything to His children. God never did anything small or halfway. He never did anything limited. Or He never did anything selfish. Everything God made., He made plenty of and He wants to spread it around. Grace, love, forgiveness, salvation, He never makes anything in short supply. He never holds back. Everything He has, He wants in circulation.

How do we tap Heaven? God owns it all. It's all mine because I am His child. And he wants to circulate it all through the world. If that is true, God's got so much, how come I've got so little of it?

IV. The Secret Of Getting Is Giving

The secret of receiving is giving. All of life exists on a giving cycle. The sun gives off its light. The moon has no light. It only receives light. Because it receives light it can give light. Because it gives light, we have life on earth. This goes on everywhere except for the human heart.

Only man is selfish and has been since God created the perfect unselfish being in the Garden of Eden who began to think only of himself and fell. Those that live in that vein still struggle for their survival. Man's attitude is get all he can get. It is a principle of life that anything you need, if you give out of your life, it will give back to you.

Look at Luke 6:38 He is talking about physical, financial, and material blessings. Men can't give peace, joy, and forgiveness. He said that man will give to you at a greater measure than you have given to the Lord. When you give by faith, you trigger heaven's activity. God gets involved.