Midnight Express

Bible Book: Acts  16 : 31
Subject: Jesus; Cross, Offense of the; Faith; Salvation

Acts 16

Over the world the singular most popular and widely know and written verse in the Old Testament is the Psalm 23:1. In the New Testament is John 3:16. The second most popular verse is Acts 16:31. There are two changes that are important. Many translations are not a word-for-word translation, as much as they translate the thought, the concept, or the idea of the passage. Sometimes some very important things are left out during the translation. There are two distinct changes in this passage.

Believe in - (Believe on) This is a more to the meaning of believing in Jesus Christ. It is beyond a head belief to a commitment. This is the intent of the passage.

In the Lord Jesus - (In the Lord Jesus Christ).

I. The Offense Of The Cross

Don't expect the world to welcome the message of the cross. The cross is offensive. The cross is hard. Why do we expect, when we witness for Christ, everybody is going to think that it is wonderful?

To many of us are offended at the offense of the cross. You can expect the disbelieving world to disregard and reject the message of the cross. The devil hates the cross. The devil knew that on the cross Jesus defeated him. He hates that the power of the cross frees us from sin. Takes us to heaven and condemns him to hell. So, don't expect the devil to sit by when we get excited about the cross.

Those who make financial gain of you by religion hates the message of the cross. The Bible tells us to watch out and beware. In the last days, in the end of time, before the coming of Christ one of the characteristics of the end of Christ generation will be full of false prophets.

The Bible says that the false prophets deny the Divinity of Jesus. They have eyes full of adultery. They cease not to sin and they preach great swelling words of vanity and they make merchandise of you. False prophets are filled with lust. They are filled with pride. Don't be surprised that we have to fight the battle to God in the courtroom and in the schools, in ethics and in the government and God in morality. No world and the devil and everybody hate the cross because it condemns us in our sin.

The message of the cross is not beautiful. It is bloody. It is cruel. It is judgmental. It is an offense to the Jew and it's a stumbling block to the Greek.

II. The Power of God's Grace

The power of God's grace in your life may be the ultimate testimony to the unbeliever. The world watches you when you’re in trouble. When you the world see you honor Christ during turmoil. When they see you not complaining on "woe is me". Then your actions make an impression upon the non-believer. Then they want what you have. Try having a prayer meeting when you are going through trouble. The impact is immeasurable when a believer stands for Christ and shows the sufficiency of His grace in the midst of a trial.

III. The Object Of Our Belief

The object of our belief is in the fullness of one man alone. Believe in Jesus. Here is the only place   in the New Testament that you have these three words back to back Lord, Jesus, Christ. We are to believe in all of the fullness of one man. It's not one church, one preacher, or one man. Salvation is in Jesus Christ. What am I to believe about that Man and commitment to? The fullness of who He is. It says to only believe in Jesus Christ the Lord. This is what you need to believe in order to have Jesus Christ to come in and be saved.

A. He is Christ

The word Christ means the anointed one. It's a reverence to His deity. It means that the Holy Spirit birth in the womb of Mary the fullness of Jesus Christ.

B. He is Jesus

The word Jesus means to lift out. Jesus is the one who lifts us out of sin. Therefore, is the only one that has the right to be Lord. What is going to be boss of your life? Yourself, your will, your money, your wishes, your education? None of that is worthy. God in the flesh, the only one who could save you from sin. And therefore, the only one who is worthy to be able to be called Lord of your life. You must believe on the one and only eternal God in a man deity. Miss any of these three and there will be no salvation.

C. He is Lord

He is Lord, The Christ, and The Savior. This is what you are committing yourself to the fullness of one man.

IV. Salvation Is Within Reach

Salvation is within reach of every one of us. It is through faith. Salvation is not through anything but faith in Jesus Christ. The ability to believe is the most common denominator to mankind.