Search for Stability

Bible Book: Matthew  2 : 1-12
Subject: Christmas; Gift, Christmas; Birth of Christ; Seeking; Wise Men; Purpose

Matthew 2:1-12

I have some bad news for you about Christmas. Retailers have announced there is no "most popular sought after Christmas toy" this year. A few years ago it was Furby. Then is it was "Tickle Me Elmo". These toys and others like them sent shoppers into a frenzy. You remember the Christmas story "Jingle All The Way" with Arnold Swartznegger? He was looking for "Turbo Man." People search frantically for their favorite toy. America is a nation of seekers.

Who can give me the answers to the basic questions of life?

Why am I here?
Where am I going?
Where did I come from?
Is there a purpose to life?
Is there a God and does he care about me?

If you are a seeker after spiritual truth that brings stability to one's life, you are in good company. You have much in common with a group of people who sought the same answers 2,000 years ago. The Bible calls them Wise Men. Their story is found in Matthew 2.

The Wise Men are interesting folks. The Bible doesn't tell us a lot about the Wise Men. They are called Magi. A Magi was a combination astronomer, scientist, doctor and philosopher. They came from the east. Could have been Persia, India or China. The trip probably took up to six months. We don't know how many there were. Tradition says three, but that's because of the gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Magi often traveled in caravans. There could have been many of them. We do know the Wise Men did three things that helped them find God. Their search ended in the presence of Jesus. Their search brought stability to their lives. Today, we will look at the last value.

We need to value stability. There is so much we question. There is one thing of which we can be sure; Jesus is God's promised Savior for the world. This truth brings stability. If you truly want to find God you can. There are some things you need to do.

I. Seek The Truth

Matthew 2: 1-2

A. There Is A Difference Between Seekers And Speculators

Speculators are people who say, "I think...", or "This is what I believe." Everything is a guess to speculators, but we saw a lot of speculation when the election fiasco was occurring. But seekers are those who diligently search for the truth. They take the time and effort to find the truth. This is what the Wise Men did.

B. Genuine Seekers

They are alert and observant. The Wise Men saw something different. They determined to discover the truth. They asked the right questions. "What do you think this means," asked the Wise Men.

Honest seekers ask honest questions. Honest seekers do whatever it takes to find the answer. When Jesus was born he was born six miles from the religious center of the world. None of the religious leaders traveled to Bethlehem to learn the truth. These Wise Men were pagans, but they were genuine seekers.

C. God Loves Seekers

Those who seek him will find him. Jeremiah 29: 13 "When you search for me with all your heart, you will find me."

II. Experience The Joy

Matthew 2:10

A. God Has Taken The First Step

He wants you to come to him.

B. He Will Give You A Guide

For the Wise Men it was a star. It was a special star. Many think it was a meteor or a comet. No star has ever acted like this one. It was a custom-made star. What is the star in your life?

B. When God Gives You A Guide There Are Three Things You Can Do
1. You can react with fear like Herod.
2. You can react with apathy like the religious leaders.
3. You can rejoice in the guidance God has given you.

If you are a Christian take time this Christmas and thank God for the guidance he has given you. If you are not there yet, keep following the star God has placed in your life. It will stop at Jesus.

III. Recognize The Gift

Matthew 2:11

Recognize who this Baby really is. He is different from all others! He is God. He came as a baby. No one is afraid of a baby. Herod and others were afraid of this baby, because they realized he was different. For you it is not fear but joy that should be your response.


The Wise Men Brought Gifts Of Special Significance

When you exchange gifts this Christmas you are being reminded of the greatest gift ever given.


This is the gift you always give a king. It represents royalty. The Wise Men were saying, "This is our king."


This is very rare and expensive incense. It is made from the bark of a tree in Arabia. It was used to burn in the temple to worship God. The Wise Men were saying, "He is worthy of our worship."


It was used to embalm bodies in the Middle East. The Wise Men were saying, he is our King, but he is also our Savior.

There Are Three Types Of People Here Today

1. Believers

You have made a commitment to Christ. 2. Seekers

You are asking, "What do I do next?" Do what the Wise Men did! Bow down and receive Him!

3. Those who have stumbled

God will pick you up. We will help you up.