My Redeemer Liveth

Bible Book: Luke  23 : 33-43
Subject: Easter; Resurrection; Life; Salvation

Luke 23:33-43

From the very beginning, people who have been the enemies of Jesus, have sought to find a rational, humanistic explanation for the Resurrection. They think that if they can find a good explanation for this supernatural event, then it will no longer be supernatural; that it will then fall into the area of humanistic reasoning and thereby cease to be the glorious Act of God that it is.

There are several theories given as explanations.

The swoon theory. The stolen body theory. The political plot theory. None of these bear up under even casual scrutiny. In fact none of them need to be investigated very closely to discover that they won't hold water. Then there is the liberal - the "Jesus is resurrected in my heart" explanation - the spiritual resurrection theory. Friends the Bible declares a literal, bodily resurrection which one must accept in order to be saved.

Satan always attacks the Resurrection and why is that? It is because he knows that belief in the bodily resurrection is necessary for salvation. Romans 10:9-10. And he always attacks truth because he is the author of lies. I can prove to you that the bodily resurrection of Jesus actually happened.

First, I know it is true because satan says it is not true.

Second, where was the body? If it were only a spiritual resurrection, then the body would have been left there. The body of Jesus was gone and it wasn't stolen because there was a Roman guard placed there to make sure it wasn't.

Third, when He reappeared, it was in bodily form. He had the supernatural ability to transcend time and space in his body and when he reappeared it was not just in a spiritual sense. They touched him and ate with him. They saw and experienced His physical body; the same one He left the tomb with. The Resurrection of Jesus was literal and it was bodily.

In addition to all of this, let me pose one question: "Is there anyone here who would die for a fraud? No one would give his life for a lie. The disciples died martyrs’ deaths preaching Jesus. If they had not seen the risen Lord, they would not have given their lives for Him. The resurrection brought about a radical change in the disciple's behavior.

We know for sure that an empty tomb was found. Now watch, an empty tomb doesn't mean there has been a resurrection, but a resurrection says that there will be an empty tomb. And, we know the tomb was empty. Upwards of 500 people saw Him at one time, 1 Corinthians 15:6. He also appeared to the disciples 10 times before ascending to the Father's right Hand of Power. To suggest that these people were hallucinating is incredible in itself. The more one studies the resurrection, the more factual and concrete it becomes.But, it is still an Act of God which must be accepted by faith as well.

Romans 10: 9-10.So, the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead is one of the most well-documented events of history. Anyone, choosing not to believe in it is choosing to deny many infallible proofs, (Acts 1:3). Nevertheless, it takes a mind activated by the Holy spirit to be able to accept these things. A person rejecting the Resurrection of Jesus is testifying to the fact that he is unsaved. His mind hasn't been equipped to receive the proofs concerning the Resurrection.

However, we are here today because we do believe God concerning the Resurrection. We do believe that God brought Him back to life.

We do believe that He was bodily resurrected. We do believe that His body saw no corruption.

We do believe that He is the first fruity and we are to follow.

We do believe that we will be resurrected because He wasOther than the accounts of His being seen and communed with after His Resurrection, what other proofs do we have?

I. The Declaration of Scripture Proves His Resurrection

A. Acts 1:3 - Showed Himself Alive

He showed Himself alive. He was seen 40 days and spoke to them.

B. Acts 2:22-33 - David Prophesied Concerning Jesus

Peter preaching

Jesus performed miracles and wonders. V.22

Delivered up according to God's Plan. V.23

The people killed Him...there is no doubt about His death....

Verse 23 - God raised Him...

Verse 23 - Death couldn't hold Him. He saw no corruption...

Verse 27 - Jesus was raised to fulfill an oath God made with David..

Verse 30 - There were many witnesses.

Verse 32 - He is at God's Right Hand.

Verse 33 - He sheds forth the Holy Spirit..v.33.He is Lord and Christ...v.36.

c. Acts 13:29-39 - Paul Preaching Same Basic Message

Death - Burial - Resurrection - This is the pure Gospel add to it Justification through belief in His Resurrection.

D. Psalms 16:10 – Old Testament Prophecy About Resurrection

"not leave my soul in Sheol nor allow thine Holy One to see corruption."

II. The Reality of Justification Proves His Resurrection

Romans 4:24-25. The reality of Justification speaks of righteousness.

III. The Presence of The Holy Spirit Proves His Resurrection

John 16:7-15

Acts 1:8

Acts 2:1-4

If He had not been resurrected and then ascended, the Holy Spirit would still be in Heaven only. There was a definite coming of the Holy Spirit as promised in Acts 1:8 - They had power after the coming of the Holy Spirit.

He came on Pentecost...a definite event. He is our power for the Church Age.

IV. The Nature of Man proves His Resurrection.

Luke 22:31-34 - prediction of denial.

Luke 22:54-62 - we find the denial of Peter. The disciples stood firm for 40 years because they had seen the Risen Lord.

They all suffered martyrdom except John who died in exile on Patmos.

God overruled man's basic nature with the power of the Resurrection. If it had not been proven to them, they would never have died for their testimony.


Day by day, God proves the Resurrection through each Christian who lives an obedient life. They live their lives according to the Declarations of Scripture.

They live daily praising God for the Reality of Justification - Righteousness.

They live their lives walking in the spirit - knowing the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

They live every day knowing from practical and spiritual experience that their Old Human Nature has been over ruled and redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, the Risen and Soon-Coming King of Kings.