The Natural Man and Sin

Bible Book: Romans  7 : 7-13
Subject: Sin; Natural Man, The;

Man, by his nature is a rebellious creature. It begins to surface early in life as we witness while raising our children. If a rule is laid down, then someone is surely going to test that rule. And, the stronger and more authoritative the rule, the more you will see people wanting to rebel against it. They will assault the foundations of society and human life in their desire to rebel against whatever rule they see as trying to govern them. Yes, rebellion is one of the first human characteristics we find being exhibited in life.

In this postmodern world in which we live, it seems that when a law is made it is an open invitation for someone to test it. One of the primary characteristics of this postmodern frame of thought is a rebellion against any authority which is deemed to be a limit on the human expression of life. So, even in our modern context we find that a law defines, for some people, what their next action in life is going to be as they rush headlong into lawlessness and rebellion against anything which limits their lives. It is built into man to test the limits of that which is acceptable and when the law defines what is acceptable, then man has his playing-field set out for him.

Let's look at Romans 7:7-13 and learn a lesson from it as we listen to what Paul said about all of this.

I. God's Definition

Verse 7

God's definition of sin was given to us in a set of rules or commandments. Commandments are not up for argument, but man has always tried to make his case against God. Of course, God only has to say something once for it to be true. God told us what to do, by telling us what NOT to do.

Now, I wonder why God gave us Commandments. I think it is because Satan always comes and makes sin so attractive and harmless. God knew that Satan would always be offering us that which is forbidden by divine holiness, so God saw it necessary to  say "don't do" certain things. He also knew that Satan was not going to point out that death is attached to sin.

We have no excuse for not knowing what sin is because we have the Ten Commandments and we have the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to guide us into all righteousness. The law makes no provision for rewarding those who obey it. It is in place for pointing out when we fail in our obedience to it. I am so thankful that God has provided a way of escape in and through Jesus Christ.

II. Sin's Deception

Verses 8-11

When the law reveals a sin, then Satan will use that to draw one into more and more sin. Sin is insidious - it sneaks up on your blind side and seduces a person in a very devious way. It is deceptive. Sin always tries to make one think that they can't do without whatever it is that one is being tempted to do...v. 8.

Coveting is a sin, but Paul said sin led him into ALL MANNER of coveting. It other words, temptation and sin always get progressively worse.

Sin is destructive - sin always works death. There is never an exception to this rule. v. 13.

Sin always leads to death. v.10-11. That's why the beer drinker winds up a hardened alcoholic. And, the cocaine or heroine addict thought marijuana and speed were harmless. The obedient Christian is one who recognizes when they are being drawn into rebellion and eliminates that thing his or her life. The Holy Spirit gives a person that discernment.

III. Sin's Demonstration

Verses 12-13

The law is points us to life by setting moral and spiritual boundaries. It is SIN which takes the law and drives man to disobey it and, it works death in man. Let's take a few examples from the Supreme Law - The Ten Commandments, and just see what Satan and sin have done since God defined what sin is.

A. Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me

Now, when God said "no other gods" He meant exactly what He said. The Israelites worshipped Baal and Asteroth and adopted other Canaanite gods. The Hindus have hundreds of thousands of gods. Man uses his intellect as a god as well as his money ... but remember, God said "no other gods."

B. Thou Shalt Not Make Unto You Any Carved Image

In other words, idol worship is forbidden. An idol does not have to be a statue in order to be classed as an idol. Money, material possessions, position, fame, or anything man deems worthy of placing in between himself and God - that's an idol.

C. Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain......

Not too many years ago even the most profane person would be careful about how he used God's name. Now it's an ordinary, every-day word to be used carelessly and flippantly just like any other word. Bad language is called "profane" language, but it is really "profane" when God's name is used wrongly. A whole generation has been taught that it is all right to slander God's character by using His name in a profane way. Television and movies have given our people a crash course on how to "talk dirty" as my Mother defined it. People today know more information than ever before, but they sound more and more like uneducated imbeciles. Now, we can see how verse 8 comes true. One curse word uttered in a movie in 1949 has slowly proliferated into what we are faced with today. And, it has left the dark theater and now parades openly in the mall.

D. Remember The Sabbath Day To Keep It Holy

God's day for worship and rest is not up for grabs. It is His and He said to keep it holy. There was a time when people were ashamed to work in their yard on Sunday. They would never go to a movie on Sunday. Today no one thinks about which day it is when they want to go see an "R" rated movie on Sunday afternoon or evening. When they are suppose to be in church, they turn to the most profane intertainment and activities.

There as a time when no would go fishing or hunting hunting on Sunday - it just wasn't the thing to do. It was God's Day. The scene has totally changed and no one seems to be concerned about it. But, God is concerned about it!

When we talk about this subject, we are essentially talking about respect for God by following His commands, respecting worship, and revealing honor for Him to the world around us. We are to be concerned about how we, as His people, are perceived in the world.


You see the insidious nature of the deception of sin. Now, many, many churches simply call off worship on Sunday evening because "people just won't come" they say. I could go on to all of the Ten Commandments, but the point is well taken. Sin leads from one small step to ever larger discrepancies before it "brings the hammer down" and ruins a life. God put His wonderful Plan of Redemption in place because sin brings death ... italways does and we need to understand that. So, when it looks so attractive, just remember it has your death in mind. But, God has life in mind for you, so he gives us this wonderful gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.