The Most Important Business in the World

Bible Book: Romans  10 : 1-21
Subject: Witnessing; Evangelism; Burden for the Lost

Romans 10:1-21

When all of the activities of man are brought into the picture and when everything is MEASURED by the measuring tape of eternity, we find that there is one thing which takes place on this planet which is more important that anything else. With the enormous amount of importance which is placed on achieving the things of this world, it is not hard for people to forget that there IS something beyond for which we must all be prepared. Somehow, mankind forgets what it was that brought the Son of God from heaven to earth. Man wipes it from his mind. He refuses to recognize it. He focuses all of his attention on the things of this realm while at the same time ignoring what God considers to be THE MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS IN THE WORLD.

In Romans Chapter 10, we are made acutely aware of what this "BUSINESS" is. God gives us the information we need without any equivocation. He tells us plainly what it takes to come into His presence in heaven. The Most Important Business IN THE World is the SAVING OF SOULS; the bringing of men to the Savior and giving them the opportunity to be saved.

As we consider the Most Important Business in the World, I want us to bring our hearts and minds together and think on these things.

  • A Primary Action - verses 1-4
  • A Private Accounting - verses 8-10
  • A Promise Actualized - verses 11-13
  • A Plan Arranged - verses 14-17

I. A Primary Action Verses 1-4

Verse 2 "zeal for God" - Having a zeal for God does not mean that one is saved; verse 1 points that out very clearly.

ZEAL - zelos - to be hot, fervent.

Verse 3 - one must submit himself to the authority of the Righteousness of God (Christ).

The primary lesson from Romans is this: We all live in a body of flesh; there is no way that the flesh can please God so as long as we are living in the flesh we must depend on God's Grace for salvation, and we must depend on His Righteousness and not ours.

So, the Primary Action God requires is for us to submit ourselves to the Righteousness of God.

II. A Private Accounting - Verses 8-10

Verses 6-7, speak to the utter fruitlessness of man's efforts to effect the work of redemption. Notice the personal pronouns in v. 8-9. Thee, thy, thou, thine - there is a Private Accounting.

Verse 9 points to the necessity of each individual confessing Christ. YOU must confess with YOUR mouth and believe in YOUR heart then YOU will be saved.

Verse 10 ties the heart and mouth together - CONFESSION IS MADE - homologeo - acknowledge - agree with - say the same thing.

III. A Promise Actualized Verses 11-13

When God makes a promise, it stands forever. The Scripture says and continues to say the promise. BELIEVETH - to commit to; to entrust.

ASHAMED - kataischuno - passive voice - to put to shame; disgrace.

Verse 12 - the same promise and rule applies to everyone no matter who they are. Verse 13 - a definite statement from God - CALL - appeal unto; implies to invoke for aid.

SHALL BE SAVED - sozo - to save, deliver, make whole, preserve safe from danger, loss or destruction - (eternal security).

IV. A Plan Arranged Verses 14-17

verse 14-15 - Someone is sent - Someone is the preacher - Someone "hears" - Someone believes - Someone calls upon the Name of the Lord.

SENT - apostello - sent on a specific mission such as to preach - The plan is that God will use a MAN to bring people under the Gospel. He is in the people saving business and He uses people to do his work. He sends people who are not perfect, but they are redeemed. And, He sends them to make the message of Redemption clear that the Holy Spirit can work in their hearts and bring them to redemption also.


So, we have before us THE MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS IN THE WORLD. We must be careful how we handle it. We must never be a part of hindering it. All eternity rests upon God's People doing THE MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS IN THE WORLD.