The Necessity of a Changed Life

Bible Book: Romans  12 : 1-2
Subject: New Birth; Commitment; Changed Life; Purpose

Romans 12:1-2

It must be understood that the Apostle Paul is speaking to Christians when he wrote the two verses of scripture we are looking at today. He was not speaking to the lost world, but to those who had been saved by their Faith in Jesus Christ. He is speaking to the Saints and warning them of something which was already going on in their lives. He is also telling them that it is a necessity that the activity be stopped as an evidence of their supernatural enablement to live a life which was pleasing to God. Since we are people with a righteous standing before God granted to us because of the Blood of Jesus, then we should live righteous lives. And, since we are the objects of the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit, we must live those lives in the spiritual energy that He supplies. In view of the fact that we look forward to the coming of our Lord, we must purify our lives.

Paul knew the difficulty of living as God would have him to live. Romans, chapter 7 speaks to the fact that he  was in touch with what we all live with daily. Yet, he admonishes us to be sure that we do not fall into the trap of being conformed to the things of this world. In these first two verses of Romans chapter 12, Paul says we must Prove Something; we must Know Something and we must Be something.

I. We Must Prove Something

Romans 12:1


The great word is paristemi - to exhibit, prove show. Salvation is suppose to make a difference in one's life. We are to "present" our bodies a living sacrifice. So, we are to Prove Something - "Present".

II. We Must Know Something

Romans 12:1


The Greek word is logikos - intellectual

This speaks of service which implies intelligent meditation or reflection. This implies that the Christian life should have logic to it. It is not unreasonable mush. One must be taught the scripture in order to have a reasoned logic and intelligent understanding of it. This is the reason that expositional teaching and preaching are so important to you. It will help you Know Something very important to you.

III. We Must Be Something

Romans 12:2


The Greek word here is suschematizo. This a present imperative, meaning to stop something already going on at the present time. Stop being molded by the external and fleeting fashions of this age but undergo a deep change by the qualitative renewing of your mind. This transformation can be wrought by the Holy Spirit alone.


The Greek word here is metamorphomai - middle voice - YOU have a part in it and you must affect it. This is your point of obedience. It means a transforming of the outward man which speaks of the reality of what one is on the inside throuigh salvation.


The Greek word is anakainosis - a qualitative renovation which makes a person different than in the past.


We know that these two verses take us to where the Christian SHOULD live. We also know that God would never expect something of us, that is to tell us to do something, which He would not in turn enable us to do. So we are really talking about the CENTRALITY OF OBEDIENCE.

All that God has for us is dependent upon how obedient we are willing to be. What He has done on the inside must come to the outside in the Christian life. That is obedience and anything less, God is not willing to bless.