The Eyes Have It

Bible Book: Matthew 
Subject: The Eyes of Jesus; God's Concern for You

Admittedly, I have eaten a lot of crow in my life. However, I am finding that the older I get, the better it tastes! If there was ever one thing in the world I could have "guaranteed" I would never have attended, it would have been a dance recital. I mean, I am just not that culturally refined. For me to attend such an event would be the equivalent of Ernest T. Bass becoming President - that is, until I had a daughter.

I still remember the first time I ever watched her dance. I waited until they dimmed the lights, and I walked in hoping no one knew me! As I settled into my seat, I found myself both startled and proud. I could not believe the skill I saw in my dainty, little girl. I Knew she did not get that from me. There were moments I sat paused by her grace, and other moments amazed with her flexibility - flexibility that would make even Gumby seem stiff. In the audience was several hundred people, but she performed like the building was empty. With the lights dimmed, she was unaware of her onlookers. However, unbeknown to her, there was a set of eyes looking on proudly and eyes that never missed a movement of her performance.

Have you ever noticed the many times in the Gospels it is said of the Lord that "…He looked round about?" We are not always told what He thought or saw, but we know He "looked."

Perhaps you have heard someone say, "The good Lord was looking after me today," or "I'm glad the Lord was looking my way."

Looks seem to have a language all of their own. There are the looks of a parent. There are the looks of lovers. There are the looks of enemies. Each set of eyes has it own distinguishing qualities and significance. However, there is a look that redefines the destiny of a life, and that is the look of the Lord. Has your life caught the eye of Jesus yet? What are the consequences of Jesus looking on you and me?

I. It Is A Look That Extends Favor

In Genesis 29, Leah was a woman hated, and in Luke 1, Elisabeth was a woman humiliated. Both of these women were hopeless, until a silent event changed their lives. The Lord "looked" upon them!

If there is one thing that will catch the eye of Jesus, it is consistency amidst distress. You will notice in the lives of those who have the favor of God looking upon them that they never jump too high nor sink too low.

Noah simply stayed at the task, and "found grace in the eyes of the Lord

David spared Saul's life and was "much set by (highly valued) in the eyes of the Lord. The look of God's favor does not bring thundering and lightning. Although silent, His looks are not without blessing.

II. It Is A Look That Exposes Failures

What a moment it had to be for Peter, as recorded in Luke 22, when as the cock crew, "...the Lord turned, and looked upon Peter." What embarrassment! What a piercing stare it must have been! It was a look Peter never got over. Because of that look, he set a higher standard for himself so that he would never see that look again.

Do you ever wonder how your mother knew when you were lying as a child? It was in the look. In a look she exposed our fears, hurts, hopes, and excitements - so much more so the look of the Lord. As the Lord "looks about" our lives, His vision sifts through our existence, not to pick us apart, but rather to reveal His strength through our weaknesses, and to sustain us above reproach.

III. It Is A Look That Evokes Following

The only thing the disciples ever asked Jesus to teach them was how to pray. Having taken the few loaves and fishes into His hands, he "looked up to heaven." In doing so, He taught them to always look for the eyes of the Father.

It is interesting that we cannot communicate as babies. But, we learn to discern the looks and expressions of those who hold us. In doing so, we then mock and imitate the looks for our own use. The lives of those who have the look of God upon them are easy to spot. The image of the Father is captured in their being.

Somewhere in the dark audience of your life, eyes are "looking round about." Silently, they peer at the stage taking in all the scenes. You say, "It does not matter who looks at my life." Oh really?

By the way, I hear Ernest T. Bass has developed an exploratory committee for the next Presidential election.