The Need for a Remedy (Outline)

Bible Book: 2 Kings  5 : 1-15
Subject: Cure, God's; Faith

What is the most important need in America today, and what is the remedy for the problem. The answer is, the need is the one you are dealing with at this moment and the remedy is the one you have on hand. If you have a backache, you need something to relieve it. If you have a toothache, you need a different remedy.

The greatest problem we have right now is the sin problem. So, what is the only remedy on hand for that?

Luke 19:10, “For the Son of Man has come to seek and save that which was lost.”

Let's look at an Old Testament incident and get God's answer - God's remedy is the only one available!

Here we see a man named Naaman, and he is a person in need of a remedy. There are three important things we can learn right away from reading this story.

Namaan received more than he demanded.

Namaan learned more than he expected.

Namaan changed more than he requested.

This story shows us…

I. A Problem No Man Can Shake

Problems are a part of life and everybody has them. It is critical that we understand that success or defeat can come out of problems. The results depend on how we handle them and the one we trust to help us solve them. Certain problems can be solved, but one problem no man can solve is the sin problem. And, the sin problem is one that every person has (Romans 3:23). Just how can we deal with sin?

Admit you need a need
Be willing to do something about it
Be open to what God shows you

II. A Faith No Man Can Break

What can we learn from a little girl in our Bible text today?

She was taken by the enemy as loot and forced into serving the enemy. She was from her family and friends. But the most important thing we note about her is that she took her faith in God with her. Her problem did not dampen her faith.

Where ever you go, and whatever circumstances you experience, take your faith with you. Is there an event in your life that could stop your faith? Whoever you are, young or old, you can take your faith with you and share it with others. Is there a time in your life where your faith didn’t work? Actually, faith always work, it just may not work the way you think it should. Always remember, your faith is IN God and not in the results. God's plans are not your plans and He knows what is best. When our faith is in Him, it will always accomplish His purpose!

You can share your faith with people even when you are going through tragedy. This young girl shared her faith even though she appeared to be a victim. Wherever you are, and to whomever you may speak, you can share your faith. Is there a person or people with whom you wouldn’t share your faith? I hope not! You should share your faith in and love for Christ with everyone. This young girl knew that Namaan was her personal enemy. He had taken her captive, but she would not withhold the greatest love of her life from him - her love for God!

III. A Test Every Man Must Take

Naaman’s biggest problem was not leprosy, but pride! He just didn't want to submit to God's way. Besides, you know a man of his stature would not want to listen to the word of a young, captive girl. Also, he did not want to listen to the word of Elisha. When Elisha stayed in the house, Naaman’s pride revealed itself!

Do you know what God hates? Look at Proverbs 6:16-19  and note seven things God hates! Number one on the list: “A proud look.”

To take this test, you must…

See yourself for what you are, a sinner.

Know God for Who He is, a Savior.

If you know Him as your Savior and Lord, tell others what God has done for you!


Do you need to be made whole today? There is a Balm in Gilead - He is Christ the Lord. He is the only remedy to your soul problem - your sin problem. He can do on the inside what will make you different on the outside. Namaan's problem was not the appearance of a disease on his skin but a disease in his heart. Come to the Lord today!