Help From Above

Bible Book: Exodus  17 : 8-16
Subject: Marriage; Prayer; Lord's Supper; God, Power of

Think of a football game. Each play on the field is preceded by a strategy sent in from the bench or either called by the quarterback from a set of pre-determined plays. Imagine the chaos if each player played only as he wanted to play, refusing to follow the coach's instructions.

Prayer is discovering the right plays to be carried out in the game of life. There is no place where prayer is needed more than the family and specifically in marriage.

Every marriage needs help from above. Someone has said, "When we work, we work; but when we pray, God works." We are talking about working on one's marriage, and I believe that is vitally important, but it is also important that the work we are doing is through God's power.

There is a great Old Testament story that illustrates this. It is found in Exodus 17. The story reveals that prayer brings significant results. As we prepare for the Lord's Supper (Communion) today as a church family, I want us to take a few moments and look at the significance of prayer.

I. Prayer is the Result of Trusting God

The Amalekites were trusting in their weapons of war, but Moses was trusting in the power of God. When you become a child of God you have at your disposal the power of God. This power is accessed through prayer.

Go back to the football illustration I used earlier. You are privy to the team's plays, because you are part of the team. Being in God's family makes it possible for you to know God's plan for your life, your marriage, and your family.

II. Prayer is Talking Out Loud to God

You may be worried about the mechanics of prayer. There are many ways to pray, so don't worry so much about the mechanics - just talk to God. It is the same as talking to your best friend. You are talking to your best friend, when you pray.

III. Prayer is Putting God in Charge

Moses, when his hands were lifted, was acknowledging that God was in charge. You are ultimately responsible to God. Judgment Day is all about giving an account for your life before God. When you pray, you are acknowledging you are ultimately responsible to God. This is an important part of teaching children the responsibility to pray.

IV. Prayer is an Invitation to Release God's Power in Your Life

Wherever you need power most, in your marriage, your life, your school, or your job, you must pray! Again, Moses was asking God to release his power. What if he stuck his hands in his pockets, what do you think that would communicate? You either come openly to God requesting his power, or you declare yourself to be self-sufficient.

"Prayer-less people cut themselves off from God's prevailing power, and this frequently results in the familiar feeling of being overwhelmed, overrun, beaten down and pushed around and defeated."

What would you like to see in your church, your marriage, and your career? Are you willing to ask for God's power to be manifest, and trust him to do it?

V. Prayer is Involving Others in the Work of God in Your Life

Aaron and Hur were very important to Israel's victory. They partnered with Moses in prayer. Have you considered involving some people in your needs through prayer? When you cannot hold up your hands alone, allow others to help.