The Voice Of The Lord

Bible Book: Psalms  29 : 1-11
Subject: Lord, Voice Of; Voice Of God

Several years ago, there was a commercial in which two men were engaged in a conversation amidst hundreds of people who were busy at their task, and who were totally unconcerned with the two men talking. However, during their conversation, the subject of how they were preparing for the future financially came up. One of the gentlemen said, "My broker at E.F. Hutton said..." With those words, it was as though the entire world was put on pause. Everyone instantly stopped moving and talking. Their eyes were turned and their ears were open in the direction of the men anticipating what would be spoken. The announcer then says, "When E.F. Hutton speaks, everyone listens."

Looking across the spiritual landscape of our world today, I find it interesting that for every "word from the Lord" spoken, there are countless thousands struggling to hear. So much is done in the name of "God told me too," and often we are left speechless at their acts. Sadly, there are vast masses that will follow a Jim Jones or David Karesh.

Interest in the spiritual realm is at an all-time high, but there are so few that really can discern and understand it. Our lives are filled with "voices" competing for top billing in our lives, but which "voice" is really the Lord’s voice? Is it not an amazing fact of nature that in a room of fifty crying babies, a mother can distinguish the cry of her child above the others? Amidst the clutter and chaos of our lives, there are some distinctives about the Lord's voice that make Him stand out in a crowd.

I. The Lord’s Voice Is Consistent

The Lord's voice is consistent. In Psalm 29, David takes note that "the voice of the Lord is upon waters."

It is the picture of an echo. Have you ever stood in a hollow valley and spoken out loud? It is neat to hear your own voice resounding against the walls of the valley. However, have you ever stopped to listen? As the echo travels, it says the same thing over and over again. God's voice is merely an echo of what He has already spoken in His Word!

As a child, we ask our parents the same question in hopes that we will receive a different answer. The Lord's values and opinions have not changed since the foundation of the world, and His echo is repeated from time to eternity.

II. The Lord’s Voice Is Commanding

The Lord's voice is commanding. David then adds, "The voice of the Lord is powerful."

As you break into scripture, you read in Genesis 1, "…and God said, let there be..." The events that took place after those words were not optional.

John said in Revelation 1:15 that His voice was "as the sound of many waters.

Have you ever observed the characteristics of "many waters?" They roar as they turn, and their waves move things. When the Lord speaks, it is not mere suggestions, but rather Holy waves that cause us to move.

Abraham heard the Lord and packed his bags. Moses heard the Lord and left the sheep.

Samuel heard the Lord and "ran unto Eli." Isaiah heard the Lord and said, "…send me."

Elijah heard the Lord and "went and did according unto the word of the Lord."

Chances are, words that do not move us to action are mere ripples on a sea of complacency.

III. The Lord’s Voice Is Confident

The Lord's voice is confident. David continues, "The voice of the Lord divideth the flames of fire."

It is a picture of lightning striking and splitting stone or wood. There is never any doubt in the Lord's voice. His voice separates fantasy from reality. His voice separates the true from the false. He leaves nothing to chance in our lives. Time and again, He told His prophets of old, "I have spoken it; I will also bring it to pass."

Those who have heard His voice lie humbly in His presence, and walk with a quiet confidence before men. The modern day flamboyance and arrogance in ministry can only be attributed to voices that never produce.

In I Kings 19, Elijah was looking for the Lord's voice in majestic ways, but yet it was the Lord's still small voice that captivated him. God still speaks in simple ways to us. However, in the hectic activity of life, the simplicity of God's voice is drowned out and muffled among the cries of demand upon our lives. Would you, and could you, pause in stillness if you heard the words, "and the Lord said...?"