Jesus Christ Is All I Need

Bible Book: Isaiah  9 : 6-7
Subject: Jesu, Names of

The prophet Isaiah is the great Old Testament prophet. There is a New Testament gift of prophecy  as well as an old. The New Testament gift of prophecy is simply forth telling, preaching or telling the good news. The Old Testament gift of prophecy was fore telling. It is the classic Old Testament book that foretells the coming of the Messiah, the Savior, Jesus Christ. You see so many things about Jesus. For example; His birth, (7:14); His death (53:6); His resurrection(53:10). The Kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth is parallel to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ that is now in our hearts. A Kingdom of God was in heaven will be on earth and is in our hearts. The same factors that caused Jesus Christ to be capable and worthy of ruling the earth and governing for a thousand years are the same factors that caused Jesus to be worthy of ruling in our hearts. They are all described in His name as Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. As Jesus Christ is allowed to control your life, He will offer you and give to you four things that we need more than anything else in the entire world. Everything everybody needs and has ever needed and will ever need is summed up in these four things. Jesus Christ is all that I need.

I. Wonderful Counselor

There are not many counselors that are worthy to be called wonderful counselors. Why is Jesus a Wonderful Counselor? Is there anything in this world I need more than somebody to help me make decisions, to make choices? Looking back in our lives most of the spiritual fatalities we have experienced have been because we have made the wrong decision. There is a wonderful counselor who, if allowed to do so in your life, wants to keep you on the right track and guide you specifically in every choice you make. He is a Wonderful Counselor. Why is that Jesus Christ? He is truth and wisdom and knowledge in Corinth in a human being. He is and has always been God. James said that if any man lacks wisdom or knowledge let him ask of God. Who giveth to all men liberally. What does that mean? He want put you down. He will be glad you came to him. He has all knowledge, all truth. He knows you. He loves you. He knows what is going to happen. He knows the end and the beginning. Why would you not take advantage of the wisdom of the Wonderful Counselor Jesus Christ?

How does He give us that wisdom? Through His word, common sense, the conscience, circumstances and also through intuition is how He gives us wisdom. In trying to determine if an impression or idea or thought or direction is from God or not, you have to apply the general principles of God's wisdom to them. I follow this policy. If I feel an impression of God to say something or do something; if it is not non Biblical, if it is not forbidden or oppose in scripture, I assume it to be of God. I follow it. When I do that the affirmation always comes from God that it was right. Is God concerned about giving us wisdom in all things? Yes, indeed He is. He gives it to us by keeping our hearts sensitive by living a pure life and reading the word of God. Then we are spiritually sensitive when the impression comes. You can go by that if your heart is pure. That is the way God guides us by the way He speaks to us. The gift of discernment is one of the great gifts of the Holy Spirit. God wants to be involved in your life. He says; "If any man lacks wisdom, let him just ask of Me."

II. Mighty God

He also gives us the power to carry out the advice. There is some therapy in analysis. There is really no great power to be able to do what you know you need to do. Where does the power come from to do something about it? It comes from the mighty, powerful hand of God. Jesus Christ has the power to analyze, take us apart, present the problem and give us the power to put our life back again.

III. Everlasting Father

Here, everlasting means, ever present, never forsaken. It is a quality, dimension of time, now, as well as in eternity. Once He comes into your life, He is there for good. He never leaves you. He listens to us when we talk to him. There is no single factor more important in the spiritual and emotional and psychological life of a young boy than a good relationship with his father. Children can grow up thinking in terms of God on how they think of their father. An over aggressive and always angry father makes a child afraid of God. A patient-loving father teaches a child that God is patient and loving. An absentee father teaches that God is really not there. It is critical that we raise good sons. And nothing is more important than the sense of a father who is always there. The bible says that Jesus Christ will be a father to the fatherless, and a husband to the widow. He is ever present.

IV. Prince Of Peace

What is the result of a life that has good wisdom and makes good choices; and, has the power to carry out those choices and is nurtured by a present, loving helping, gracious and sensitive father? It is a life of peace. There are other things that offer peace, but He is the Prince of Peace. The Bible says that peace will flee from us so much that at the end of time, just before the coming of Jesus, the world will be obsessed with peace. Peace conferences will be everywhere and then there will come quick destruction. Because there will be no peace in Jerusalem or anywhere else until Jesus Christ sets up His kingdom and reigns a thousand years of peace on earth. But the Kingdom of God is within you and if you let Him be your Father, and your Counselor, and your Power. He will be your Peace. No matter what goes around you in this world, you will know peace. Peace is never an absence of turmoil. Peace is always contentment and settled security in the midst of turmoil.