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A user of can search for sermons using multiple search parameters. Search for example by choosing a Bible Book alone, or by choosing a Bible Book, Chapter and even the Verses that interest you. In addition, you can add n author to your search, or search for the material an author has on the site without qualifying a Bible Book. When searching by subject or special day, you cannot also choose a Bible Book, Chapter or Verse. Try different methods and discover the best way to find exactly what you need.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject Author
Dad's That Make A Difference (Outline) Genesis  18 :16-19 Father; Dad; Family Billy E. Dickerson, Jr.
A Father's Testimony Genesis  19 :14-16 Fathers Day; Fathers; Christian Living Kenneth Hendricks
Let Us Go Up - Father's Day Genesis  35 :1-7 Father's Day; Dad; Father; Family J. Mike Minnix
A Father's Blessing Genesis  48 :15-16 Father; Father's Day; Parenting Alan Stewart
We Must Take Our Children With Us Exodus  10 :8-11 Fathers; Family Tom Hayes
No Perfect Fathers Exodus  20 :12 Father's Day; Father; Dads; Parenting Johnny L. Sanders
Lessons From A Lost Generation Joshua  2 :1-10 Children; Young People; Parents; Fathers Day Alan Stewart
The Children in the Home - The Father's Role Joshua  24 :14-15 Fathers; Home; Children; Family J. Mike Minnix
Father of Courage (Outline) Joshua  24 :14-17 Father; Dad; Courage in the Home; Family William R. Shively
The Kind of Father I Should Be Joshua  24 :15 Fathers; Father; Dad; Father's Day; Home, The J. Mike Minnix
A Father Stands Up For His Home Joshua  24 :15 Father J. Mike Minnix
The Man With God In His House 2 Samuel  6 :6-16 Christian Living; Walking with God; Home, The Christian Home; Father J. Mike Minnix
Becoming A Man 1 Kings  2 :2 Manhood; Father's Day; Family Alan Stewart
Good Fathers In Bad Times Ezra  8 :21 Father's Day; Father, Men; Family J. Mike Minnix
Becoming A Psalm 1 Man Psalms  1 :1-3 Manhood; Father's Day; Father; Men Terry Trivette
The Blessed Man Psalms  1 :1-3 Men; Fathers; Father's Day J. Gerald Harris
The Supreme Father Figure Psalms  23 Father Johnny L. Sanders
Fathers and the Word of God Psalms  119 :9-17 Father; Family; Home James McCullen
Fathering a Faithful Family Psalms  128 Father; Family; Home Mike Stone
Dad's Divine Duty Psalms  128 :1-6 Father's Day; Discipline, Father's; Father, Love of a; Father, Faith of a Donnie L. Martin
Distinctively Different in Dark Days Proverbs  1 :7-9 Father's Day; Christian Dad; Family; Legacy Franklin L. Kirksey
The Lessons of Your Father Proverbs  1 :8-9 Fathers; Father's Day; Home, Christian; Dad Franklin L. Kirksey
Favored By Faithful Fathers Proverbs  17 :6 Fathers; Family; Home; Father's Day Donnie L. Martin
A Father Blessing His Family Proverbs  22 :6 Father's Day; Father; Family; Home Frank Cox
A Man With Three Names - Father's Day Isaiah  44 :1-3 Men, Christian Men; Men, Godly; Father's; Father's Day J. Mike Minnix
Piggy-Back Living Isaiah  49 :22 Christian Living; Parenting; Children; Father's Day; Father Alan Stewart
Remember Jeremiah's Father Jeremiah  1 :1-5 Father; Father's Day Franklin L. Kirksey
Happy Father's Day Zebedee! Matthew  4 :21-22 Fathers; Parenting; Men Franklin L. Kirksey
A Father's Love Luke  15 :11-24 Father; Parenting; Family; Home; Father's Day O.S. Hawkins
Father's Day Luke  15 :11-32 Father's Day; Fathers; Dad; Family; Home O.S. Hawkins
What Does A Real Father Do? Luke  15 :11-32 Father; Family; Men Ron Hale
A Blueprint For Fathers John  3 :16 Father's Day; Father; Parenting; Home; Family Mark Adams
A Man and His Master John  13 :1-17 Manhood; Men; Father J. Gerald Harris
God Ordained Authority - Man of the House Ephesians  5 :21-29 Husband; Father; Men; Family; Marriage William R. Shively
Bridging The Generation Gap Ephesians  6 :1-4 Family; Parents; Youth; Children; Teenagers Terry L. Fields
The Christian Daddy Ephesians  6 :1-4 Father's Day; Christian Dad; Family; Legacy J. Robert White
What It Takes To Be A Dad Ephesians  6 :4 Father; Parenting Kenneth Hendricks
Three Gifts From Dad 1 Thessalonians  2 :8-12 Fathers; Dads J. Mike Minnix
A Question for Fathers - What Kind of Provider are You? 1 Timothy  5 :8 Father's Day; Dad; Fathers; Family; Home Paul E. Brown
Duties of Daddies 1 Timothy  6 :11-16 Father's Day; Dads; Fathers; Family Frank Page
The Famous Man Named Samuel Hebrews  11 :32 Children, Rebellious; Parenting; Father David E. Owen