New This Week

The following is a list of new or existing seasonal sermons. Generally, these sermons include those added in the last few weeks. All the materials in the New This Week section are also in the full PastorLife database for you to search and use in your study and ministry.

New and Seasonal Sermons

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject Author
A Crash Course In Human Relations Proverbs  : Relationships Franklin L. Kirksey
Will America Return To God? Malachi  3 :7 America; Returning To God; Repentance James McCullen
America's Greatest Need 1 Corinthians  9 :22 Soul Winning; Evangelism; Witnessing; Faithfulness J. Mike Minnix
A Biblical Warning About Global Warming 2 Peter  3 :10 Global Warming; Judgment; Fire and Brimestone Franklin L. Kirksey
Faith to Face Your Impossibilities Joshua  3 :1-17 Faith Michael Catt

New and Seasonal Illustrations

Subject Title
Murder; Thoughts; Heart Reading Obituaries With Pleasure
Preaching Keep Preaching!
Tongue A Dangerous Fire
Wine in the Bible; Drinking; Alcohol Alcohol and the Bible
Christmas; Birth of Jesus; Stress in Holiday One Who Started Christmas Was Killed!